Chicks from cartoons whom I adore!

  • Noodle from the Gorillaz: Japanese-born adorable-san has a back story that would cause anyone to giggle. She was dropped on Murdoc’s doorstep in a FedEx crate with no memory of her past. She suddenly regains her memory at the slip of the phrase, “Ocean bacon” (WHAT?!?!) A musician and a secret government soldier, Noodles is equal parts adorable and badass. …Oh and she’s a fan of Miyazaki to boot. …AND Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto has done her voice. She is epic ultimate amaze.
  • Ginger from As Told By Ginger: She’s the all-American sensitive sweetheart. Constantly journaling her feelings, she’s trying to find her place in the world (aka Junior High) and establish some kind of a credible reputation aside from Complete Geeky Loser. (which I can always relate to) She’s paired with her bestest pals who have their own quirky adorableness (OMG Macie is so freaking adorable as the little seal girl.) She’s attempting to juggle the demands of a mother-in-need with her desire to break into the, well, “popular” group. Funny but sentimental and sweet, it’s a cartoon I have always loved.
  • Wednesday Friday Addams from The Addams Family: Her first appearance was in 1938, which makes her the oldest cartoon I totally love. Her macabre sarcastic wit is ultimately completely loveable. She’s teeny weeny but wise beyond her years in some of her representations. In the 60’s TV show, she’s adorably spooky, with aspirations of being a ballerina who also raises pet spiders. But her gimmick in the movies is she does not smile no matter what. She was one in a million in a culture of peppy pop stars, and a lot of young freaks certainly looked to her for inspiration in being -just- a little different from the rest.
  • Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Mandy is a huge bitch. I can’t really sugar coat that, she really really is. She’s smart and sassy – but cynical and moody. Her best friend Billy, has the blissful ignorance of a stupid dog who doesn’t know what else to do but hang around it’s owner. Mandy, his “best friend,” puts up with his brainless antics in a less than subtle way. She’s bossy and constantly berates Billy for being, well, a Billy. She’s also adorably manipulative and exploitative. She’s just bitchin.
  • Jane Lane from Daria: Jane has always appealed to me for 2 reasons. She is hilariously sarcastic and she is le artiste. Her style beckons to beatnik, mod poets with a hint of gothy anti-conformity. Which of course is a central theme of Daria. Not fitting in, not giving a flipping (insert explicative here), and letting the world deal with it as they will. Jane wants to be an artist but is troubled by the concept of going to art school to be “taught” how to be creative. Isn’t that sort of not the point? She has one good friend, which is plenty for her, who shares her hatred of humanity. She is the embodiment of a confused coming-of-age artist… who also wants to punch people in the face as hard as she can.
  • Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls: OMG BUBBLES! She is basically the most adorable-sauce thing ever in existence. Her simple sweetness and naivite will not be tainted by this world’s Naysayers and Negative Nancies! She does what she wants! She is the joy and the laughter! She colors with crayons! Her best friend is a stuffed animal: Octi the octopus! And she sees the good in everyone, even if they are bad, evil, awful villains whom she shouldn’t be trusting. She’s the ultimate sweetheart and there is no reason that anyone should ever say ANYTHING bad about her. If they do, I will hunt them down… *fist shaking*
  • Judy Funnie from Doug: Last, but certainly not least, we have the theatrical older sister of Doug Funnie. She’s dramatic and totally into costumes. (Gee, I wonder why I like her?) She has a token black trunk full of theatrical garb and is very into performance art. She constantly sports her French beret and sunglasses (nothing says cool like a beret and sunglasses…) and is the ultimate moody artist. Which is why, of course, I love her.

Which cartoon chicks do you love?

Who’s That Geek? It’s Mia Moore!

Mia Moore as Ramona Flowers
Mia pulls off an incredible Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim.

Sailor Moon Lolita. To some, these 3 words have no meaning. To me, this meant the start of a beautiful Internet friendship with one Mia Moore. See, Mia Moore is like the Stewie from Texas. She adores Sailor Moon, lolita, and cosplay! She’s practically perfect in every way. She’s a college student with a keen fashion sense. Check out her outfits here! She also does some really amazing cosplays. You can find them all here. Such a fan of the LSP one! She also attends lolita meet-ups – the last one she went to was a Sailor Moon lolita mash up, and she made a very adorable lolita Artemis!  Be sure to check out her blog for some other great content, including fabulous DIY tutorials, beauty and fashion tips, vegan recipes (she loves the animals!) and general lifestyle magic. Now, you have 3 jobs. Be sure to check out her blog, follow her on Twitter, and check out her Instagram!

1. Who was your fave Sailor Scout the first time you ever saw Sailor Moon, and who is it today?
My original favorite was Ami/Sailor Mercury! I thought she was so cool and tech-savvy and smart. Watching the series again now is so funny, all the computer gadgets look so dated. And for whatever reason, everyone thought Ami was lame! These days, I really love Usagi. I relate to her because I’m a little bit of a cry baby too, but I’ll fight for what I believe in!

2. If  Mia Moore was to become a Sailor Scout, what kind of colors or accessories would you choose? What would your attack be called?I’d do pink and teal probably, it’s one of my favorite color combinations! I’m not too creative with attacks, but since all the planets are taken, I wonder if I could be Sailor Virgo or something like that? It’d be fun to be based off the Zodiac constellations!

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
I loved The Powerpuff Girls, Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog (the awful one), Dexter’s Lab, Hamtaro, Animaniacs…. the 90s were a great time for cartoons! Only recently are we starting to see some really excellent cartoons again.

4. What was your very first cosplay?
My first cosplay I ever made was a Rattata to my friend’s Youngster Joey.  It wasn’t very good but it was super fun! The first cosplay I ever bought was Piyoko from Leave it to Piyoko! and it was awful, as most Ebay costumes are. I don’t think I’ve purchased a costume since then.

5. BOOM! Apocalypse! The world ends and it’s only you, and one other guy, real or fictitious, to re-populate the Earth. Who is it?
Zuko. Zuko is one of my biggest fictional character crushes I’ve had in a long time. Though I guess it couldn’t be Zuko without his honor, they are a package deal!