Boots, and too much cutes.

How is everyone’s Saturday going? Mark and I are going to be spending time with friends tonight, sitting around a smoky campfire, making s’mores, drinking beer, and having an awesome time. I hope you get to do some amazing things too this weekend, but in the mean time I’ve selected some cute items to show you guys that I just love!


1. I am on a serious mission to bring fanny packs back. Pastel Bunny Rabbit Party Fannypack by imyourpresent on Etsy. • 2. I’ve been longing for an actual official pair of Dr. Martens boots – more specifically these shiny patent ones. Come to me, pretty pretty boots. Women’s 1460 by Dr. Martens. • 3. I would rock the crap of this dress. Ugh, so kawaii! Melty Castle Circle Skirt Dress by roxiesweetheart on Etsy. 4. 626 might be terrifying, horrible, and a monster, but… aw, no he isn’t! Just look at him!!! Disney Lilo & Stitch Tongue Girls Pullover Top from Hot Topic. 5. Thanks to Toasty, I want to go bankrupt buying all these cute My Little Pony chibi vinyls from We Love Fine. Much too cute! My Little Pony Chibi Vinyls from We Love Fine. 6. Literalz Moon Prism Power Make-up. Get it? Do you get it? Because make-up? Do you get it? Moon Prism Power Make-up Bag from Dolls Kill.

Kawaii Chibi Portraits by Yokokins

As a gift to my co-staffers at the IGGPPC, I was seeking out someone to do custom portraits for our staff page. Lucky for me, my pal Mia came to the rescue and told me about Lisa, aka Yokokins, and her fantastic art!

Yokokins herself as Princess Celestia!

Copic Pattern by Yokokins! So beautiful!

I’ve always been the biggest fan of the chibi. Chibi is like an anime styled tiny adorable person. Basically, take a regular style anime person and turn them into an adorable tiny baby version of themselves. Yokokins drew up the 9 staffers at the IGGPPC in this adorable kawaii chibi style! Take a look!







Stewie (me!)




Make sure to check out how we added the art onto our revised Staff page, like Yokokins on Facebook, and check out Yokokins on Deviant Art!

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My Favorite Things About Winter

I’m not winter’s biggest fan, certainly, but you could never enjoy the warmth without the cold. I guess it’s the Anna in me, and the Elsa rarely comes out – but she is in there, and yes, she does appreciate winter! So without further adieu, it’s time for my 5 Fandom Friday – winter edish.

Wilson Bentley Snowflakes Photo from


Anytime it snows, I have to imagine what’s really coming down… yeah, frozen hydrogen and oxygen atoms, whatever science people, shut up. Snowflakes are gorgeous, unique crystals in an unimaginable number of possible shapes and designs. I love those frosty little guys flying around like tiny little jewels. And they construct such magical things too! I totally get Wilson Bentley’s sick obsession.

Photo from


Any excuse to try to get warm. I love to curl up in bed under loads of poofy blankies with all the pets and my hubby, and try to stay warm. The heater in our house has been acting up lately, so it’s been colder in our house then usual. That means – a cup of cocoa, a couple cats, a poofy puppy, a warm cuddly husband, and a blankie pile. Mmm!

Photo from

Winter beers

Mad Elf! Yum! I just love trying all the super spiced brews only available during the winter months. And I’m not too picky when it comes to beer and trying them. Hoppy, porter, Belgian, lager, wheat, I’ll try them all! If you’re on Untappd, let’s be friends!


Photo from

Cute scarves and hats

It’s time to get cute! There are so many adorable scarf and hats out there to wear in the winter months, like those from Yummy You, ModCloth, Spirit Hoods, or Japan Lover. Any excuse to wear something with ears, am I right?

The anticipation of spring!

I don’t really like the cold so much, full disclosure, so during the chilly winter months, I sit in patient excitement of the coming Spring. I imagine the sprouting leaves breaking through the soil and ice, the baby bunnies being born, the trees and their tiny green buds, and the Earth being renewed!

Leave a comment and let me know what you love about winter!

These are a few of my favorite trends…

Greetings glorious readers! So as you know, Mark and I get married in only 26 days… and hop onto a big fancy cruise ship in only 28 days. You know I need stuff to wear on that boat, and that means… cute clothes! Here are some of my favorite trends, and a few items I recently bought to up my kawaii geek style game.

1. Lace shorts. As long as they don’t look too much like underwear, they are the perfect combination of feminine and comfortable. • 2. 2D bags. Yes! I have always wanted to live in a cartoon, and now my dreams are slowly coming true… and in so many choices! • 3. Mock thigh highs. They come in an insane amount of adorable styles, including kitties, bows, and more. • 4. All over prints… like this awesome Adventure Time one from Mighty Fine! I’ve seen rad ones of Bart Simpson, hamburgers, and so much more nonsense. I love it! • 5. Pinafores. Whimsical, childlike, and comfy. Need I say more? • 6. It’s a cat head purse. Yup! • 7. Big round bug-eye sunglasses. These ones are slightly creepy, and I just adore them! • 8. Kawaii tanks. I prefer tanks over tees in general, but this one is just spot on Totoro-tastic. • 9. Comfy, vintage, oversized tees, like this Star Wars one from Junk Food Clothing. • 10. Patterned flats, like these lamby ones from Iron Fist Clothing.

What are your favorite trends or fashion pieces?