My adventures in Everyday Cosplay and Disneybounding

My love of cosplay runs pretty deep. But the cost and time I would have to spend to cosplay as often as I want too is just too much of a demand – so I figured I’d try something a little more attainable. For 2015, I made a bold resolution. I would Disneybound or Everyday Cosplay as often as possible. So far, the project has been a success! I’ve Stewiebounded a lot! Here are the 5 I’ve done so far.

1. Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

2. Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

3. The TARDIS from Doctor Who

4. Dumbo from Disney’s Dumbo

5. Lil from the Rugrats

Stay tuned for part 2, as my 2015 continues to be chocked full of fun costumes, fandoms, nerd inspired outfits, and a general love of all things geeky.

Geeky Inspiration Boards: Number 01, The Tardis

For those who don’t know, an inspiration board is usually a physical bulletin board of some type, and it’s adorned with a smattering of swatches, pictures, and images that focus around a central theme. People make them when they are trying to plan a wedding, redecorate a bedroom, or design a website. Still curious? Here’s more deets on Inspiration Boards. Having recently been inspired by seeing so many visually stimulating inspiration boards on Pinterest, I have decided to start a series of them in the geek vein. My first Geeky Inspiration Board pays tribute to the blue box the Doctor calls home, The Tardis.

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I just finished Season 3, which contains a bit about the Master and his attempt to steal the Doctor’s Tardis. It was of course, a jerk move, but it left me with an icky feeling. No one should enter the Tardis without the Doctor’s permission! It’s his home! It made me reflect on how comforting the Tardis can feel, despite it being a freaking space ship, powered by strange alien technology. You never see a bed or a couch in it, but to the Doctor and his chosen companion, it’s home. That’s the safety zone they know they can retreat to, where they are protected and where they can hang their fez at the end of an adventure. It’s a cozy little police box, isn’t it. It’s home.

I’m getting married in 7 months!

Dudes! I’m totes exchanging nuptials with Mark Hunsinger in 7 months. We’re getting married on June 7, 2014, in a fabulous Renaissance themed wedding ceremony. It’s creeping in so close I can taste it! I will be Mrs. Leslie Hunsinger and I couldn’t be more excited. As such, I’m making a few changes over the next 7 months.
My Etsy store, Word To Your Unicorn, will be in a state of either vacation mode, or I will only have for sale what I have in stock. I won’t be ordering any new products or designing new items.

My role in the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club will be creeper and peeker, but I won’t be Headmistress to House Granger until I come back from my marital hiatus. This means we’re seeking a new temporary staff member for the IGGPPC during this hiatus – to pair Iggles and Miggles, to man house competitions, and to poke about on the forums and in the symposium. If you think you can fill my shoes for 7 months, why not apply to be a temp IGGPPC HQ staffer?

I will be attempting to meet with the girls of NEPA BlogCon as often as possible, but ultimately that has to take a back burner to any wedding obligations. It’s crunch time!

In the mean time, here are a few fabulous articles I’ve read about marital bliss this week, as well as some posts about my wedding from my blog. <3

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Wedding Location: Kirby House Japanese Gardens and Glen Summit Chapel & Casino


How he proposed!

August 10, 2013:
My geeky partner in crime, Mark Hunsinger, asked the BIG QUESTION on Saturday, while we were at the Renaissance Faire. “Will you be my companion?” I said yes.

What a perfect day. We tasted Mt. Hope’s wines with Baccus, threw axes in medieval carnival games, and watched friends doing archery. We also shopped for wands, sniffed loose teas, and role-played with costumed improv actors who dotted the Faire.

The Renaissance Faire is a theater and history geek’s dream, with a bit of sci-fi flair. Because we were there for “Time Traveler’s Weekend,” there were Marty McFlys, Bill and Teds, and Fry and Benders among the Elizabethan nobles and peasants. Hence why we were dressed up as the Doctor as the TARDIS.

Mark proposed as we sat resting on a bench near one of the theaters. He pulled out the ring, and I said, “YES!” After that, we went straight to the Swashbucker’s Tavern to enjoy a brew with our comrades. The bar was filled with cheers, hoots, and “HUZZAHS” as we drank and laughed and soaked in the moment. The beer was fizzy and delicious, and I couldn’t help but cry a few tears.

The setting was perfect. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place, or a more perfect man, that this could have all happened with. <3

Who’s That Geek? It’s Patrick Cartelli!

Patrick Cartelli as Finn/Doctor WhoIf you guys remember my first Who’s That Geek: Tony da Costa, on this blog, then you’ll be excited to read about this next one. I met Pat and Tony in exactly the same way, on Twitter! We became fast friends because obviously we’re all amazing. We attended a few “tweet ups” in NYC – which is where Pat and Tony are from. This meant going to places like the Blind Tiger Ale House, or the Beer Garden in Astoria, and drinking amazing craft brews and cracking hilarious jokes. Because obviously, we’re hilarious. Last year, Pat and Tony accompanied Mark and I to New York Comic Con 2012, and it was amazing. As you can see, Pat was the Doctor and Finn all mushed into one!! It was wildly epic.

When Pat isn’t chasing down his art hero Banksy, traveling, or being hilarious on Twitter, he is a graphic designer professionally at W.W.Norton. The point of the story is, follow him! RIGHT NOW!

1) If you could be best friends with 1 cartoon character or group of characters, who would it be?
Probably Jake (Adventure Time) and Gene (Bobs Burgers). Aside from the fact that it’d be cool to have a shape-shifting talking dog buddy, he’s always got good advice and a healthy appetite for EVERYTHING BURRITOS. Gene is a funny kid and he’s always got his keyboard around! I like that he’s so into it that he can’t put it down. That’s the best way to get good at something!

2)  You’re from the beloved city of NYC, and a big Banksy fan. Exactly how much Banksy stalking have you done? If you had to take him out on the town, where would you take him?
I’m super excited that Banksy is here! I don’t remember when I first came across Banksy, but his style fascinates me. Simple and snarky. He’s been doing a month long street ‘residency’ in New York. It feels like a bit of a scavenger hunt. Out of the ones that he’s posted this month I’ve been to 14! It’s taken me to parts of the city I’ve never seen. I love street art and I love having a way to get it out there daily to get other people interested in it.   I don’t know where I’d take him though. A lot of people want him to help save 5pointz which at the moment is due to be torn down. I like not knowing where he’ll pop up. Mystery and surprise add to it all!

3) What was your favorite cartoon or comic from childhood?
Definitely Calvin and Hobbes with all of that adventure and some pretty sincere life lessons. Also for the longest time I thought Hobbes was pronounced “Hobbies.” Cartoons were mostly Looney Tunes and Hannah Barbera. Wasn’t allowed to watch Ren & Stimpy, but I WAS allowed to watch Rocko’s Modern Life which was equally as weird.

4) Apocalypse! You have to re-populate the Earth with 1 fictional girl. Who is it?
Ok seriously, repopulating the earth must have some crazy logistics! Can 2 people even do that? Barring any crazy logistics and after some thought, I’d have to say Kaylee from Firefly. She’s a bad ass engineer and someone I’d want on my side!

5) I have seen your amazing Finn/Doctor Who cosplay, as you wore it when we went to NYCC 2012 together. What is your dream cosplay?
I’m glad you were there with me! That was my first time doing a cosplay and it was a blast. I got such a kick out of talking to everyone about our costumes and the amount of other Doctors I met. (I kept trying to get a Spies like Us “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor” going but alas!) I really don’t know if I have a dream one, just that it’s something I’d love to do again. Maybe I’ll grow my hair out and Game of Thrones it!

My Top 5 Favorite Geek Wedding Themes

I’m currently engaged to the most fabulous of guys, Mark. We met at our local LARP, Wyvern Rising, role-playing as our respective characters. Two and a half years later, he proposed to me at our local Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire… which basically means we’re a match made in geek heaven.   We’ve settled on a theme for our wedding: Renaissance! Think Tudors meets Game of Thrones, without all that Red Wedding stuff. But, if we hadn’t settled on that theme already, these were my top 5 all-time favorite geek wedding themes.

Halloween Wedding

via Ryan + Beth
Imagine pumpkins on every table, a cauldron brewing a delicious punch at the bar, and creepy music playing a somber tune. I’d love a Halloween wedding where everyone wears costumes! A spooky candy bar would totally complete this Trick Or Treatish occasion.

Comic Book Wedding

via Rock & Roll Bride
Oh dare I dream? A day of wedded bliss with Captain America? *cough* I mean, Mark? What a fantastic wedding idea, and of course, what could be geekier than superheroes, a comic book inspired font, and bright fun primary colors everywhere?

Harry Potter Wedding

via Bridal Guide
One of my favorite series of books, (and movies!) Harry Potter encompasses enchanting magic and fun. Picture this: The candlesticks overhead the Great Hall, the delicious candy from Honeydukes in a candy bar, wedding cocktails like Butter Beer and Polyjuice Potion, and magic wand favors. A good time for muggles and magic folk alike!

Steampunk/Victorian Wedding

via Ruffled Blog
Just a few hundred years ahead and you enter a fun period of time, the Victorian era. Add a steam-powered element and you’ve got the power of bustles and brass cogs. It’s geek meets history. I love it!

Doctor Who Wedding

via When Geeks Wed
The love of the Doctor and his companion… it’s like a modern day fairy tale. We did get engaged during Time Traveler’s weekend at the Renn Faire, and I was dressed as a Victorian TARDIS. Just sayin’.