Terrified of Exposure: What it means to admit you’re a religious person

Yeah. I’m a Christian. And I also lead a normal life. I’m not tied to a church pew or bashing down people’s doors with a Bible. I go to Church, yes. But I also watch sci-fi movies, LARP, and play with my stupid pets. In fact, none of my friends know much about my personal view on God. But the question is, why don’t they know? What am I hiding?

The question of the hour: Why? If I’m a person who believes in God, shouldn’t I be proud of who I am and show the world? And, if people really are my true friends, won’t they just accept me for who I am?

My old self would say, it is hard to take religious people seriously. Their credibility as a logical, rational, individual goes out the window once you find out they believe in Jesus or the bible or God or psychics or tarot cards or anything that isn’t, well… science! And I highly value my credibility as a logical, smart, and analytical person. If I was to “come out of the closet,” as a Christian, I fear people would make all kinds of judgments about me. It’s unfair, but it’s the way I believe people evaluate other people. A lot of people would say religious person indulges in superstitions to calm their erratic fears of the unknown, to put an end to their doubts about our reason for existing, to make themselves “feel better.”

I hardly agree with this, but I do believe it’s the way the existential cookie crumbles. It scares me. I value my reputation. I want a seat at the table during a conversation about something controversial, like morality, or politics, or mathematics, or dinosaurs, or the universe, or the nature of existence, or our divine purpose, or whatever people might be discussing that is up for debate. I worry if I expose myself as a Christian, my seat will be forfeited. And that’s my fear, but it’s the truth.

Do you struggle with spiritually or religion, or talking to people about it? Leave a comment to let me know.