10 mistakes I’ve made so you won’t have to.

Thanks to Jeff Hilimire, I’ve got the #Blindpost bug. What’s a blind post, you ask? Well, I just told you. I hyperlinked it, right back there. Back where it says #Blindpost. You see? Oh hell, I’ll link it again. Here is what a #Blindpost is. The #Blindpost I’ve chosen to write is on Jeff’s post, 10 mistakes I’ve made so you won’t have to. So attention Internet! I’m 28 now, and lived a long and interesting life, full of blunders and bruises. I don’t necessarily regret my mistakes, but, hey, if someone can learn from me and prevent themselves from embarrassment or disaster, more power to them. Do not do the following.

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1. Sign up for a credit card in exchange for one pizza.
I’m not sure what it is about pizza that makes a college kid go, “How high!?” But pizza is like the crack cocaine of 20-somethings. When I was in college, Chase Credit Card Services decided this would be a fabulous time to exploit me, and my fellow 20-year olds, to sign up for a high interest rate credit card, in exchange for one pizza. And guess what. I fell for it. I also decided that I needed some new clothes, and quickly maxed the card out. What a nightmare! Don’t worry, it’s long paid off now. But the moral of the story is, go for a better interest rate credit card, down the line, when you actually NEED a credit card. You DON’T need one in college. Not just for a free pizza, anyway. Shame on your Chase Credit Card Services, for luring in kids with pizza. Shame on you.

2. Try to get on a plane with an expired driver’s license.
When Mark and I went to Disney World (the one in Orlando, Florida) in January 2013 (a mere 10 months ago!), I totally got onto the plane with an expired license. My driver’s license was a couple of months out of date, yet I boarded, and departed, twice, with an invalid license. The worst case scenario would have been that I ended up stranded in Florida, and unable to return home, trapped for trying to board a plane with an expired license. I could have missed work or potentially had to ask someone to drive to Florida to get me. It could have been very bad. So don’t do it! It’s risky! I totally could have been out-of-state, with no way to get home. Although I would have been trapped in the land of Disney characters, so actually maybe it wouldn’t have been that bad…

3. Ignore parking tickets, assuming that they will never catch up to you.
Something must be wrong with my brain. Freshman year, I decided I was too good to park in my assigned college parking spot. Living in Pennsylvania, the sidewalks get icy, so instead of parking three blocks away in my assigned parking spot, because the sidewalk was too slippery, I decided to park one block away in an illegal spot… for three months, acquiring several parking tickets along the way. This is actually a lot more serious than I even realized. My car could have been repossessed or my parents could have gone to jail if they didn’t have the money to cover the tickets, since their name was on the title. That was really dumb of me. Don’t ignore parking tickets! They actually do keep track of them! Go figure!

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4. Sneak into an R-Rated movie at 16.
This might be one I recommend, instead of discourage. This is one of those classic coming-of-age things that kids do. When I was 16, I decided I wanted to adorn myself in goth make up, with my best friend Lori, and sneak into “Freddy Got Fingered.” (A horrible waste of a movie.) Needless to say, my genius mother tracked me down, and drug me out of the theater mid-movie by my ear, with the help of the movie theater manager. How embarrassing!

5. Drink 1/3 of a bottle of Southern Comfort, because your big, beefy, football player friends can.
Sophomore year I was just soooo cool. I had a scrotum of steel and a bladder of bronze. I decided that I could match my college bros shot for shot. I ended up running around the halls of the dorm, riding a fire extinguisher, and making a complete ass of myself. And puked a whole lot. Don’t try to keep up with college dudes when drinking! They are much bigger than you!

6. Leave your car unlocked, when it has your mother’s antique camera in it.
At a time in my life, I was sometimes too lazy to “always” “lock” my “car.” (Yes, I am actually doing the quotey fingers.) So I ended up leaving my car unlocked in the grocery store parking lot, with my mother’s antique Nikon on the seat of the car. Needless to say, the door was opened, and the camera was stolen. And I still feel horrible about it.

7. Get one of those stupid Columbia House CD subscriptions.
Any of those horrendous hidden subscription services are always too good to be true. 12 CD’s for A PENNY? SPICE GIRLS AND HANSON? No. Put it down. You sign up for that, and you will be on the phone with a customer service representative, fighting them over random charges to your card. If it seems too good to be true, it frigging is. And beware, the fine print usually says, “Free for 30 days, until we steal your first born child and your soul.” Guys, you will want your first born child and soul. Trust me.

8. Try to cover up a freshly pierced, irritated nose-ring piercing with make-up.
When you get a hole punched in your face, the piercing spot is going to be a little bit unhappy. Your skin is trying to tunnel out, and therefore going to be slightly red, icky and agitated. Don’t try to cover up the healing process with Maybelline foundation and powder. It just makes it worse. Instead, take daily hot steamy showers, while putting the piercing under the steamy water flow, and let it air out. No lotions or make up!

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9. Sacrifice food because you’re in a bad break up.
I had broken up with a long-term boyfriend, and decided that eating was for squares. So I stopped eating for a few days. And when your body doesn’t get food, guess what? It doesn’t work good. So I got up to give a presentation in front of my science class on the Ozone layer. I ended up standing up to speak, getting nervous, and fainting. I woke up lying on my back, with my feet propped on a trash can, peering up at my confused teacher and classmates. They ended up calling the EMT’s who made me eat sugar, which wasn’t so bad. But I was completely humiliated. Hey, at least the teacher gave me a C! Lesson learned – eat food! It helps you to not pass out!

10. Go for the broken guy, assuming you can fix him.
I dated a guy about 6 years ago, who was the “bad boy” we all try to date. None of my friends thought it was a good idea, but for some reason, I went for it. Everyone told me he was a cheater, a terrible boyfriend, a guy who was disrespectful to women, a restless soul, and a guy that I just couldn’t tame. They were right. Moral of the story… listen to your friends! And don’t try to change someone who has a bad history. History repeats itself, and trying to change people never works out in the end. People will be who they are.
After reading Jeff’s post… I see that this is not quite what he was writing about. But, still, I think it’d some good advice. 🙂

What mistakes would you warn others about? Leave them in a comment!

Things I wish I could tell myself before my first LARP

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Disclaimer: For those of you who don’t know, LARP is an acronym that stands for live-action role playing. Yes, like from that movie Role Models, with Paul Rudd. Yes, it’s kind of like Dungeons and Dragons meets Renaissance Faire meets improv theater. Yes, lightning bolt, lighting bolt.

Nana Wells: Just talk to people. Shut up, stop thinking you’re supposed to be immediately great at this and talk to people. Ask questions about the world. Find out peoples’ names. Build a rapport with people and don’t remain in your own little clique. Also, bring baby wipes.

Marie Burell: More blankets. And not to be so damn stressed and scared of everyone. They don’t bite… at least I hope they don’t…

Angela Basset: If you have to make a choice between something that’s probably a safe bet, and you won’t die, versus a dangerous mission, always choose the dangerous mission.

Briana Westmoreland: Just talk to people, folks aren’t going to judge you. so don’t be shy. Also, at the same time, no one has any right to touch you and you can ask people to leave you alone.

Kiri Brasseur: CALM DOWN. Use a modern bathroom before you get there. Breathe. Featherlite boning is NOT going to keep the shape of your bodice.

Brandon M Burns: Learn some more folk songs to completion. Approach people with a little caution. Wear more layers. Do everything. Bring snacks. Don’t let people talk down to you/underestimate you just because you’re a cute girl. Accept courtships from no one. Don’t join any organization for at least one year. Stay in character always. If something gets boring, go look for trouble.

Amy Lynn Resele: Every faulty principle that you’ve built your life on is going to crumble. These people will love you for who you are, and not judge you for your size. Let your guard down, you’re finally safe.

Jacci Kaschak: Try not to let others get to you. It’s always scary when you first start and you dont know anyone, but remain strong and true to your character and others will respect you for it, even if not right away.

Stephanie Parmelee: You don’t look NEARLY as stupid as you think you do… Besides, everyone else is here doing the same thing… go get em! No, you’re not expected to remember everyone’s name the first time. Yes, it’s okay that your costume isn’t as frilly/elaborate/extravagant as theirs. Yes, it’s okay that you forgot your name and that your back history is a tale that can be told in 2 minutes. Just jump in. Worst case scenario, you have something to giggle about when you look back.

Sarah Jessop: Your girly friends from school are never going to know how dorky you were on the weekend, and even if they do, who cares!

Chelsea Stoddard: Try picking a character that is not so against the grain of the world.

L.C. Longo: You should pack more socks. That cute guy in the cloak? He’s a dick… Fairy Fire is not as cool as it sounds.

Tara M. Clapper: Bring friends and you’ll feel less nervous.

Stephanie Leigh Twilley: Don’t trip over the fire pit.

Rachel Onca Berleman: Stop taking the world so seriously, and try to bask in a group of people where you feel you belong.

Danielle Sanfilippo: You know how you’re thinking right now that it might be just like Oblivion, but real life? It is. Now kick some ass and have fun!

Jennifer Hartshorn: If you can possibly manage it, take Monday off. You are going to want to sleep for 24 hours after your first event.

JJ Bartlett: Make up a character that has a personality/character quirk/whatever that will cause you to say ‘yes’ to getting involved in things, rather than one who shies away from getting involved in plots. Being a shy/cautious character is all well and good, story-wise, but you are going to want to be doing stuff.

Kiri Brasseur: Yes, this IS just like improv, and the same golden rule applies: never say no.

Erica Tieppo: No matter what your boyfriend tells you, la poste di falcone is only going to make you look kinda crazy during your combat test, especially if you only “learned” it a half hour ago.

Elizabeth Mc Allister: Wander around. Listen to the stories being told around the fire.

Bianca Mason: Be yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and have fun. You are most likely going to make some of the best friends ever.

Jacqueline Whalen: Be more naive sometimes… yes, that NPC is probably leading you to danger, but that’s part of how you get really involved in the game. If you think you are going somewhere dangerous, see if you can bring some other players along who you trust in game, but don’t pass up on plot.

Leslie Stewart: Don’t let that cute boy from LARP talk sweet on you, and flirt with you, in his cute costume, and be all adorable and stuff. You might end up marrying him someday. Oh wait.

Today’s post comes from an epic Facebook group, The LARPettes. If you’re a female LARPer, join up for a daily barrage of fantastic and femme flared LARP chatter.

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Geek Girl Advice: Things I wish I could tell my geeky 13-year old self.

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Mia Moore: It’s okay to be geeky and girly. Don’t feel obligated to choose!

Kaitlin Marie: Don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic about the things that you love. Like what you like, even if people think it’s weird. This is the stuff you’ll be writing about in the future. These geeky interests will be the way you connect with future friends.

Monica Parker Esman: Don’t try so hard to make people love you, those that matter, already do. And don’t hide your geek, it’s part of you so you might as well embrace it!

Jennifer Baldwin: It’s okay to be geeky, you’ll find someone to love you just the way you are.

Katy Hoagland: I wish I had gone into that comic book store when I first heard about it. I wish I would have embraced my geekiness rather than pretending I was like other people.

Charley Bothamley: One day you will discover DND. Embrace it. Roll with it.
You will also discover Wil Wheaton. Role model for life right there. You will find your Doctor. And he will emotionally destroy you.

Amy Lynn Kersnick: Don’t try to change yourself or deny what you love to fit in with the “cool” kids. Embrace the geek, because it will lead you to the best friends you’ll ever have.

Lysa Schwartz Hoffman: Get help. Trust your instincts. When something doesn’t feel right, TELL SOMEONE. Like Daddy. He’ll listen.

Stephanie Turner: Don’t be afraid, love yourself. There are others like you, it will get better.

Kara San Joaquin: You love building webpages, eh? You know what else you’ll love? PROGRAMMING!! Also, save up your money and buy that drum set already, screw your dad when he tells you you can’t have it. Most importantly, stop being afraid to blaze your own trails.

Rebecca Kennedy: Uhm… that bitch who tells you it’s not alright to like ‘boy things ‘ is not your friend and you need to get rid before college when you will be geekier than ever.

Clare Long: Don’t worry – just because no one gets you now, it doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. You’re not the only one at out there who loves the stuff you do, and soon you will have people to share that stuff with.

Erika B: You are never too old to dress up for Halloween… or the weekend… or a random Tuesday.

Lizzie Fletcher: The braces will work, your hair will get straighter and one day you won’t care if people laugh at you for loving Belinda Carlisle because it will just be your thing…

Leslie Stewart (me): Even though you don’t have many friends, someday you will have more than you know what to do with. Always be nice to everyone, even the bullies. Stick up for those getting picked on, sit with the people who sit alone at lunch, and be proud of your inner awkward, because someday you won’t care when people make fun of you for it.

Danica Colopy: There is this new show called Firefly and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Get ready.

Stephanie Wallace: Play piano. Love yourself. Audition for every play every time. Run for prom queen.

Meaghan Golden Avocato: Watch the original Star Wars trilogy first. There are video games other than Dogz and Catz. In ten years, you’ll be happier and more successful than any of the girls on the cheerleading team (and your boobs will be just as big).

Ari Carr: Watch more films and write more you little geek. It’ll be worth it in the future!

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