I have had a small part in some amazing things. These are articles written about me, my work, or about stuff I helped create. I have worked with some seriously incredible people, and wouldn’t be anywhere without all those who have helped contribute to these things – so thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to these incredible pieces of my life.

Press about Stewie / Word To Your Unicorn

04.29.15: – Inked Wednesday
01.05.15: Defective Geeks – Ep. 218 Darling Stewie
10.21.13: Super Space Chick – Etsy Shop I’m Obsessed With This Week: Word To Your Unicorn
08.27.13: Geek with Curves – Adorable Stationery from Word to Your Unicorn
02.19.13: Being Geek Chic – Lady Geek of the Week: Leslie Stewart
12.31.12: Girl Gone Geek – Etsy Crush of the Week: Word To Your Unicorn

Press about ReedPOP

10.20.16: BBC America – Watch: Behind the Scenes of New York Comic Con
10.14.16: MSNBC – Go Behind the Scenes at New York Comic Con
10.10.16: ICv2 – We sold at least 185,000 tickets: New York Comic Con Sets New Record
10.06.16: Mashable – The Javits Center and beyond: Inside New York Comic Con’s rapid growth and bright future

Press about the Geek Girl Pen Pals

09.16.16: Blastr – International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club connects geeks around the world through snail mail
05.12.15: Featured in “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Sam Maggs
02.15.15: All Geek To Me – International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club: Old Fashioned Tools For 21st Century Friendships
01.06.15: The Nerdy Girlie – Geek Girls Gab with International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club
07.19.14: The Geekie Awards – The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club 2014 Best Website/Blog Nominee
06.18.14: The Guardian – Dear pen pal: how writing letters to strangers is making a comeback
05.20.13: Geek Insider – Geek Girl Pen Pals
05.01.13: Paper Droids – Interview: International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club
04.23.13: Cool Mom Tech – Old-school pen pals for 21st century digital girls
04.16.13: Geek Portal – International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club: The Perfect Blend of Retro & Awesomeness
04.09.13: Big Shiny Robot – International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club Strives To Revive Snail Mail
04.02.13: GeekxGirls – International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club
03.21.13: Geek Sugar – Rediscover Pen Pals, Geek Gals!
03.21.13: Sword & Laser – International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club
03.21.13: Geeky Hostess – Geek Girl Pen Pals
03.21.13: Pure Geekery – Wanna Be Pen Pals?
03.21.13: Super Space Chick – Club I’m Obsessed With This Week: International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club

Guest Posts I’ve written

05.01.15: Geek Girl Pen Pals – 7 Weird Animated Internet Cartoons You Probably Forgot About (Or Never Knew About)
04.15.15: Geek Girl Brunch – Fun Ice Breakers to try at your next Geek Girl Brunch
02.20.15: Contributed to a post with several other talented people on The Might Jerd – LARPing 101 – Getting Fit the Nerdy Way
05.06.14: Geek Girl Pen Pals – 5 Fictional Geeks Who Would Totally Join the IGGPPC
04.08.14: Geek Girl Pen Pals – Comfy at Comic Con: When you want to go out but you don’t want to go all out
02.26.14: Geek Girl Pen Pals – 5 Tips For Making A Good Connection With Your Pen Pal
04.08.13: BuzzFeed – Why Mara Wilson Is Completely Worth Following On Twitter

Interviews I’ve done

H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers, Archer)
Larry Wilson (Beetlejuice, The Addams Family)
Twinkie Chan
Rob Eric (The Quest on ABC)

Other Cool Stuff


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