Who’s That Geek? It’s Kristin Hackett!

If you don’t know who Kristin Hackett is, your life must be a sad pile of soggy potato chips. She is as delightfully peppy as a cup of coffee, and as sugary sweet as a thousand pixie sticks! We first crossed paths when we discovered we were both geek girl bloggers! She writes for 2 amazing geek blogs, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, and Super Space Chick. And she also has another exciting new venture that you can read about here! She is vlogging on YouTube now, so you can see her beautiful face in real time! Be sure to subscribe!

Kristin achieved super geek fame when she graced this season’s Fangasm on SyFy channel, something I know each geek inside of us would desperately love! You just HAVE to watch her on the telly – you can watch the episodes here! If you were unsure of just how much of a nice girl next door she is, you will find out once you watch her on Fangasm! I remember being at the Geek Girl Brunch where she talked about this experience… and myself and the other geek girls were floored! What an awesome chance not only to be on one of my favorite channels, the SyFy channel… but to PITCH a comic book idea to Stan Lee! How incredible! The godfather of so many amazing comic book characters… wow… epic.

A few other reasons I heart her so much… and there are many… she loves comic conventions, geek fashion, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. Basically she’s awesome… and if I haven’t convinced you, just take a few moments to read her tweets. I am sure you will be convinced.

I’ll be joining Kristin and the other girls of the Geek Girl Brunch crew on Nov. 23rd. Here’s a snap from the last one we all attended in NYC. Geek girl bloggers unite! Aren’t we cute?


If you don’t follow Kristin on Twitter, get to it right meow. Also like her on Facebook!

1. If you could be besties with any cartoon character, who would it be and why?
If I could be besties with any cartoon character it would be Princess Bubblegum for sure.  We would plan tea parties for other princesses, conduct science experiments in matching lab coats, and gossip with Peppermint Butler about Finn’s crush on PB during our sleepovers. Candy Kingdom is even listed as one of my residences on Twitter because I spend a lot of time there in my imagination.

2. What was your very first cosplay? How about your favorite cosplay?
My first cosplay ever (that wasn’t a Halloween costume) was Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I’m completely in love with the series. It’s one of the most beautiful comics ever written and it inspired my first tattoo. Sadly, it was at NYCC like a million years ago, and my computer crashed right afterwards so I don’t have any photos… But I’m thinking it’s a good excuse to emulate my favorite member of the Endless another time!

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
As a kid, my favorite cartoon was Daria which probably explains a lot about me. When the complete series was re-released on DVD I rewatched the whole thing and I got so much more out of it than I had as a child. James brother Trent was the second animated character I had a major crush on (next to Link), but during my re-watch I realized that despite his good looks, he’s a total slacker so it would never work between us 🙂

4. Apocalypse! You and 1 other person, real or fictitious, have to re-populate the Earth. Who do you choose and why?
I feel like I should choose a fictitious character so I don’t embarrass myself with the real life person! I would want to repopulate with Severus Snape because we would have a high chance of having wizard babies who would be helpful in rebuilding all of the locations that were destroyed. Also, I would FINALLY get to visit Hogwarts (not that this is anytime to be selfish), and we could use their extensive library to research ways of expanding the population as rapidly as possible. And I might have a crush on Snape.

5. If you were a food, what would you be?
If I were a food I would be a vanilla birthday cupcake with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I’m sweet and colorful in my human life and I feel like I would accurately translate to a cupcake if I were to suddenly transform. Plus cupcakes make people happy and I try my best to do just that all the time!

Who’s That Geek? It’s Patrick Cartelli!

Patrick Cartelli as Finn/Doctor WhoIf you guys remember my first Who’s That Geek: Tony da Costa, on this blog, then you’ll be excited to read about this next one. I met Pat and Tony in exactly the same way, on Twitter! We became fast friends because obviously we’re all amazing. We attended a few “tweet ups” in NYC – which is where Pat and Tony are from. This meant going to places like the Blind Tiger Ale House, or the Beer Garden in Astoria, and drinking amazing craft brews and cracking hilarious jokes. Because obviously, we’re hilarious. Last year, Pat and Tony accompanied Mark and I to New York Comic Con 2012, and it was amazing. As you can see, Pat was the Doctor and Finn all mushed into one!! It was wildly epic.

When Pat isn’t chasing down his art hero Banksy, traveling, or being hilarious on Twitter, he is a graphic designer professionally at W.W.Norton. The point of the story is, follow him! RIGHT NOW!

1) If you could be best friends with 1 cartoon character or group of characters, who would it be?
Probably Jake (Adventure Time) and Gene (Bobs Burgers). Aside from the fact that it’d be cool to have a shape-shifting talking dog buddy, he’s always got good advice and a healthy appetite for EVERYTHING BURRITOS. Gene is a funny kid and he’s always got his keyboard around! I like that he’s so into it that he can’t put it down. That’s the best way to get good at something!

2)  You’re from the beloved city of NYC, and a big Banksy fan. Exactly how much Banksy stalking have you done? If you had to take him out on the town, where would you take him?
I’m super excited that Banksy is here! I don’t remember when I first came across Banksy, but his style fascinates me. Simple and snarky. He’s been doing a month long street ‘residency’ in New York. It feels like a bit of a scavenger hunt. Out of the ones that he’s posted this month I’ve been to 14! It’s taken me to parts of the city I’ve never seen. I love street art and I love having a way to get it out there daily to get other people interested in it.   I don’t know where I’d take him though. A lot of people want him to help save 5pointz which at the moment is due to be torn down. I like not knowing where he’ll pop up. Mystery and surprise add to it all!

3) What was your favorite cartoon or comic from childhood?
Definitely Calvin and Hobbes with all of that adventure and some pretty sincere life lessons. Also for the longest time I thought Hobbes was pronounced “Hobbies.” Cartoons were mostly Looney Tunes and Hannah Barbera. Wasn’t allowed to watch Ren & Stimpy, but I WAS allowed to watch Rocko’s Modern Life which was equally as weird.

4) Apocalypse! You have to re-populate the Earth with 1 fictional girl. Who is it?
Ok seriously, repopulating the earth must have some crazy logistics! Can 2 people even do that? Barring any crazy logistics and after some thought, I’d have to say Kaylee from Firefly. She’s a bad ass engineer and someone I’d want on my side!

5) I have seen your amazing Finn/Doctor Who cosplay, as you wore it when we went to NYCC 2012 together. What is your dream cosplay?
I’m glad you were there with me! That was my first time doing a cosplay and it was a blast. I got such a kick out of talking to everyone about our costumes and the amount of other Doctors I met. (I kept trying to get a Spies like Us “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor” going but alas!) I really don’t know if I have a dream one, just that it’s something I’d love to do again. Maybe I’ll grow my hair out and Game of Thrones it!

Who’s That Geek? It’s Mia Moore!

Mia Moore as Ramona Flowers
Mia pulls off an incredible Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim.

Sailor Moon Lolita. To some, these 3 words have no meaning. To me, this meant the start of a beautiful Internet friendship with one Mia Moore. See, Mia Moore is like the Stewie from Texas. She adores Sailor Moon, lolita, and cosplay! She’s practically perfect in every way. She’s a college student with a keen fashion sense. Check out her outfits here! She also does some really amazing cosplays. You can find them all here. Such a fan of the LSP one! She also attends lolita meet-ups – the last one she went to was a Sailor Moon lolita mash up, and she made a very adorable lolita Artemis!  Be sure to check out her blog for some other great content, including fabulous DIY tutorials, beauty and fashion tips, vegan recipes (she loves the animals!) and general lifestyle magic. Now, you have 3 jobs. Be sure to check out her blog, follow her on Twitter, and check out her Instagram!

1. Who was your fave Sailor Scout the first time you ever saw Sailor Moon, and who is it today?
My original favorite was Ami/Sailor Mercury! I thought she was so cool and tech-savvy and smart. Watching the series again now is so funny, all the computer gadgets look so dated. And for whatever reason, everyone thought Ami was lame! These days, I really love Usagi. I relate to her because I’m a little bit of a cry baby too, but I’ll fight for what I believe in!

2. If  Mia Moore was to become a Sailor Scout, what kind of colors or accessories would you choose? What would your attack be called?I’d do pink and teal probably, it’s one of my favorite color combinations! I’m not too creative with attacks, but since all the planets are taken, I wonder if I could be Sailor Virgo or something like that? It’d be fun to be based off the Zodiac constellations!

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
I loved The Powerpuff Girls, Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog (the awful one), Dexter’s Lab, Hamtaro, Animaniacs…. the 90s were a great time for cartoons! Only recently are we starting to see some really excellent cartoons again.

4. What was your very first cosplay?
My first cosplay I ever made was a Rattata to my friend’s Youngster Joey.  It wasn’t very good but it was super fun! The first cosplay I ever bought was Piyoko from Leave it to Piyoko! and it was awful, as most Ebay costumes are. I don’t think I’ve purchased a costume since then.

5. BOOM! Apocalypse! The world ends and it’s only you, and one other guy, real or fictitious, to re-populate the Earth. Who is it?
Zuko. Zuko is one of my biggest fictional character crushes I’ve had in a long time. Though I guess it couldn’t be Zuko without his honor, they are a package deal!

Ghibli Week and Who’s That Geek! Hey that rhymed! A giveaway of Ghibli inspired goodness.

This is one of those funny posts that’s really two wrapped into one. Why you ask? Because I didn’t post yesterday! So I’m posting a two-for-one special: like Siamese twins, but less weird!

I most certainly would have been best friends with Christian Petersen as a child. He is a kindred spirit who designs fantastic fandom inspired digital art on Etsy, at The Geekerie. He’s the kind of fancy man who has a super awesome Etsy store full of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Studio Ghibli inspired magic. Minimalism and pop art at its very finest! And the fact that his Etsy account kind of started as a test/joke, well, that just goes to show you his talent. How awesome!

Today you have the chance to win one of these three amazing illustrations! …Okay, so yeah, I know you are so excited, and you want to rush away to enter to win… of COURSE. But pause for a second to read Christian’s interview. We both loved David the Gnome, and that is ALL you need to know. Gnome. Know gnome. Hehe.

Don’t forget to enter to win an epic Studio Ghibli print!

The adorable Christian Petersen in front of the amazing designing machine.

1. Who do you cast to play you (real or fictional person) in the movie about your life?
I don’t know of anyone who can pull off high-strung workaholic with a heart of gold. Maybe Diane Keaton, but she’s a lady and I most certainly am not. So, a male Diane Keaton who is a muddled composite of a chubby Tom Green, fully-gelled David Tennant, and a roughed up Gerard Butler would just about do it.

2. What was the first print you designed for your amazing Etsy, and why?
The first print I made for my shop on Etsy was a vintage travel poster for the planet Vulcan from Star Trek. It was part of a series of three created as filler for a dummy account I was using to teach a fellow artist about Etsy. I sold a few and caught the bug; turning my test account into a real shop and here we are a few years — and many hundreds more listings — later.

3. Who is your geeky role model?
For her ingenuity, adaptation, and motivation; I would choose Felicia Day. She has managed to uncover and celebrate the best of Geek culture while bringing us willingly out into the sun for a meet-and-greet with the rest of the world. Wil Wheaton gets a heartfelt shout-out.

4. What was your favorite cartoon or nerdy show as a kid?
I mean, should I run through the list? Fraggle Rock, Gummi Bears, Ducktales, He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, The Littles, Voltron, Silverhawks, Smurfs, David the Gnome, Beakman’s World, Captain N, and Alf the Animated Series. It’s possible that I watched Carebears, She-Ra, Jem and the Holograms, Zoobilee Zoo and My Little Pony, but it’ll cost you too many rupees to get a confirmation.
(*By the way, Christian, my list is so similar, and far too long*)

5. You suddenly turn into a cartoon character! Who are you?
I would be Baron Von Rotton from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’, or one of his weasel goons.

Enter to win an epic Studio Ghibli print from The Geekerie!

Who’s That Geek? It’s Uncle Yo!

I do not want an explanation for this picture. It’s pretty perfect the way it is.

Uncle Yo! His real name is Karl Custer, but Uncle Yo just sounds so much more personable. He’s a New York native who performs at geek conventions in the Northeastern United States, spreading his geeky cheer like some kind of Dungeon Master Santa Claus. Karl is a stand-up comic, geeky PodCast dude, and all around hilarious gent. His website, UncleYo.com, showcases his jam packed schedule of Con performances and links to PodCasts of weeks past. Every Monday, his PodCast, “We are the Geek,” makes all the fangirls squeal as he covers geeky current events and issues. And trying to scroll all the way down his resume makes my mouse tired!

I was a guest on one of his PodCasts, as a guest dancer called Little Wea$el when I performed with Antipode Geek Bellydance. We discussed girls in geek culture, stereotypes, and all kinds of fun topics relating to feminism. Oh, and he rocks a sticker from my Etsy, Word To Your Unicorn, on his laptop! So I can’t complain. Without further adieu, say “Yo” to Yo!

1. Who do you cast to play you (real or fictional person) in the movie about your life?
My mother is played by Joan Rivers, intermittently exchanged with a lucid Rita Rutner, my father is played by Samuel L Jackson wearing two eye patches, and I’m played by a puppet voiced by comedian Marc Maron. My best friend, Hockey the out-of-time Viking, is played by Dana Carvey. Rainn Wilson plays the neighborhood bully who is first to contract the screaming syphilis that invades the town.

2. If you were a food, what would you be?
Low in carbs but smothered in a raspberry reduction.

3. Who is your geeky or comedy role model?
Financially? The Penny Arcade boys grew from a team-based web-comic into a multi-million dollar franchise beloved by many and have set the bar on charities and acceptance with their convention PAX. Does the whole “Dick Wolf” drama upset me as a feminist? It would if I wasn’t familiar with their work already and knew to expect their crassness. Personally? Artistically? Ken Levine of Irrational Games. Proving games can be both art and interactive narratives. Personally? L’il Kuriboh. Despite self-inflicted doubts and numerous assaults by the industry, he continues to solo a series on par with many of the best sitcoms out there today, all out of a closet while being totally self-aware and meta enough to match “Community.”

4. What was your favorite cartoon, comic book, and or Funnies strip as a kid?
Calvin and Hobbes, the Far Side. Between those two, I was encouraged to daydream and never take something so seriously that I’d miss the joke.

5. You suddenly turn into a cartoon character! Who are you?
Me but with clothing that fits.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter!