Who’s That Geek? It’s Steve Gadlin!

I met my kindred cat loving spirit, Steve, the way I meet most awesome people – through Twitter. Steve has brilliantly made his dreams a reality, and makes a living drawing cats. You heard me right. Drawing cats.

First of all, I cannot begin to give Steve enough props for building a career out of something so seemingly simple but genuine. That takes drive, charisma, and of course, a generally awesome attitude that makes people trust you enough to give you their hard earned money.

Steve has a charm and a charisma that can only come from not giving a frack what people think about you – and those are my absolute favorite kind of people. You can only be your true self if you are not afraid for people to think you’re a fool, and Steve – you’re my role model in that aspect. I love his attitude of not being afraid what people will think of you and try to live by that daily.

This is the beautiful drawing Steve gifted to me!

I love following Steve on Twitter because he posts fun and joyous pictures of cats he draws for people daily! I know you want to rush and ask him to draw a cat for you right now… But for now, be satisfied in his answers to these 5 simple questions.

Love the hat, Steve <3

1. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a game show host. I liked the sport coats, the smiles, and the oh-so-smooth intonation!

2. You’re a food! What are you and why?
I’m a pickle. I eat a lot of pickles, and talk about pickles all the time. So if some magic creature was to turn me into a food, I’m sure they’d go with pickle.

3. What was your favorite cartoon, comic, or funnies strip growing up?
While I loved comic strips, I had a stronger affinity for anti-comics. I loved the parody comic strips they’d publish in Cracked and Mad magazine, all of which led me to start my own strip in high school called Silly Cat Comix. My favorite comic book was Groo the Wanderer.

4. Who do you cast to play you (real or fictitious) in a movie about your life?
Oh boy, that’s tough!! I suppose I cast Paul Reubens. But a young, pre-Pee-Wee Paul Reubens.

Someday Steve, someday.

5. What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t feel good enough to follow their dreams?
Hey dummy! Follow your dreams! You live, then you die. So do stuff, eh? We’re all making up the rules as we go along. Sometimes following a dream is as easy as acknowledging it, and casting it out into the universe (or social media).

Thanks to Steve for stepping out of the litter box and onto my blog for a moment, and be sure to check him out at IWantToDrawACatForYou.com, and check out his new TV project – Steve Gadlin Starmakers! It started as a KickStarter and has been funded, so congrats Steve!


Who’s That Geek? It’s Leo Camacho!

I’m just going to put this right here…

Hey! Snap out of it! I am sure all of your minds have been blown by the awesomeness of this video: Traci Hines as Ariel, and my Who’s That Geek, Leo Camacho as Prince Eric! Not only is he the most perfect Prince Eric the world has ever seen, but Leo seems made for Disney cosplay. He’s donned a few particularly fabulous costumes, including an epic Aladdin and Jack Sparrow (pictured later in the post).

Leo as Aladdin. A whole new world…. of adorable tiny vests.

Leo’s cosplay prowess is not limited to Disney – he’s done a fabulous Darkwing Duck and Wolverine as well. He’s into Disneybounding, as we all should be. For those who don’t know, “Disneybounding” is a term coined by Leslie Kay that refers to building an outfit around a Disney character. And be sure to check out some of the other great cosplays under his belt like Team Rocket Grunt and Broba Fett. (Don’t ask.)

Leo as Darkwing Duck and Wolverine!

Did I mention he is a fantastic cartoonist and sketch artist? If you check him out on Tumblr you will be sure to see a lot of sketches, but he also has a really rad gallery on DeviantArt. Be sure to scope out “The Unusual Suspects,” “Sure, she’s got everything,” and “Malware detected.”

“Super 16 Bit Heroes”

And a final note on the geekiness of Leo… his day job is so awesome, he works for Google Lunar XPRIZE!!! Space and robots, ftw. Obviously since you now love him as much as I do, check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And if we’re offering suggestions here, my suggestions to Leo for future cosplays would include Captain Hook, Clark Kent / Superman, and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. Thanks again to Leo for answering all of my questions in a most thorough manner!

1. Obviously the world would probably most easily recognize you as “that guy who did the perfect Prince Eric.” What was your first cosplay, what is your favorite cosplay you’ve ever done, and what is your future dream cosplay?
Ha! Yeah, the Prince Eric thing is pretty funny. It’s gotten to the point where people who haven’t seen any of my Prince Eric stuff online just randomly tell me I look like him. He’s a stud though so I guess that’s a good thing!

Before I was a Disney prince, I was a Disney pirate. My very first cosplay, and conveniently my favorite, was Jack Sparrow from Pirate of the Caribbean. I always thought the character was cool in the films and for me personally, the fun in cosplay is channeling the characters you get to portray, so naturally this seemed like a fun first pick albeit an audacious one. It took me a few iterations to get it right. A trip to the thrift store and about $60 worth of material provided a pretty passable Jack for the time. This was before the huge cosplay wave hit the mainland and crappy costumes were still considered “not bad”. After SDCC (my first cosplay outing) I put the costume up on ebay for $40 and it sold for $450! I though to myself “Well maybe I should use this and make a good one!” I did just that and I still rock it occasionally to this day. I mean, who doesn’t like acting like a drunk pirate in public?

Who knows what the future will hold. I have a few in the pipeline I want to get out there including a movie accurate Prince of Persia, the male demon hunter from Diablo 3, and possibly some old school stuff like Keith from Voltron or Link from Zelda II. Lets see what time, opportunity and budget allow for!

Leo as Jack Sparrow. Spot on, and why is the rum gone?

2. Apocalypse! The world ends, and all people are destroyed, except for you and 1 other person (real or fictitious) that you have to re-populate the Earth with. Who is it?
Allison Brie from the show “Community”. That girl is really something. I’m all about those hot nerdy girls. We could make beautiful thick eyebrowed babies and make each other laugh all day. She also seems tenacious so that might come in handy when warding off zombies and such. I would also have to take Kate Beckinsale into consideration as well. I mean, she has experience fighting vampires and werewolves and that could prove handy in a pinch. Tough decisions. Life is hard.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? How about now?
My favorite cartoon as a kid was undoubtedly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was (and still am) a MASSIVE fan and I definitely had turtle fever. I collected, literally, every single toy and I drew them non-stop. I still do these things but I’m saying I did that as a kid too. Let’s face it. I’m still a kid. Today I might have to go with a few other jewels in the animation museum like Samurai Jack, Adventure Time, Archer, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I really like cartoons btw. Like, a lot.

4. What would you tell someone who was just starting out in cosplay, but was nervous or scared?
(Leo had posted to Tumblr a while ago and provided 5 tips to new cosplayers… and here they are!)
a. Love to cosplay. You’ll know you love it before you even do it.
b. Find a character that resonates with you. The main reasons my cosplays work so well is because I tend to find characters I look like and that is like a 75% advantage already. This isn’t for everyone though and it’s not important. I do think it’s important to highlight though because I am no master costume designer and this is why I get away with any praise at all. Secondly I look for characters who’s personality I feel I can channel. I can be a bit of an actor so I love this part and it come naturally. Lastly, I find characters I think look cool so that I can feel cool when I become them. Find who you want to be and do it. That’s what cosplay is all about
c. Take on tasks that you can manage and give yourself time. Never cosplayed before? Then don’t pick a complicated character with 40 layers of armor and expect to finish it in a week. You have to keep in mind that cosplay has become a refined artform over the last 15 years here in the states, roughly and many tricks have slowly surfaced over that time. Don’t expect to master more complex techniques over night. Give yourself time to learn and fail and rebuild. Manage your expectations and you will get more done sooner and be able to add more later
d. Don’t be shy. I know its hard to go in public dressed as a dinosaur robot with a 12 foot neon sword that looks like a dildo. Own it. I know you have to get gas before you leave. Look at people and laugh with them. It is ridiculous and that’s why its fun. Tell them the story. share the positivity. Fuck it. After all, you are a dinosaur robot with a dildo sword. Who can stop you?
e. Don’t judge others. Not everyone will be amazing. No one deserves to be slammed. Be constructive and offer tips but never shut someone down. This community is held together over the love of wearing silly shit pretending to be a fucking cartoon or something. Who are you to judge? Shut up and be nice.

5. Your drawings are fantastic! What medium do you prefer to draw on, what tools do you use, and what are your favorite things to draw?
Thank you! That means a lot considering I have no real formal training or anything so I’m glad you enjoy them. I always prefer to draw with a regular ol’ mechanical pencil. I generally follow up by inking with some Copic Multiliner pens and then perhaps some Copic Markers. My favorite means to add color is digital, so I usually scan my images in, clean them up, then color them in photoshop. I have the Cintiq tablet now but I used a general old Wacom crap-tablet 2000 for a long time. I actually colored most of my pieces with an optical mouse for a LONG time before I started with tablets. The point is, any tool is viable if it feels good to you. I encourage people to play around and try new things and find the groove that fits you best!

Who’s That Geek? It’s Anna Lee Mueller!

Anna, aka Glitzy Geek Girl as Black Widow from the Avengers

Anna Lee Mueller, a geek girl blogger at Glitzy Geek Girl, is a true cosplay original. Cosplay is the kind of thing that takes practice and time to perfect, but from her very first cosplay, it is so painfully obvious that Anna is destined for Con greatness. Her character choices are original and perfectly crafted to work for her unique style. She crossplays and gender bends with the best of them. And she loves Disney as much the rest of the world should, so what’s not to love?

Anna as Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Fiona from Adventure Time

Anna has worn a dozen cosplays so far, but many of them aren’t your typical ‘cute girl’ cosplays. In addition to this terrifying Shredder, she has also crossplayed a fantastic Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Other cosplays on her list of unusual character choices include Fiona from Shrek, Jessie from Toy Story 2, and Jigsaw from the Saw movies. It’s such an odd mash up of cosplays you don’t hear about too often, and these original choices truly make her as a cosplayer stand apart from the rest.

2 of my favorite cosplays of hers have to be Sailor Venus and Annie from League of Legends. Have you seen my bear Tibbers? Annie is on my ultimate bucket list of cosplays!

Don’t let me get you too far off track, because Anna is a girl of many other talents besides just wearing cute costumes. She runs an Etsy store that sells Disney cosplay jewelry and unique Harry Potter wands. She offers DIY and tutorial posts on her blog as to how she crafts cosplay magic. She dyes her hair so much that you can never be sure which color it will be next. She goes to Renaissance Faires, which gives her a very special place in my heart, as I am a Renaissance Faire super geek! In short, she’s cosplay pro from Texas who demands you follow her on Twitter and check her out on Facebook. I will be staying tuned to find out which awesome cosplay choices she puts together next. Spoiler alert… I am looking forward to MORE DISNEY! I love her Jessie and Fiona cosplays so much, and word on the street is that she has a Frozen cosplay in the works. Disney is a way of life… and I think Anna gets that.

1. What was your first cosplay, and what was your favorite cosplay? 
Before I moved to Dallas I had never heard of comic or anime conventions. So when I saw an ad for the Dallas Comic Con in 2012 I decided to check it out. I really didn’t know much about costumes, but I kinda resembled my favorite comic girl Ramona Flowers. I found her purse on Amazon and since my real hair was already blue it was pretty easy coming up with the rest of her outfit. I was blown away by all the talented cosplayers at the convention and immediately decided I wanted to make more! It’s hard for me to pick my favorite cosplay, but I feel really proud when I look at photos of my Fiona from Shrek. That’s the first costume I made entirely by myself and the body paint took me nearly 2 hours to apply. Even Yaya Han complimented it and asked ME for a photo! I couldn’t believe it!

Anna’s first and favorite cosplays

2. What would you tell a girl who wants to start cosplaying, but is nervous or scared?
As a girl that goes to a lot of conventions by herself, I find that wearing a costume actually helps me come out of my shell. Almost everyone around you is either in a geeky tshirt or costume themselves. It’s a great conversation starter to be dressed up because people will come up to you and say you’re their favorite character! Unless you plan on entering a costume contest there’s hardly any judgement on the quality of your costume. So don’t be nervous about whether or not it’s handmade, store bought, the right colors, etc. It’s about having fun and loving your character.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
The cartoon that stands out in my mind as one of my favorites was Tiny Toon Adventures. I can still sing the entire theme song, and I carried around a Babs Bunny doll with me everywhere. I even had a Tiny Toons birthday party when I was in pre-school. My other favorite cartoon was Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. I still believe monsters secretly steal my nail clippings when I’m not looking.

4. Apocalypse!  You have to choose 1 guy (real or fictitious) to repopulate the earth with. Who do you choose?
Most of my male crushes are all fictitious characters. Since Divergent is the most recent book I read I would absolutely have to choose Four (also known as Tobias). I am sure he and I would get along really well, and I tend to fall for guys with tattoos. Plus, I’d like to think our kids would have nice mix of bravery and selflessness. That’s something the world could use more of.

5. What’s your favorite food?
Pizza! I used to be a cheese only girl, but lately I’ve discovered I like pineapples on it. It’s been my favorite food for as long as I can remember. I love it so much I have a slice tattooed on my arm!

Who’s That Geek? It’s Chris Torres!

I love me some Nyan Cat! Meow! So when I emailed PRGuitarman and practically offered him my left kidney if he’d do an interview with me, I got a totally sweet response back. Chris Torres is the man behind the pixelated poptart sensation, Nyan Cat. And lucky me, I got a chance to ask him all those burning questions I have had buried inside. Chris has done a few other interviews, so I really wanted to get the scoop that no one got. Hopefully I somewhat accomplished that.

First question…. can I get a run down on WHO you are? We all know your name is Chris Torres, but where are you from, and what do you do professionally? Oh, and how old are you!

I’m 26 years old and live in Dallas, Texas, born in Puerto Rico. I love art, The Internet and am kind of a homebody and shy in person but try to be outgoing in whatever situation I’m in.

Professionally, I actually recently resigned from my 9-5 office job and have been making my art business a full time thing. I’m very happy with the decision, even though it was kind of a crazy one, but know I made a good choice.

What is a “P R Guitar Man?” Do you play guitar?

My screen name is now more of an ironic thing to me. I made it maybe 13 years ago back when I was on AOL and DSL was the NEW thing. A friend and I bought some used guitars and thought we could totally make a band or something, so I changed the screen name to fit that occasion because I thought it was going to be a big thing. The PR stands for Puerto Rican, but it can also stand for Public Relations since I do that online, too.

I no longer have the guitar but keep the name around since so many people know me by it now. It’s my Internet identity, it’d be difficult to change it up.

How did Nyan Cat come about? What exactly were you trying to accomplish when you created this darling GIF?

Nyan cat originated back in my webcomic, LOL-COMICS, back at PRGuitarman.com. I’ve been doing comics since I was in middle school and are based off experiences in my life. I’ve made several comics about my cats, particularly my Russian Blue named Marty.

It's Marty!

One day, I was doing a charity Livestream event for The American Red Cross and I asked people what they think I should draw. What resulted was me choosing “Pop Tart” and “cat” from that list and combined them together in a hurry

The Original Nyan Cat

I had been experimenting with 8 bit designs, so a few days later I decided to take a crack at it and turned it into the 8 bit graphic we all know today. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything out of it aside from getting a new Twitter avatar from it. I t went unnoticed on my site for a few days before uploaded to YouTube by SaraJ00n and it’s all history from there.

When did you first know Nyan Cat was a super Internet phenomenon?

Maybe around the time the YouTube video hit 1 million views. Back then, I thought one million was huge! Nothing I’ve ever done before has been able to Generate the same number of hits. Also, when people started showing me photos of strangers dressed up as nyan cat at conventions. That was awesome, too.

Have you heard of any famous people or pseudo-celebs loving on (or hating on) your Nyan Cat masterpiece?

Off the top of my head:

  • Conan O Brien used a parody called Conyan on his show a few times
  • Jimmy Fallon has used it on his show MULTIPLE times and has even danced on stage to the song.
  • Both Skrillex and Deadmau5 love using it in their work. Skrillex uses it constantly in his shows. I’ve talked to both of them and they’re really cool people
  • Jenna Marbles dressed up as Nyan Cat for Halloween and seems to love everything about it.
  • Mark Hoppus seems to love it, too, because he currently has a huge Nyan Cat that accompanies him on stage during his new tour.
  • Got to meet Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen and not only is she absolutely delightful, but she loves Nyan Cat, too

Holy macaroni that is a lot of famous Nyanners I have never heard about… I am sure you’ve seen the many various Nyan Cat spin offs like What’s your favorite Nyan Cat spin off?

There are so many! It’s so hard to choose. Oh god, okay, I’d have to say my favorites are a tie between the Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat and Stray Cat.

OMG Stray is so sweet I want to cry Q.Q So, what are your personal favorite Internet creations, GIFs or videos of the moment? (Not created by you of course)

There’s so much new stuff everyday it’s hard to choose a favorite anymore! Some personal favorites of mine are Scumbag Steve and Keyboard Cat. Also, I usually love GIFs with cats in it, or people getting in funny accidents. Then there’s this gif

I adore Keyboard Cat… that song is too catchy. And that gif just made me go O_____O So, what’s your homepage?

My main comic page is PRGuitarman.com, but I’ve been without a working computer for a whole so I haven’t been able to make new comics. I’ve retreated over to Twitter.com/PRGuitarman, where I retweet cat images and ironic things.

Some slight internet stalking allowed me to discover you are a comic/cartoon lover from back in the day, having created “inside joke” comics among your friends in Middle School. What sort of recurring characters did you have in your original comics from “back in the day?” Any hilarious memories or stories about this experience?

My comics from middle school were so dumb, now that I look back at them. They mainly featured teachers I didn’t like put in funny situations, a series with a stick figure guy that just laughed at people, and funny banter between friends. I think the only character that has migrated over to my new comics is my Sun character. It’s just a drawing of the sun being a character that the main protagonist talks to, but can be a jerk at times.

However, my time making comics in high school taught me How to fit humor into four simple frames. Back in school, friends didn’t have much time to read my comics since they weren’t allowed in class so I had to keep things quick and simple. I think my style has adapted to that formula.

Your 4 panel on Valentine’s Day is spot on hysterical. What cartoons or cartoon characters inspired you, or do you just love? From when you were younger, or now! How about comics?

Source: Nickeldeon

Nickelodeon’s Doug was a big inspiration in my youth for his “slice of life”, yet completely ridiculous imagination scenarios he’d get into. I’ve always had an over active imagination like him.

Rocko’s Modern Life was great, too, because it features a main character that’s always put in a bad situation and we as an audience are just supposed to laugh at his misfortune, yet root for him as the underdog.

I was big into Nickelodeon as a kid!

Oh god yes, Doug and Rocko were both amazing classics. Love them both! Who are your cartoon or comic artistic role models?

Source: FanPop

Currently, I love Buttersafe, Nedroid, Natazilla and Penn Ward from Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Saturday Morning Breakfast cereal.

What’s your favorite food and drink?

PIZZA! And I enjoy Coke Zero. Usually both Pizza and soda together is all you need to make me happy.

What’s the coolest opportunity you have gotten from the Nyan Cat fame?

Honestly, the best opportunity I’ve gotten from Nyan cat is to be a part of something that people all over the world love and recognize. It’s turned into a really strong entity and I love how people use it to spread love in their own ways. That, and it’s given me the opportunity to travel, which I’ve never really done before, and it’s lead me to meet a lot of cool new friends both online and offline. Finally, and this just happened very recently, but I was just approached by JAKKs Pacific, one of the top 5 toy dealers in the world , and long story short they’re working with me to release Nyan Cat toys! That has been one of my life long goals and I still can’t believe it’s happening. It’s an awesome feeling to know your work is appreciated that much!

Thanks to Chris for being an original and creating this fantastic meme and icon we’ve all grown to love over the years. What memes do you adore? Leave them in a comment!

Who’s That Geek? It’s Ari Carr!

ari-carrMeet the next Joss Whedon, my friend Ari Carr! She’s the geek girl blogger who writes comic book reviews at Comic Books and Cookies. She’s a film student from jolly old England (you know, England, where my pal Emily is from) with a passion for cookies and comics. And this geektastic cookie monster is also a fan of lolita fashion, which makes me heart her even more. I see photos of her all over her blog and Facebook wearing super cute lolita garb, and no doubt attending some pretty swanky lolita meet ups. How fabulous! It would seem she’s a huge fan of the sweet lolita look – that’s my favorite! She’s also a writer for Inter-comics.com, a massive online comic store for the UK! What a talented lady <3 In short, make sure to follow her right quick on Twitter.

By the by, did you know she’s also an Iggle! And another fun fact, her full name is really quite interesting. Ari is short Arianwen, and it means silvery grey in Welsh. her other middle names are similarly geeky – Rihannon after a Fleetwood Mac song, and Cassandra after Psi judge Anderson in the Judge Dredd comics. This girl is too cute! And I LOVE Stevie Nicks. Ari – you go girl.


I heart Lolita fashion so! Ari and her friends rock it!!

1. What was the first comic book you ever owned?

I’ve been reading British kids comics pretty much as long as I can remember- whenever I made my weekly trip to my Grandparents, they always had the new issue of The Beano or The Dandy ready for me to read, and I fell in love with the characters and their crazy antics. As for American comics, the first comic that I owned was a battered copy of Fantastic Four #228 from 1981, gifted to me by my best friend/housemate/comic geek extraordinaire Robin. After watching Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I told him that I wanted to read comics, specifically Fantastic Four ones, and he dug out #228. When we went to the comic shop the next weekend, I was lucky enough to find the next issue!

2. If they could turn any comic book if your choosing into a movie that they have not yet, what would it be?

I would LOVE to see a film version Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. That series is just so off-the- wall and insane (in a good way!) and I’d love to see a faithful adaptation of it. It would take a lot of work, but it would be such a great pay-off.

3.) If you could be best friends with any comic book or cartoon character, who would it be?

I’d love to best friends with Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl! I love her bubbly character (especially under the watchful eye of Gail Simone’s fabulous writing) and as well as being my first DC character love, I just think she’s fabulous. There’s none of the brooding that comes with Batman, none of the wise-arsery you get with Damien (RIP!) and she’s just so sweet and lovely. Plus we could totally swap relationship advice!

4.) BOOM! Apocalypse. It’s you and 1 other fictitious person, and you have to repopulate the Earth. Who is it?

Eek! I would have to pick Oliver Queen, my favourite iron-jawed, ab-tastic bow-toting hero. Not only would he be able to hunt down food and keep me relatively safe, he’s also one hell of a looker. Boy, is he. Even with that silly facial hair in the comics.

5.) What was your favorite cartoon as a little kid?

I was a huge cartoon watcher as a kid, and this is something that has stayed with me. However, there was (and still is!) a special place in my heart for pretty much any and all Hannah Barbera cartoons. Wacky Races and Catch the Pigeon were two of my favourites, as well as Pinky and the Brain.