Stewie’s Picks: November 2018

It’s getting way chilly here in Black Rock, CT, and, well, I guess I have a baby now – so it’s been harder to get outside and walk around the block much. Therefore, I’m officially in homebody binge mode! Here are my picks of the things I’ve been obsessed with bingeing this month.

Make Your Body Work [Podcast]


I think I’m a little late to the party on this one (It looks like Dave was really active a few years ago?) but I’m getting a ton of insight and benefit from listening to the Make Your Body Work podcast, as well as checking out some of Dave’s full workout videos and the Lose 10 in 4 podcast (which I guess is more of a video series and less of a podcast, but what do I know? You do you man.) He doesn’t waste time chatting up a co-host or his guests and the editing quality is pretty good. It’s succinct and no nonsense but also chock full of fact-based and research backed insights along with interesting interviews with experts in the field. I’m curious what other nutrition and fitness buffs think but to my novice brain, it’s easy to digest and interesting. I’m making avocado toast on whole grain bread tomorrow in honor of what I’ve learned so far. 🥑😋 Post a comment if you have any other fitness or nutrition podcast recommendations or if you dig Dave’s stuff.

“Legends of the Summer” by Meek Mill [Music]


I didn’t realize I was into hip hop as much as I am, but this album has been my go-to jam for the past few weeks when I need to grind through work. I was definitely inspired to explore new rap jams (besides mainstream magic like Drake and Kanye West) on Spotify after working ComplexCon 2018… and having no idea who anyone is. Recommendations really appreciated here! Leave a comment below with other artists I should check out or links to your personal playlists. 🎧 I look forward to giving a listen.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse [TV Show]

Source: Emma Roberts on Instagram

This has consistently been my binge-worthy guilty pleasure every single season. There’s something about seeing what new roles Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk will cast the actors in that’s addictive. I also love seeing how older season’s storylines might intertwine, and what new fun and freaky supernatural elements make it into the show… that always makes it a must see for me every season. I was thrilled it was a Murder House and Coven crossover but the Murder House aspect felt small. I was hyped to see Dylan McDermott return even if his stay was brief. And I’m enthralled by the new blonde bad boy on the block Michael Langdon. He’s hypnotic and gorgeous… but I guess the son of Satan would be? Cathy Bates as always is a show stealer in any role – even as a Satanist robot. I also love Sarah Paulson in her multiple roles – she can pull off so so much. Taissa Farmiga, Billie Lourde, Emma Roberts, Frances Conroy… gah I love all those witches so much! Feels like a warm hug seeing the gang back together. The Coven is back bitches, so cast a circle, step back, and let the witches do their thing. 🔮 Leave a comment if you’re as AHS obsessed as me.

Stewie’s Picks: November 2015

Brisk autumn chills are here (sort of) in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Alright, it’s been unseasonably warm, which is kind of annoying. I’ve been trying to cozy up in my winter coat and scarf, but mostly I’m just sweaty. I’m also getting psyched for the holiday season! Fa la la la la… I might be watching Christmas movies already. Don’t hate, I just got cable, and the Hallmark channel is my jam. Here’s what I’ve been a drooling fangirl for this month!

Felicia Day’s “You’re Never Weird on the Internet” [Audio book]


Felicia Day’s book makes me itch, but in a good way. It’s been inspiring me to create, while making me snort-laugh out loud. Felicia Day’s memoir covers her strange home-schooled childhood, angst-filled teen years (including awkward band moments), the sudden growth of a magical land known as the Internet, and ultimately her well-deserved success as a writer, actor and producer. It’s weird, uncomfortable, inspiring, funny, and totes relatable. Between candid descriptions of panic attacks in parked cars, social anxiety in Build-a-Bear workshops, a serious World of Warcraft addiction, and becoming a professional trash picker (for her screenplay, duh), this book has too much awesome and too much geek culture to reference. Listening to the audio book, as read by the author Felicia, will only help you to fully understand her neurotic awesomeness, as you listen to the cracks, quirk, and humor in her voice. If you’re a super nerd, love video games, were a child of 90’s and remember the rise of the Internet, or are an awkward lady – you’ll adore this adorable trip down her memory lane. I am loving it, and relating to every hilarious moment. (If you want to read about my personal Internet Firsts, I wrote an embarrassing blog post about it.)

Hello Fresh [Delivered Food Box]


If you want fresh-delivered ingredients that’ll make it look like a pilgrim barfed on your kitchen table, then you want Hello Fresh. It’s like a subscription box for people who like to pretend they can cook, and end up exploding a packet of cayenne pepper all over their kitchen table. I might not follow the recipes exactly (some of them involve using kitchen tools I don’t own, like a grater, or a peeler), but my cooking somehow turns out delicious. The ingredients are hand-picked from the best sources, the recipes are fun and unique, and it forces me to try new things. They send you everything you need for your entire meal, so there’s no chance for you to screw up and forget something at the grocery store (I do that all the time.) Use my referral code for a free box! (or don’t, I know it’s a lot of pressure, and who wants that?) I’d love to see pictures of your attempts at cooking (my attempts are hilarious and messy!) Seriously. I don’t cook.

Joe Hill’s “Locke and Key” [Comic Book / Audio Book / Drama Production]


In a nod to the spooky Cthulu mythos, Locke and Key is a fantastic story that takes place in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. The story centers around 3 very different siblings, and their enchanted house, known as Keyhouse. Their cozy home contains magical doors (and keys that unlock them!) to other worlds, or that grant you weird powers. If you found a key that could literally unlock your head, and then add or subtract anything you wanted by tossing in a book or removing a bad memory, you know you’d want to use it. The keys’ magical doings range from the ability to turn you into an animal, to the ability to change your gender entirely! (Mr. Stew could be a reality!) It’s not fair to call this an audio book – it’s a full blown theatrical audio production. Multiple voice actors, spooky sound effects, and enchanting music make this story immersive and magical. It’s hypnotizing, scary, and uber mystical. The original comic books are full of beautiful and imaginative artwork, so don’t leave those out if you listen to the book! Once you see how wild this story gets, you’ll want to see how it could possibly be drawn in comic book form.

What are you obsessed with this month? Let me know in a comment!