More YouTube magic, plus an awesome C2E2 recap

Greeting magical internet people! I hope all is amazing in your world! I’ve been busy lately – running the IGGPPC takes up so much of my time. I made a couple more YouTube videos for the Geek Girl Pen Pals on YouTube!

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I also posted a recap of our epic time at C2E2! There I cosplayed as a steampunk Snow White and a renaissance Sailor Moon. Mash ups are the best.

sailor-moon-renaissance steampunk-disney-princesses2

Check out my recap post here!

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Doing that good ole YouTube Thang

I love creating content. I have lots of experience bloggging (writing) as well as designing and marketing, but my newest endeavor is a totally new ballgame. I’ve been working hard with a fantastic team of girls to polish up the Geek Girl Pen Pals YouTube channel. These fine woman are: Jenny, Summer, Joanna and Rosa.

We’ve been crafting a content strategy, tweaking the channel, and most of all – filming dorky and adorable videos. The uncharted waters are really really fun – but it’s just so different for me! My anxiety at first was pretty high, doing something so uncomfortable and foreign. But with some advice from good friends, and my trusty tripod, things seem to be coming together. So here I go, of my comfort zone and into the YouTubes!

Pokemon Tag

I filmed and edited this video about Pokemon! I hope you’ll make your own #PokemonTag videos – link them up in a commment!

Geek Girl Pen Pals at C2E2

Sumsy filmed and editied this video… and it’s also a pretty good representation of the silliness you can see on our channel. In which I cry over Old Gregg. He was playing his love games with me.

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A very Burton-esque Halloween: Our Lydia Deetz and Edward Scissorhands costumes

Greetings ghouls and goblins! It’s been a scary Halloween here indeed. My husband and I dressed up in our finest and blackest garments for our take on classic Tim Burton films this All Hallows Eve. I’ve been a longtime fan of Tim Burton’s work, starting about when I was 13, and walked giddily into my first Hot Topic to see some of his iconic film characters on t-shirts. I grew up loving the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and obsessing over Burton’s career, feeling like there might someday be a role for me among the Oyster Boys and Staring Girls of the world. I even had the privilege of interviewing Larry Wilson last year around Halloween time, regarding his work on “Beetlejuice,” “The Addams Family,” and his new Internet series “Cindy!” (You can see/listen to the full interview here) So, logically, these costumes are a long time dream of mine.

First up, my wonderful husband Mark, becoming my fangirl obsession, Edward Scissorhands. And by fangirl obsession, I mean my friends and I wrote fanfiction about Edward Scissorhands. And now you know. How embarrassingly dorky.


His Edward gloves came from Amazon, because making these would have been far too time-consuming, and probably just as expensive. The neck belts, shirt, suspenders and pants came from the thrift store. Simple stuff! And for his make-up, I watched this tutorial by Emma Pickles a few times over. We used a base of your basic White Halloween make-up, and then I took some brown and purple eyeshadow to try to recreate the eyes, lips, and cheek bone contouring. Mark did a bang-up job on the scars using thicker lines of white make-up, and contouring with a brown eyeliner pencil. I then styled a wig my sister used as Jane Lane from Daria to mimic Edward’s wild mane. We did it on the cheap, but damn – mission accomplished.


I recreated Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice” – the one where she has a big floppy black hat and is taking pictures outside of the house. I wore a shin-length black shirt, and button-up black top from the thrift store. Hairspray and hair paste took care of my weird bangs. I had the hat and blazer, as well as the tights and shoes. I found a similarly colored book at the thrift store, and used my graphic design magic (and hot glue!) to re-create the infamous “Handbook for the Recently Deceased.” My make-up for this look came with help from this tutorial by Chelsey Stacey. Light colored foundation, and brown around the eyes, as well as some nose and cheek contouring to try to achieve the Winona face.

This Halloween was a lot of fun… not only did we have really fun costumes, but role-playing is a must-do on Halloween. Mark spent most of the night pretending to cut peoples’ hair. These costumes have long been a dream of mine, so to finally be able to wear them with my husband has been so ridiculously fun!

What did you wear for Halloween? I demand pics!

Knoebels: free fun in the freaking woods!

Have you heard? Mark and I will be staying in Northeast Pennsylvania for a few years longer, and our plans to move to the Big Apple have been postponed. Mark got an awesome job (Thank God!) and is now getting experience in his field, and doing what he loves. In light of this, I’m trying to stay positive by doing more local stuff, like hanging out in Knoebels. If you didn’t know, Knoebels is America’s largest admission free theme park.


Knoebels is fantastic for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s not a barren wasteland of twisted metal and trash cans – it’s a theme park set in the woods, with winding creeks, tall trees, and lots of flowers throughout. Even dogs are allowed! But by far the most unique and awesome part about Knoebels is that it’s a free amusement park, where you pay per ride. You can use as many of your tickets as you want in a day, and if you have leftovers, you can bring them back another time!

Photo from

And now let’s talk about food! Stony Gables is the adorable little stone cottage you see below, and in it they make fudge and other chocolate sweets. It’s a regular Hobbit House of candy! Don’t forget cotton candy, fresh roasted nuts, kettle corn, ice cream, funnel cake, and fried goodies all around the park.


We had lunch at The Alamo where I stuffed my face with Stuffed Flounder (Sorry Ariel!) Then, after eating, we were too full to ride anything so we went to play games in the arcade. The most fun part about the arcade is getting a bunch of tickets and giving them to a random excited little kid! They love it!

Mark took this great photo me with the pickle outside of the Alamo. The pickle.

I’m sort of a grandma, so the rides that are more my speed are the Carousel and the Haunted House. Mark is all about the roller coasters! I’ll take a spin on the Carousel any day #GrandmaSwag – but I did thoroughly enjoy the new Flying Turns ride, an off-the-track bobsled style ride!


And of course one of the coolest parts about Knoebels is all the classic rides, and history associated with it. There’s a classic carousel with brass rings, old school wooden coasters, and a skyway. There’s a Carousel Museum, Mining Museum, and lots of other interesting history tidbits you can find out here. If you’re in the area, check it out and let me know what you think!

A cause for celebration


Congrats to my glorious husband, who graduated from Wilkes University! We attended his commencement ceremony yesterday. My butt hurts today from those uncomfortable bleachers. The things I do for my love!


A few days ago, we played Superfight with some friends. Needless to say, the most terrifying mental picture I’ll ever have is a 3-story tall nudist who can make a hologram of themselves. Seriously, check this game out.

Today I’m off to Knoebels with a lot of boys. It’s gonna be a bit of a sausage fest. I can’t wait to ride the Carousel! So magical ヽ(´ー`)ノ Til next time, space adventurers!