Incorporating toys into a small apartment design.


When Mark and I visited his parents last week, and they kindly tried to send us home with all of his childhood toys, how could I resist! Mark has a large collection of 80’s memorabilia… Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Pokemon, Power Rangers, and so much more nostalgic goodness. My challenge was to incorporate them into the design of our home, using the walls, and so it wouldn’t look too cluttered. In a 600 square foot apartment, using wall space in the design is key.


I had Mark install a long shelf along the ceiling so I could display all the toys. It’s hard to get these little guys to stand up, let me tell you. The mini-bar is one of my favorite parts of this room, of course. The IKEA Poang chair with red cushion and shiny pink pillow add the perfect pop of modern and color to the more classic design of the shelves and wall art.


Mark also put up another shelf for more toys, over my desk. So many toys! I got the disc wall clock from and the awesome Carpe Weird print from


Here’s a peek at the other half of our living room, which is where we have a bit of a renaissance theme going on. My father painted this epic shield containing our family crests, and of course, animals in human clothes are always awesome. The important things I tried to do to incorporate the shield into the room was adding splashes of color found in the shield, like the red fireplace, the blue ox figurine, and the green cup for bottle caps on the table.


I made sure to hang everything in the apartment at that 57″ sweet spot, while getting a little bit chaotic, in an organized way. I included works by MC Escher in our collage, as it’s Mark’s favorite artist.

Overall, I think it’s a good start to our home design, but I kind of wish I had a better quality camera for these pictures. Someday!

Post a comment to let me know your must-know tips for home design, or show me pictures of your homes!

A peek in the Dining Room

Oliver looks so majestic. Mark calls the little baby skeleton in the picture “Our child” (he is so weird <3). And I just love orchids, fake or not. dining-room-redesign

I love our Picasso artwork of the smoking skeleton!

Yellow, black and grey. It’s a spunky strange type of room now, but I love it 🙂

A peek through the mirror into my bedroom

Happy September bloggy people! I’ve been spending the week cleaning out our house and re-decorating. Our bedroom was far too boring, so I spiced it up by doing the entire thing red and teal. Red and teal is one of my all-time favorite color combinations, and it really works for a lot of the Asian inspired decor I have.

1) My closet made a little debut into this post, because I noticed an arrangement of fabulous oranges, chartreuse and pink. 2) The bed is completely decked out. We’ve got a teal tufted head board, and a red quilt (a la Target!) with fancy decorative pillows. By the way, men do not understand decorative pillows. Mark tries to sleep on them. He does not get fashion over function. 3) My dresser is adorned with magic. I have two Daruma dolls, and if you aren’t sure what they are, they are a sort of wish making doll and good luck talisman from Japan. You color in one eye, make a wish, and when it comes true, you color in the other eye and burn it on New Years – the smoke released is to thank the Asian Gods. Also my lion and lamb is in this picture, a bit of my favorite biblical symbolism. 4) A constant reminder.

I get around! I totally love my Lalibela cross straight from Ethiopia.

And in case anyone had forgotten, my cat Dorian is a total punk and ruins laundry day every time.