Twitch 101: Song Request using Nightbot

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This post was inspired by several posts I saw on my pal Lori‘s blog as well as time spent in Anna‘s stream last night!

Greetings, fearless readers! I come bearing posts, since I’ve been sorely neglecting the blog for my new boyfriend, Twitch. I was introduced to my new drug of choice by my evil husband, Ryskill, who has severely underestimated just how addictive this new social network is. Yes, I have bumped it above Twitter (just by a little bit) as my favorite place to be. Now, I turn there for social interaction before anywhere else, and have absolutely LOVED the people I’ve met and the adventures I’ve had. I’ve met amazing people, including BergerBytes (Follow him!!) as well as a few other amazing streamers, far too numerous too name.

To encourage other fellow iggles and geek girl bloggers to join in on the Twitch phenomenon, I figured I could make a few Twitch 101 posts detailing some of the finer points of streaming. Today I’ll go through step by step how you can set up song requests for your viewers, using Nightbot. You can use Nightbot for a lot of cool things, including custom emotes, custom commands, timed alerts, giveaways and the ever wonky spam protection. I can go into these in later posts, but today I’ll be talking specifically about song request.

One reason Twitch is so great is because it’s in real time, and it’s interactive. Not only do the streamers (the good ones anyway) interact with their chat room, but they find other fun ways to include their viewers. One fantastic way to include your viewers in your show is through song request. It’s a great way for the streamer to learn about awesome new music, and for the audience to have a part in the broadcast. Let’s get going, shall we?

Logging in. Pretty important. uses OAuth to log you in, so make sure you’re logged into Twitch and you should be able to login with 1 click. If not, just enter your Twitch credentials.

You’ll need your new pal Nightbot to join your channel, and you’ll need to set him to mod status. You can do this by typing “/mod nightbot” in your chat. You’ll be able to check if Nightbot is in your channel by refreshing your Twitch page and checking your viewer list to see who is in your chat room.

Next, make sure you enable your song request to work. Do this by finding Song Requests in the left column, then clicking Manage Song Requests. Make sure to click Songs On to enable song request to work.

Make sure to open the AutoDJ panel in a new window, and keep it open while you stream. You can use this as a kind of command center for your music. You can change the volume, pause songs, or even skip crappy ones (though that might irk the viewer who requested it.) Your viewers will now have complete control over any music they want to request, be it a YouTube video or a SoundCloud song.

If necessary, you can restrict the type of user who can request songs. For example, if you only want your mods to be able to request songs, you can do so by using the commands found on this page. Using Nightbot, you’re actually able to create lists of “regulars” (as in regular viewers) in your channel. So theoretically, so you could go so far as to create a list of viewers that you trust, and restrict song request access to only those viewers. It all depends on how your channel functions, or how many misbehaving viewers you tend to have.


Now the fun begins! Make sure your viewers, regular and new, know how to use song request, and what sort of restrictions you have on it. List the commands for them. This way they can join in on the fun. It’s up to you to try to set up your guidelines for music (if you have any), but if you would prefer people to submit only clean versions of songs, for example, make sure to outline this in your panels.

Just a heads up, Twitch has a music algorithm type of thing that will mute parts of past broadcasts if it detects copyrighted music. So if you play music and Twitch picks up on it, they may mute part of the broadcast – not DURING your stream, but afterwards in your past broadcasts. This means it will be silent, which would be bad if you want to use it for a highlight. However with Song Request, you can play the music quietly enough (in the background) that it may not be able to pick up on it over the sounds of the game and you talking.

You can have a lot of fun with song request, so get to it! Last night in my friend Anna‘s stream, I spent a good hour requesting only Disney songs. So pick a theme, or a band, or music related to the game you’re playing, and let your viewers have fun on the jukebox!!

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My adventures in Everyday Cosplay and Disneybounding

My love of cosplay runs pretty deep. But the cost and time I would have to spend to cosplay as often as I want too is just too much of a demand – so I figured I’d try something a little more attainable. For 2015, I made a bold resolution. I would Disneybound or Everyday Cosplay as often as possible. So far, the project has been a success! I’ve Stewiebounded a lot! Here are the 5 I’ve done so far.

1. Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

2. Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

3. The TARDIS from Doctor Who

4. Dumbo from Disney’s Dumbo

5. Lil from the Rugrats

Stay tuned for part 2, as my 2015 continues to be chocked full of fun costumes, fandoms, nerd inspired outfits, and a general love of all things geeky.

Awesome Sci-Fi Movies that are also Chick Flicks

Science Fiction encapsulates so many kinds of films. Anything from a speculative future where technology has advanced far beyond its current state (and we’ve created super epic pancake-making robots), to the idea of close encounters of the adorable ET alien kind, to alternative futures where monkeys rule the land instead of humans, to dystopian or post-apocalyptic futures where we’ve destroyed the planet and must find a way to survive using our ingenuity. As a lover of science fiction, it can be hard for me to pitch it to some of my friends. A lot of my girlfriends, who loves romantic films and your typical chick flick, aren’t really fans of science fiction (not that I don’t know a lot of women who DO)… so this is my guide to science fiction for the girly girl who would choose a Nicholas Sparks flick over Star Wars any day.

The Stepford Wives
The Premise: A workaholic television executive (Nicole Kidman) loses her job, and chooses to start a new life with her husband and 2 kids in the quaint town of Stepford Connecticut. It’s more like a creepy Pleasantville though, and for some reason all of the wives look like supermodel 50’s housewives, and are perfectly obedient to their husbands: doing whatever cooking, or cleaning, or sexing they might need. It’s creepy for sure – especially for women.
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: You’ll love Bette Midler’s hilariously bitchy author character, the ridiculously stereotypical behavior of the “perfect woman” aka the Stepford Wives, and the horror of imagining “What if this happened to me!?”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Premise: Joel and Clementine (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) start out in a fresh and exciting relationship, but it eventually gets stale and falls apart after a couple of years. After a bad break up, Clementine goes to the doctor to have her memory erased. I’m sure that’s a technology we could all wish for sometimes. Upset, Joel decided to the same thing, because he can’t deal with the pain of the heartbreak. They end up reconnecting in the future after some strange circumstances.
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: An emotional roller coaster that has such realness to it. The ups and down of the romance will be so familiar to anyone whose ever been in a relationship. The characters are clever and so genuine. Chicks, you’re going to LOVE Clementine. The sequences involving the loss of Joel’s memory are so dream-like and beautiful. And, it’s a tear jerker at the end, for sure. OH, and a great soundtrack.

In Time
The Premise: In a world where humans do not physically age beyond 25, but instead have to “buy time” to stay alive beyond 25, time has literally become money. Cup of coffee? 2 minutes. Nice car? 4 months. How long you stay alive kind of depends on how influential/rich you are, leaving the poor people to die much sooner than everyone else. Good ole’ JT comes in to save the day, getting all Robin Hood on this corrupt world. He robs time banks to give time to the poor, falls in love with Amanda Seyfried, and does the whole high speed car chase thing. My hero!
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: 2 words… Justin Timberlake.

The Premise: John Travolta plays your all-American average dude… a car mechanic from a small town. Leaving the bar on his birthday one night, he sees what appears to be a shooting star, which turns into a large flash of light and loud bang, knocking him off his feet. Tada! Superpowers. He’s a super genius with telekinesis – but he’s still a man, capable of love. The debate rages as to whether or not the light was a UFO or aliens, and just how the heck will he win the heart of the women he loves even with his big fat brain. And of course, the truth of it all is revealed at the end. Grab the tissues, guys. Q___Q
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: The build up of the romantic plot is tense, awkward, and ultimately worth it. The superpowers are gifted to such a sweet and nice guy, whom you’ll totally adore. You will probably bawl your eyes out at the end if you’re a human. Chick flick lovers just love a good cry.

The Lake House
The Premise: Kate and Alex (Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves) live in the same house at different times. The house is ridiculously cool, made mostly of glass, and yeah, it’s on a lake – it’s an architect’s dream! Kate and Alex end up sending each other love letters… but, oh, cruel world! – somehow, they are 2 years apart in time. Trippy, but romantic. I just love star-crossed lovers in space and time.
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: As the story unravels, you will be rooting for these lovers to find each other in time. It’s such a crazy puzzle, how the whole thing unravels. Very very interesting, even captivating! Oh yeah, and I cried my freaking eyes out.

Upside Down
The Premise: Basically… two planets orbit extremely close to each other, but have opposite gravity. These planets are not only divided by having opposite gravity, but are also different “class systems” – long story short, one is upper class, and one is lower class. On these two planets live Adam and Eden (Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst) and wouldn’t you know it – they happen to fall in love with each other. Enter the sad plot twist. When one person goes to the other’s planet, the gravity from their home planet still affects them, so they can’t really be together. It’s like Isaac Newton’s Romeo and Juliet. I can’t even imagine how the sex would work.
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: It’s really mind-bending to see how they film this movie, to make it so there’s 2 gravitational pulls, so visually you’ll love it. You’ll love Kirsten Dunst’s reverse gravity martini. I know I want one. You’ll also love the fight for romance against the cruel pull of gravity. OH GRAVITY, you heartless bitch.

Let Me In (Let the Right One In)
The Premise: A boy lives with his mother, and is kind of a lonely little weirdo. He’s bullied at school, doesn’t really have a father figure, or any friends for that matter. A new girl moves into the apartment complex that he lives in, but she’s kind of weird. Surprise! She’s a vampire. He begins to care about her deeply, and wants to keep her happy… by getting her blood. It’s adorable, tragic, and bloody.
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: What won’t people do for love? The sad story of this female vampire, who is ageless, and the tragic love the boy feels for a girl who will outlive him and every other boy ever… and yeah, she also drinks blood. It’s just too cute and too macabre for words.

The 5th Element
The Premise: A sci-fi classic, Korben (Bruce Willis) is a cab driver in an awesome and exciting vision of future NYC. He accidentally comes into contact with a most powerful cosmic weapon, Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) who kind of is the only one who can save the entire universe. He wants to save her from the evil aliens trying to kill her, and of course, they fall in love too. Intergalactic love, and hijinks ensue!
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: Multipass. Leeloo is hilarious when trying to fit in with the regular world! And of course, the relationship/chemistry between her and Korben is fantastic.

About Time
The Premise: In Tim’s family, all males can time travel. So of course, Tim, who just turned 21, tries tinkering with his life to make it awesome. It’s sort of like a well-written version of the Butterfly Effect. Tim has a few hilarious mishaps, and a few tear-jerking moments with his family. On a serious note, this movie gave me a new found appreciation for life (deep, right?) and made me want to live each day to the fullest, since we only have so many of those. This movie come HIGHLY recommended. It was worth every moment. So go watch it now. Time’s a-wasting!
Why Chick Flick Lovers Will Love It: Tim’s dunderhead efforts in love and life are hilarious, and relatable. The romance will tug at every chick flick lover’s heart strings. The end of the movie, with Tim’s dad, will completely destroy you, in a good way.

I’d love to see your recommendations for sci-fi movies a chick flick lover would love, so leave me a comment, or let me know what you think about my choices!

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My Internet Firsts: A Weird Adventure Through My Internet Beginnings

AOL Instant Messenger, Geocities, chat rooms… Don’t lie, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Well folks, put down your Tamagotchis and lend an ear, because tonight, I’ve just been remembering all the weird stuff I used to make and do on the Internet.

My first AIM Usernames

AIM was a huge part of my day to day at one point. It was what you used to send awkward messages to your middle school crush, find out what all your friends were doing instead of their homework, and of course, you got to pick an amazing and personal username… a true reflection of yourself. Here are some of the winners from my younger days.

  • CartoonSpaz: This was my very first username. I really loved cartoons (My favorites were Rocko’s Modern Life, As Told By Ginger, and The Angry Beavers) and also fancied myself a bit of an unusual person. My English teacher once told me that I “march to the beat of my own drummer” and I really appreciated that. Unless it meant I was tone deaf or something.
  • lenore

  • LilDeadLenore: Would you believe I was a goth girl? Yeah. Some things never change. I loved Lenore, the comic series by Roman Dirge, about the adventures of a cute little dead girl. Lenore was my idol! Adorable, funny, homocidal, and dead! Check out Roman Dirge’s website here.
  • AkoUtena: My friends and I really loved Japanese, because we were huge anime fans. I had a friend who had put Ako in her screen name, and when I asked her what it meant, I found out it was “child.” I adopted it into my name, and combined it with my favorite anime character, Utena. So, you have: Child Utena. I loved the story of Utena’s tragic childhood, where she suddenly became an orphan, but was rescued by a prince and thus decided to become a prince herself. I always wanted to be a prince.
  • SushiBugs: Once I hit college, I got on a sushi kick. And I also liked bugs. You know, like insects. I really have no better explanation for this one.


My first PC Game: Rockett’s New School

I talked about it before on my blog and I’ll talk about it again. This game was a total obsession of mine! I saw myself in the main character, Rockett – an artist and a girl who had to learn how to fit in at a new school at a weird time in her life. As a military brat, I moved every 3 years during my childhood. I wouldn’t change it for the world, (I did get to live in Ethiopia and Japan all before I was 14 years old) but it did come with some struggles. This game was relatable and immersive for me as a girl. I was really sucked into the characters, and their story lines in the games.


My first website: Project Marionette

Around age 16, I decided the AIM username wasn’t enough. I needed to get serious about my web presence, whatever that was. I had no real concept of branding, nor did I really know the purpose of a blog, so I went with what I did know: anime. I scoured the net for the most beautiful anime art I could find, and I would theme my website after that. Usually Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Ah my Goddess, or Chobits. I’d use MS Paint to manually slice tables and assemble my ancient HTML websites that was. I just loved being a little code monkey.

My first website was I was in this weird angsty teen phase where I felt controlled by the SYSTEM and by ADULTS (ANARCHY!!!1!) so, I liked the word marionette. Marionettes were also beautiful dolls, elegant and creepy. It represented all that weird emo stuff I was going through. Teenagers, right?

pixelpetsOn these sites, I would struggle constantly for content, and the “blog entries” were never anymore than “Hi, it’s me again! Just a little note to say howdy doo!” For me, the thrill of the website was my little collection of pixel pets, taking personality quizzes to better find out who I was (because those things totally work…), and listing out my favorite things like colors, movies, TV shows, smells, food, music, etc. Productive, no?


Often times on these websites, you could join online rings. Who knew what the heck the point of that was. I guess it was just a way to get people to find your site by cycling through the sites on the ring. Yeah, I was in a few of them. Mostly anime, cute, or kawaii ones. Totally inter-cool.


My first MMORPG: Furcadia

kattahead (1)Yeah, so, hi, I’m Stewie, and I used to play a game called… Furcadia! OH GOD STOP LAUGHING. Furcadia was a free MMORPG involving, well, furries. You could create a character who was an anthropomorphized dog, cat, horse, mouse, or dragon. Basically an adorable chat room full of colorful creatures.

I played a female cat person named Katta Piraa. I had pink hair, black fur, and yeah… I was a cat.

If you’re feeling wild, you can read more here or check out the official website.


My first online club: The Quilting Bee

The Quilting Bee was actually lots of fun, and might still be fun if it was still around. It was an online pixel art and friendship club, where you create a large digital quilt by swapping “patches” with other people in the club. The rules were simple: You had to swap at least 2 patches a month, and your website had to be decent looking. You had an official member number and had to design your own quilting patch. It was a fun way to meet other web designer types who also had an affinity for cute pixel things. Here’s an example of a quilt!



My first real blog: Darling Stewie

I finally decided I was spending way too much time online with nothing to show for it. I needed to get organized and focus my design skill so it, well, made any fucking sense. So I decided to start a blog, develop a brand, and put my thoughts in order.

I began to showcase my web design, logos, and other design work in an online portfolio. I also modeled my favorite outfits, talked about my favorite trends, geeky things, wrote articles on blogging and social media… Basically I began to share all the magic in my mind in a better way. And hey! This particular design was featured in an article, Excellent Graphic Designer Website Designs – 30 Examples. Here’s a later evolution of the design of Darling Stewie:

And look where we are today. I’ve been officially been blogging on for 4 years on December 10th, so join me in celebrating my blogiversary by joining in on the fun!

I’d love to see some of your Internet Firsts! I am sure you’ve got some great stories about Angelfire, Neopets, or Yahoo Chat Rooms to share… so please, make your own Internet First posts and use #MyInternetFirsts… and let all that embarrassing, MySpace Magic hang out!

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A Geek Tragedy’s Internet Firsts

Geeky pixel and video game inspired resume!

Annoyance #47 about being engaged to a graphic designer: They always want to try to “fix up” your resume. My hubby-to-be is applying for programmer jobs, and I was concerned the design of his resume might have been a little lackluster. Of course, I may have also read this Mashable article about a girl who applied to an agency with a unique Lego resume. How original and creative! So then I put on the Frozen soundtrack, had a glass of wine, and I just “let it go” on his resume. Hehe.


Featured image from Basil Bangs

Have you ever seen any creative and unique resumes that you loved? Post a comment!