Boots, and too much cutes.

How is everyone’s Saturday going? Mark and I are going to be spending time with friends tonight, sitting around a smoky campfire, making s’mores, drinking beer, and having an awesome time. I hope you get to do some amazing things too this weekend, but in the mean time I’ve selected some cute items to show… Read More »Boots, and too much cutes.

5 Nerdiest Things I’ve Ever Done

I’ve done lots of normal nerdy things: been obsessed with video games, cried at the end of a good fantasy novel, cosplayed at nerd conventions – the list goes on. But these are the dirty secrets of the nerd, the things that some nerds might even say is nerdy. Let’s get down and nerdy. 1.… Read More »5 Nerdiest Things I’ve Ever Done

Sailor Moon Necklace Giveaway

Attention fellow Moonies! If you love Sailor Moon as much as I hope you do, then you’ll just love this giveaway. Enter to win a Moon Crisis necklace from Hanna Ghoulina of hellyeahsweetnsour! No magical girl’s outfit would be complete without this gorgeous necklace. Contest ends May 31! a Rafflecopter giveaway