Internet Pixie: A How-To Guide

As you may or may not know… I identify as an Internet Pixie. My friend Mia of Superheroesque posed the challenging question, as to what I thought an Internet pixie was. So… I tried to explain the laws of the Internet Pixies as best as I could, without giving too much about our secret society… Read More »Internet Pixie: A How-To Guide

Dear R.L. Stine: Thank you.

Well, well. Mr. Stine. Can I call you R? No, that sounds silly. I’ll just call you what I’ve always called you: R. L. Stine. I’ve been meaning to write you a “Thank you letter” for nearly 15 years. Now that I’m turning 30, I’m realizing just how important you were to me growing up.… Read More »Dear R.L. Stine: Thank you.

Incorporating toys into a small apartment design.

When Mark and I visited his parents last week, and they kindly tried to send us home with all of his childhood toys, how could I resist! Mark has a large collection of 80’s memorabilia… Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Pokemon, Power Rangers, and so much more nostalgic goodness. My challenge was to incorporate them into… Read More »Incorporating toys into a small apartment design.