5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions for 2020

Thanks to my friend Sparklegirl Jen’s blog post, I have learned that #5FandomFriday is back! Sartorial Geek has officially relaunched the #5FandomFriday blog prompts, originally started by Megan and Kristin. I used to participate in these, once upon a time… welp, it’s been too long, fam. It feels nice to have a reason to join… Read More »5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions for 2020

Stewie’s Picks: November 2018

It’s getting way chilly here in Black Rock, CT, and, well, I guess I have a baby now – so it’s been harder to get outside and walk around the block much. Therefore, I’m officially in homebody binge mode! Here are my picks of the things I’ve been obsessed with bingeing this month. Make Your… Read More »Stewie’s Picks: November 2018