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Hi, I’m Leslie! I’m a magical faery living in Scranton, PA (The Electric City!) with my husband, Mark, our 2-year old boy Alexander, and our 3 cats and living dat comic con life. I’m a geeky professional who works in the pop culture and comic convention industry. I also co-founded the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club and NEPA BlogCon. I love to LARP, go to Rennaissance Faires, cosplay, and play board games. In my spare time, I geek out over horror movies, Disney, Halloween, and everything spooky. I have a few cute tattoos and am fueled by coffee. 

blog manifesto

The goal of this silly little blog is to spread my love, positive vibes, geek pride, and cool design to peeps everywhere. The Internet can be a toxic place, so I wanted to create a strange and magical little light in the darkness. This website is a virtual representation of my personal bedroom. Also cake, something about cake.

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