September pop culture picks

September was totally a month for binge watching while in quarantine! Here are some of the pop culture moments, shows, etc. I’ve enjoyed from my vulture perch this month. Drop a comment to let me know if you’ve enjoyed or hated any of my picks.

Ratched on Netflix: Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson make literal magic again, with Ratched, a new Netflix TV series, about a character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Fans of American Horror Story will see Murphy’s signature style all over it, and absolutely fall in love with Paulson’s performance. It’s addictive, alluring, and just awesome. It dropped September 18 and has already hit the #1 spot on Netflix! (Source) I am beyond excited for comic con season to return and for everyone to show up in gorgeous 60’s period Ratched costumes. I wonder if that’s on anyone’s short list of Halloween at Home ideas? Those green gloves, tho…

The Princess Bride Live Script Reading: The cast of The Princess Bride reunited LIVE via video chat (Covid times, amirite?) to raise money for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Carol Kane (Grandmama!!), Wallace Shawn, and pretty much every other freaking person that was in this gem of a movie hung out together during the script read. This is one of my favorite examples of using pop culture for a purpose and it totally worked! They raised over $4.25m and 110k people tuned in to watch live! (Source) And bonus – you can still chip in ANY amount to watch the replay here! It’s most definitely giving 13-year-old me serious good vibes that during this pandemic, these nostalgic table reads have been happening – a few more examples found via include GhostbustersLord of the Rings, The GooniesBack to the Futureand Splash. Be still my little pixie heart.


The Masked Singer Season 4: Oh how I love The Masked Singer, a show where celebrities adorn ridiculous costumes in a wacky singing competition that gives their normal fame anonymity. Part reality TV guilty pleasure and part pop culture junkie addiction, this show continues to intrigue me even though the novelty of the concept has long worn off. As a costume enthusiast, I love seeing the creativity that goes into the over the top yet somehow functional costumes each season. (which are ALL, by the way, designed by Marina Toybina and her team – incredible!) It’s back for season 4, and I can’t wait to tune in to see if I can figure out who sung it based on my celeb knowhow. I will just have to wait and see what crazy creatures and C-list celebs await this season!

Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix: Watch out, stuff havers! The next clean house invasion is coming to your bedroom closets, home offices, and kitchens. I will admit, I sent about 50 bags of totally useable stuff to the thrift store during the Marie Kondo phenomenon because it didn’t “Spark joy.” Whatever the heck that truly means, I still don’t think I’ve figured out… or I don’t do enough recreational drugs to truly understand. Now that GOWTHE is here, I’ve raided ye olde Container Store/Wal-Mart/Dollar Tree, stuffed all my junk into fancy ass bins, and am calling it a home makeover. Admittedly, the staff’s attitude feels like the polar opposite of Marie Kondo with their perfectionist, high strung, deadline-obsessed vibes. And sure, the “product” (every feasible size of acrylic bin) is likely more expensive than many of the items you’re putting into it. However, I can definitely see the value of organizing and displaying, like a store front, the items in your kitchen cabinets and closets, as well as the concept of “Backstock.” Overall the tweaks to our kitchen and closets have made stuff more easily accessible for a busy mom on the go (and by on the go, I mean staying at home, all the time, forever.) Aside from using the show for my own home organizing tips, I’ve been really enjoying voyeuristic sneak peeks into celebrities’ homes such as Neil Patrick Harris and Reese Witherspoon.

Thanks for reading! I am now accepting recommendations for what’s dropping this October! (maybe I need to explore something besides Netflix?) Drop any suggestions or your own hot takes below and let me know what else I need to chew on to satiate my pop culture needs.

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