How I tricked my toddler into eating his veggies

One of the challenges I’ve faced in my new life as a toddler mom has been learning how to trick my little one into eating his vegetables. I’ve seen plenty of “totally not witches” on Instagram who have somehow convinced their children to eat crunchy carrots and raw red peppers by the plateful, and totally not by “casting a magical spell” on them, either. To these witches, I say – how? Alexander (who just turned 2) isn’t into anything crunchy that isn’t a cracker. He literally only eats crackers. Crackers, crackers, crackers. So if your kid is like mine and only eats 1 thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (crackers), some of my vegetable-inspired momhacks are below:

Sweet potato fries: I definitely never thought I’d ever be bragging about tricking a toddler into eating French fries one day, but here we are. These are healthier than white potato fries (or so I’ve been told… perhaps this is sweet potato propaganda) and are delicious for both baby and mama.

Off the Eaten Path veggie crisps: “Look my child, it’s just a regular cracker!” But it’s not. It has peas and beans and stuff in it. You’ve been duped. I am proud of myself for duping a 2-year old. This brand also has puffs, if you’re looking for more ways to swindle your child.

Green Giant veggie tots: It’s like a tater tot, but they stuffed broccoli and cheese in there. Honestly these are so good, sometimes I forget to share them with Alexander. They come in broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potato varieties for endless fooling and endless flavors.

Pierogies with green beans secretly squeezed in between the dough flaps: I definitely just wanted to say dough flaps. Chop up some green beans, dissect the pierogies, and reassemble them like the freak Frankenstein experiment they are. Bonus points for any mad scientist laughter you get to work in there while creating these.

The ole spinach in the pasta sauce trick: The carb king definitely loves his pasta, so I can get frozen chopped spinach and sneak a little bit of that into his rotini, no problem. If it’s chopped up small enough and covered in Parmesan cheese, he is none the wiser. My little dummy.

All jokes aside: whatever, however, and whichever way you get your kid to eat is absolutely the best way. No mom or dad judgment, because I know that you and I are doing the best we can. Well, that’s enough out of me. Parents: Can you trick your toddler into eating healthy or do they just love vegetables because you cast a spell on them? What foods do they like or hate? Post a comment with your own hacks or fails as it pertains to food.

(Vegetable photo source: American Heart Association)

2 thoughts on “How I tricked my toddler into eating his veggies”

  1. We didn’t make crackers available during meals. They are a “snack food”.

    “Mommy and daddy eat veggies, you can eat veggies too! This is what we’re having for dinner/lunch/snack. Mommy and daddy eat veggies. Yum veggies. Try some. Did you like it?! I like it too. Have some more.”

    That was basically it. Strong positive reinforcement around eating veggies and a lack of snack food supply.

    Now she eats cherry tomatoes like popcorn and asks to “help” with cooking dinner by eating bits of pepper/veggies off the cutting board (while keeping hands away while I’m chopping, of course.”

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