5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions for 2020

Thanks to my friend Sparklegirl Jen’s blog post, I have learned that #5FandomFriday is back! Sartorial Geek has officially relaunched the #5FandomFriday blog prompts, originally started by Megan and Kristin. I used to participate in these, once upon a time… welp, it’s been too long, fam. It feels nice to have a reason to join in, and I’ve truly missed writing nonsense on my blog. Here’s to hoping there’s more of that in my future. Read on to see what’s weighing on my fandom heart. Here are my 2020 fandom-inspired resolutions to myself.

1. Slow down and make time to read more

I’m proud mum to an 18-month old toddler tornado named Alexander. The frantic pace of motherhood feels like it never leaves much time for me, so I’m committing to read more comics, books, audio books, and graphic novels in 2020. They’re expensive so I’ll be scouring my local library for options. I’ll probably start with I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young, and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack since I own them, and they are still unread. I could really use some recommendations in the comments! I love horror, mystery, thrillers, fantasy, and nonsense.

2. Reconnect with the online geek community

The contents of this blog (my last post was in November of 2018!) and my own social media activity (I feel like I barely post anymore) has drastically dwindled over the past few years. I’ve missed out on a lot of great conversations with fellow geeks on the interwebs and I’d like to change that. I’m going to work to be more engaged at listening to, and sharing more of myself with online geek communities I once was super active in, like the IGGPPC. I really miss the talented women and friends I made in that group and I need to do some serious reconnecting! Please leave a comment to let me know which squad you run with and I’ll check it out. As an aside, I can usually be found on Twitter.

3. Finally watch through the entire MCU

There are a ton of MCU movies I haven’t seen. Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, End Game… so I’m committing to properly binge these. That’s it. Binge watch Marvel movies. Let me know in the comments which are your favorites!

4. Get “Geek Girl Strong”

I’d love to actually feel like have the physical and emotional bandwidth to be my best geeky self! Working in the con space is exhausting. As the newest member of the LeftField Media team, I’m back to the grind when it comes to traveling to cons and working late nights and weekends to bring them to life. My assigned shows are Awesome Con in Washington DC and Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon. That coupled with being a mom, wife, and having other physically demanding interests like LARP, have clued me in that I need to get healthier.

I have made a commitment to focus on my health this year. I’m breaking up with booze for good (he never did me ANY favors), and working to put healthier things into my body instead. I’m getting more active with my husband and son. My husband is a parkour coach and a gym rat so I am hopeful the opportunities for movement will be frequent. Plus I’ll get inspiration online from Geek Girl Strong. Robyn is a woman who constantly inspires me to get MOVING! I am grateful to love myself enough to invest in my body in 2020. It needs to last me a while!

5. Self-love through Casual Cosplay

I will be getting more mindful in the form of intentional nerd fashion… regular everyday cosplay and Disneybounding. I’ve been struggling to feel confident or motivated enough to not only put together creative and geeky outfits, much less photograph myself in them. Self-love (Or should I say selfie-love?) and cute fandom-inspired outfits are in my 2020 future, geek squad. I am always amazed by my good friend Joanna and her incredibly spot on everyday cosplays, and I know I can always turn to her for inspiration. Plus I have never done a Sartorial Geek Fashion Fix (#SGFashionFix) so this is my year for getting back into it!

Thanks for reading. I know it’s Saturday, not Friday. Deal with it! Feel free to partake in the #5FandomFriday challenge yourself or post a comment with your thoughts, resolutions, or positive vibes. All my love to you, and to myself for committing to love myself enough to do these things. <3

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  1. I love these!!! Great ideas! I’m going to read more! Love Marvel, great binge choice! I love GotG & Thor 3! Endgame was a nice wrap up! Looking forward to seeing you online more!!

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