Top 10 @ Keystone Comic Con 2018

Welcome to my Top 10 @ Comic Con series, that is, where I rant about my top 10 experiences or cool things from the show I was just at.

  1. How freakishly tall Joe Manganiello is IRL: While working backstage during the True Blood Reunion panel, I was luckily able to watch the cast answer fan questions from behind the curtain which was super exciting! And when Joe and the crew walked offstage, it was only then I realized how GD tall he is. 6’5 in fact! Oh, and I also learned he’s married to Sofia Vergara – COOL! Love her on Modern Family. Tangent, sorry. Anyway, he was wearing his brand, Death Saves, a clothing brand and tribute to D&D, proving he’s ultimately a supernerd in his own right with good fashion sense.
  2. Death Knight Coach Jacket. Source: Death Saves

  3. Flossing original cosplay boy: This child, omg this child. I friggin love flossing for whatever old lady reason. He told me he was cosplaying as an original character. Same boy, same.
  4. ASSEMBLE! The Official Keystone Comic Con Beer ft. amazing retro artwork by Dave Perillo: I love me a good themed beer, and in true ReedPOP fashion, Keystone Comic Con was able to lock in and brand an Official Show Beer before their launch. This particular brew had beautiful custom cans with artwork by Dave Perillo! His retro style and use of color makes me all kinds of happy.
  5. The Official Assemble! poster ft. artwork by Dave Perillo and an Instagram post ft. the can in action by Evil Genius Beer

  6. Chatting with a very neighborly sweetheart, David Newell, aka Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: David was intensely sweet and wanted to chat my ear off. He ended up signing a photo for me and was SUCH a friggin delight to chat with. He reco’d me to check out Laurel and Hardy, whoever the F that is. Memo penguin to watch the new flick Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and his documentary, Speedy Delivery. I wish he was on Twitter or something so I could @ him about how much I loved chatting with him!
  7. Another adorable encounter with Richard Horvitz: I first met the legend that is Richard Horvitz during C2E2 2017. Fast forward a year, and during Keystone, I was able to ask the incredible Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) a few questions… spoiler alert, he’s always such a freaking delight. Did you know? Invader Zim was my high school obsession. Well, to be clear, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac was first, then came Zim.
  8. Johnny the Homocidal Maniac. It me. Source: Comic Vine.

  9. Nerd music and also video games at the same time, by Bit Brigade: Fun fact! You can totally speedrun Mega Man and simultaneously play awesome music. Bit Brigade took the stage during Keystone and paired their feverish rock with some dude in a bean bag speedrunning Mega Man – quite the experience. Would deffo love to see this again with my husband… I feel like he’d fully appreciate it. This video is them live at MAGFest. Side note: I sadly missed MC Chris on the same stage, but there will be other times for my backpack to have jets.
  10. Being in the glorious presence of Ray Park: I feel like Ray Park was my very first celeb crush? But as Toad from X-men. IS THAT WEIRD? Whatever, frogs are cool. He’s a Scottish martial artist, which means his voice is gorgeous, and he is super devout to his fitness craft. Being that jacked takes TIME. Obviously he was Darth Maul, which makes the Star Wars nerd in me tweak out. He seems mega down-to-Earth and I was so happy to be able to ask him a few questions for the Keystone Instagram Stories.
  11. He protec, he attac. His tongue grab a lot of snac.

  12. Another incredible installment of Twisted Toonz: I’m a nerd for many things, but I’m a supernerd for voice actors. The cast of Twisted Toonz took the Main Stage on Saturday and ran with Rocky in true Philly fashion. Between Phil LaMarr’s Barack Obama and Troy Baker’s Severus Snape it was an improv and VOA geek’s dream. Twisted Toonz is a CAN’T MISS panel at any show and I mean that wholeheartedly. Check out this full panel from C2E2 2017 of Twisted Toonz doing one of my all-time favorite movies, Back to the Future or maybe just make sure to go see every Twisted Toonz panel ever, kk?
  13. An amazing Jack-Jack: My ovaries, DAMMIT, my ovaries! This was my very first onsite experience and full-blown Comic Con after my very first maternity leave. And let me tell you, leaving my husband and our fresh out the womb 3-month old son was SO. DARN. HARD. I saw so many children… TOO MANY CHILDREN… during Keystone that constantly reminded me of my own little boob goblin. This one cosplaying as Jack-Jack with his mum stole my heart. Jack-Jack is a legend and cosplaying as a family is probably one of the many reasons I was so excited to have kids. The family who cosplays together, amirite?
  14. The cast of The Office packing the Main Stage: I’ve deffo seen my fair share of The Office episodes. I mean, I did move to where I live now from Scranton, Pennsylvania. And if I didn’t hear enough Office references while I lived there, I was met with many an excited fan during the inaugural Keystone Comic Con. Who knew a mainstream syndicated sitcom would have such a cult geek following? The Office Reunion panel PACKED the Main Stage seats and the cast members were incredible, down-to-Earth, hysterical and genuinely seemed to have a good time. Memo penugin to rewatch the entire The Office series and find out what this cult is all about.

Thanks for reading <3 Tweet me your favorite memory of Keystone Comic Con 2018 or just for funzies, and we’ll see you in 2019!

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