Internet Pixie: A How-To Guide

As you may or may not know… I identify as an Internet Pixie. My friend Mia of Superheroesque posed the challenging question, as to what I thought an Internet pixie was. So… I tried to explain the laws of the Internet Pixies as best as I could, without giving too much about our secret society away!

“When the first Internet Pixie LOLed for the first time, its laugh broke into 9+10 pieces, and they all went trolololing about… and that was the beginning of Internet Pixies.”

The 4 Laws of the Internet Pixies

To Make Friends Across the Interwebs

An Internet Pixie loves her fellow Pixies, and everyone else for that matter! She is always flitting around on the various social channels to drop a little bit of pixie dust on peoples’ heads.

To Spread Positivity

An Internet Pixie spreads positive vibes far and near. They send out positive thoughts and encouraging messages, sometimes for no reason at all! And sometimes weird emoticons. ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ

To Goof Off Rampantly

Pixies love to laugh – at themselves, and at others, in a jovial sort of friendly manner. An internet pixie loves pranks, tomfoolery, silliness, and jokes. They love to break the tension with a silly giggle snort. Sometimes they sneeze glitter into your face.

To Sprinkle Weirdness and Whimsybobbins

An Internet Pixie may have been on your Facebook wall if the last 50 posts you made have been liked. Or if you notice all of their Twitter posts are upside down. Or if mysteriously all of your wedding photos have been photoshopped with fish heads in place of people. Hey, it happens!

Spread your wings

Do you know someone who’s earned their wings? Tell me who you think deserves to be recognized as an Internet Pixie, or if you are one!

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