Knoebels: free fun in the freaking woods!

Have you heard? Mark and I will be staying in Northeast Pennsylvania for a few years longer, and our plans to move to the Big Apple have been postponed. Mark got an awesome job (Thank God!) and is now getting experience in his field, and doing what he loves. In light of this, I’m trying to stay positive by doing more local stuff, like hanging out in Knoebels. If you didn’t know, Knoebels is America’s largest admission free theme park.


Knoebels is fantastic for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s not a barren wasteland of twisted metal and trash cans – it’s a theme park set in the woods, with winding creeks, tall trees, and lots of flowers throughout. Even dogs are allowed! But by far the most unique and awesome part about Knoebels is that it’s a free amusement park, where you pay per ride. You can use as many of your tickets as you want in a day, and if you have leftovers, you can bring them back another time!

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And now let’s talk about food! Stony Gables is the adorable little stone cottage you see below, and in it they make fudge and other chocolate sweets. It’s a regular Hobbit House of candy! Don’t forget cotton candy, fresh roasted nuts, kettle corn, ice cream, funnel cake, and fried goodies all around the park.


We had lunch at The Alamo where I stuffed my face with Stuffed Flounder (Sorry Ariel!) Then, after eating, we were too full to ride anything so we went to play games in the arcade. The most fun part about the arcade is getting a bunch of tickets and giving them to a random excited little kid! They love it!

Mark took this great photo me with the pickle outside of the Alamo. The pickle.

I’m sort of a grandma, so the rides that are more my speed are the Carousel and the Haunted House. Mark is all about the roller coasters! I’ll take a spin on the Carousel any day #GrandmaSwag – but I did thoroughly enjoy the new Flying Turns ride, an off-the-track bobsled style ride!


And of course one of the coolest parts about Knoebels is all the classic rides, and history associated with it. There’s a classic carousel with brass rings, old school wooden coasters, and a skyway. There’s a Carousel Museum, Mining Museum, and lots of other interesting history tidbits you can find out here. If you’re in the area, check it out and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Knoebels: free fun in the freaking woods!”

  1. I love this so much! Jen and I once someplace in Bryce Canyon, and all around was nature, little old stores, freshly made ice cream, horses and bulls and deer, and so much more. I don’t know why this post reminded me of that, but I think living in or around a place like these is just dreamy.

  2. Jason Alan McLain

    Knoebels is the best place on Earth. Anyone within a day’s diving distance (or more because you can camp out there!) should go to Knoebles and experience how wonderful it is.

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