5 Nerdiest Things I’ve Ever Done

I’ve done lots of normal nerdy things: been obsessed with video games, cried at the end of a good fantasy novel, cosplayed at nerd conventions – the list goes on. But these are the dirty secrets of the nerd, the things that some nerds might even say is nerdy. Let’s get down and nerdy.

1. Dressed up as Moaning Myrtle to go to the book release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Nerds everywhere can relate to a love of dressing up. Cosplaying at conventions or even on Halloween (I guess maybe that’s just called “wearing a costume”). I took it a step further, and dressed up during the release of the 7th Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows… at Barnes and Noble. My sister dressed up as Hermione Granger and I dressed up as Moaning Myrtle, complete with crying and moping role-playing, and we went to wait in line for the book. With other people. Who were wearing regular clothes. We got a lot of funny looks.

2. Ran around in the woods dressed up as an elf, hitting skeletons with foam swords.

Larping is definitely in a class all its own when it comes to nerdy things. I began Larping in 2003. Larping stands for live-action role playing, and as it was explained to me at that time, it’s when “You dress up as a character, like an elf or something, and it’s mostly renaissance costuming, and you go around fighting zombies in the woods with foam swords.” I imagine when most people hear that, they would be both confused and terrified. To me, however, it seemed like the coolest and most fun idea I’d ever heard of. You could create and craft your own character, personality, back story, and costume, and actually enter a fantasy world for the weekend where everyone else plays along. I ended up creating a True Elf Cleric who wore a blue velvet dress and had big pointy ears. I could probably ramble on about Larp for another 3 paragraphs, so I’ll just stop here.

3. Confused a water fountain for a pensieve in the Harry Potter theme park.

When Mark and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and waited in line to get on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, it was a long wait. About an hour at least. And the WWOHP is in Orlando Florida, where, if you don’t know, it can feel the like the sun is burning you alive. So they have water fountains in the line while people are waiting – you know, so people don’t die. I saw a giant silver dish from afar and screamed “Is that a pensieve?” No, no, Stewie, you idiot. It’s a water fountain. Nerd.

4. Played tabletop role-playing games that weren’t Dungeons and Dragons.

Most people think of tabletop RPG games as being, well, Dungeons and Dragons. And certainly that’s the most popular one. I played a lot of D&D, don’t get me wrong. But I also explored the nerdy world of many other role-playing games. 7th Sea, Star Wars: The Role Playing Game, Call of Cthulu, Firefly/Serenity Role Playing Game… I’ve played a pretty big variety of role-playing games, gorram it.

5. Role-played in an online Furry community called Furcadia.

This may be the most embarassing and nerdy thing I can confess to, but hey, I was 13… that’s my excuse. I covered my adventures in Furcadia in this post, but really, it has to remain on my list as being super nerdy. In the game, you create your own anthropomorphic animal character and you walk around a pixel world, role-playing with other animal people. Yup. I did that.

*BONUS* 6. Gotten fandom related tattoos.


I saw this on @youthinkmemad‘s Fandom 5 post and realized I’m guitly of it too, so I’m going to use it as a bonus. I recently got a Luna from Sailor Moon as a maneki neko to add to the collection of kawaii tattoos. Oh, and my next nerdy tattoo will probbaly be Jiggly Puff from Pokemon. Jiggly puffffffff…. Thanks for reminding me of my nerdy ink, B!

Let me know how nerdy you are by leaving your nerdy confessions in a comment!