5 Fandom Friday DLC (Stewie Pack)

I found that I was in possession of a bunch of good ideas for 5 Fandom Friday posts, so I figured I’d post my list here (in no particular order) as the 5 Fandom Friday DLC (Downloadable content) Stewie Pack, for those who love doing 5 Fandom Fridays, but might not always want to do the scheduled one! Post your 5 Fandom Friday DLC in a comment or as your own blog post!

1. Top 5 Geek Loves from 5 Years Ago
2. Favorite Twitch Streamers
3. Favorite YouTubers
4. Favorite Twitter Accounts
5. Dream Fictional Pen Pals
6. Favorite Geek Slang or Catchphrases
7. Members in my Dream Fictional Family (Mom, dad, sister, brother, pet, or members of your choosing)
8. Favorite Geeky Cocktails or Beers
9. Characters I would like to strangle
10. Fandoms I’d love to LARP (Universes from fandoms you would want to play a live-action role-playing game in)
11. Favorite Ponyville Citizens (MLP Fandom)
12. Favorite Harry Potter Characters (Harry Potter Fandom)
13. Favorite Disney anything (Disney Fandom)
14. Favorite Time Periods in History
15. Characters I would love to have brunch with

If you need more information about how these blog posts works, check out The Nerdy Girlie’s original blog post about it here. Make sure to use #Fandom5 and #5FandomFriday on your posts so the geek blogger community can see them!

Thanks again to Megan and Kristin for such a fabulous and fun post idea which has helped me tremendouly in generating fresh content for my blog. Seriously, somedays I feel like that’s all I post! And that’s fine by me. Happy Friday one and all!

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