Who’s That Geek? It’s Steve Gadlin!

I met my kindred cat loving spirit, Steve, the way I meet most awesome people – through Twitter. Steve has brilliantly made his dreams a reality, and makes a living drawing cats. You heard me right. Drawing cats.

First of all, I cannot begin to give Steve enough props for building a career out of something so seemingly simple but genuine. That takes drive, charisma, and of course, a generally awesome attitude that makes people trust you enough to give you their hard earned money.

Steve has a charm and a charisma that can only come from not giving a frack what people think about you – and those are my absolute favorite kind of people. You can only be your true self if you are not afraid for people to think you’re a fool, and Steve – you’re my role model in that aspect. I love his attitude of not being afraid what people will think of you and try to live by that daily.

This is the beautiful drawing Steve gifted to me!

I love following Steve on Twitter because he posts fun and joyous pictures of cats he draws for people daily! I know you want to rush and ask him to draw a cat for you right now… But for now, be satisfied in his answers to these 5 simple questions.

Love the hat, Steve <3

1. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a game show host. I liked the sport coats, the smiles, and the oh-so-smooth intonation!

2. You’re a food! What are you and why?
I’m a pickle. I eat a lot of pickles, and talk about pickles all the time. So if some magic creature was to turn me into a food, I’m sure they’d go with pickle.

3. What was your favorite cartoon, comic, or funnies strip growing up?
While I loved comic strips, I had a stronger affinity for anti-comics. I loved the parody comic strips they’d publish in Cracked and Mad magazine, all of which led me to start my own strip in high school called Silly Cat Comix. My favorite comic book was Groo the Wanderer.

4. Who do you cast to play you (real or fictitious) in a movie about your life?
Oh boy, that’s tough!! I suppose I cast Paul Reubens. But a young, pre-Pee-Wee Paul Reubens.

Someday Steve, someday.

5. What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t feel good enough to follow their dreams?
Hey dummy! Follow your dreams! You live, then you die. So do stuff, eh? We’re all making up the rules as we go along. Sometimes following a dream is as easy as acknowledging it, and casting it out into the universe (or social media).

Thanks to Steve for stepping out of the litter box and onto my blog for a moment, and be sure to check him out at IWantToDrawACatForYou.com, and check out his new TV project – Steve Gadlin Starmakers! It started as a KickStarter and has been funded, so congrats Steve!


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