A look back at 2014: a visual review

2014 has been one of the busiest and most exciting years of my life. Between married life, huge exciting things happening for the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, running a busy Etsy store, and helping out the ladies of Geek Girl Brunch, I feel like I’ve hardly had time to relax! But that’s okay, I’m kind of a workaholic :3

I was so happy to work with the Geek Girl Brunch crew this year! I helped with their branding, ideas for beginning to recruit officers and launch chapters, and with Fan Girls Night Out, a highly successful New York Comic Con after party. I met so many amazing geek celebrities who were special guests at our party and also met all the amazing iggles and brunchettes! But it was an exhausting night. I’m pretty much still beat from that party! But in a fabulous way.

I had the pleasure of representing the IGGPPC in Hollywood this year as we were nominated for a very prestigious award. I rubbed elbows on the red carpet with some extremely talented and creative geeks who sew costumes, build robots, carve pumpkins and do all kinds of amazing things. There were some very big names there, including LeVar Burton and Gale Anne Hurd of ‘The Walking Dead.’ And best of all, I got to spread the good news about the club to hundreds of geeks! The staff members and I at the IGGPPC are busy plotting a revamp of our system and a streamlined structure for our epic work force. In general we are going to improve things at the wonderful club for 2015. We have a few very exciting things in mind, so stay tuned for the great surprises when we launch version 4.0 of the club!

I’ve put a few new items in my Etsy store and hit 400 sales just yesterday! Hard to believe I’ve sold that many items and I’m so proud that I’ve been running the store for this long! I’m excited to add more products to my offerings. I just love coming up with fun fandom inspired designs!

The best thing that’s happened to me this year, by far, is marrying my best friend and all the wedding madness. Yes it was stressful, pricey, and a butt load of work, but it showed me just how thoughtful and incredible my family is as they all pitched in to help out with the event. It was like a dream come true, watching the concept of the wedding come to life. I had the most fun designing the kids coloring books, making renaissance banners, and creating the potions table. It was so fun to spend the day with my best friends, (and in costume!) dancing it up in a royally decorated room. Total fairy tale. And to say my vows and be spiritually handfasted to my true heart’s desire, Mark, felt like all was right with the universe. I finally found a piece of the stardust I belonged with. It was a beautiful moment in time.

Yes, 2014 changed my life so greatly. How blessed am I that I was able to share it all with my friends and family who seem to do so much for me …without me ever having to ask. I love you guys.

I’d love to hear about your favorite moments from 2014! Post them in a comment!

4 thoughts on “A look back at 2014: a visual review”

  1. Congratulation on 2014 being such an awesome year!
    My favorite part of this year was bein apart of the gel girl blogger group and meeting some of those ladies at SDCC. And,–though I hated the moving process–moving across country to new adventures with my husband. It’s been a whirl wind year!

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