Halloween, NYCC, eBay Design, and D&D

My sister, Natalie, and I went as Daria and Jane for Halloween this year, and we won the “Best Group Cosplay” award in our office! Please do not mind my horribly photoshopped hair. I think Natalie looks freaking awesome! I’ve loved Daria since I was an angsty 13 year old. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m still an angsty 13 year old.

We went back to NYCC for our third year, with our friends @patcartelli and @tonydac! We cosplayed as an amazing troupe of Bob’s Burgers characters. I was Tina, Pat was Jimmy Jr, Tony was Beefsquatch, and Mark was Bob. So many amazing pictures! We saw some incredible comic book artists, cosplayers, and toys. Unfortunately, the panels were nearly impossible to get into and it ended up feeling more like an overcrowded advertisement than a convention. But hey, we had fun! NYC is looking more and more exciting to us each day!


I also helped to plan one of the BEST NYCC after parties in history with my cohorts from Geek Girl Brunch. Read all about it here!

It isn’t often that I have the chance professionally to do things outside of my day to day job as a graphic designer at eBay. But last month, they held a Design Conference for eBay employees in Red Hook, Brooklyn that was both inspiring and humbling. Never have I felt more inadequate as an artist and compelled to push myself to new limits, professionally. The conference was held at a most epic venue, Pioneer Works, which I must highly recommend as a place to go if you’re feeling creatively blocked. Not to mention, hearing some of the higher ups in the design world at eBay speak, was so inspiring. Paola Antonelli, Dustin Yellin, and John Couch to name a few.

Mark and I have been playing D & D (first edition) together recently, headed up by one of his professors at Wilkes. I’m of course a gnome – an illusionist, poof! And he’s a halfing rogue. Typical. The fun of playing a gnome – THE JOY! Such jovial jovialities. Yup.

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