Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

I am so glad I am finally able to partake in the glory that is 5 Fandom Friday. It’s a project started by 2 of my favorite geek girl bloggers, Megan, aka The Nerdy Girlie, and Kristen, aka Super Space Chick. An experiment, whose intent is to expose those deep-seeded fandom-obsessed layers of us geeky bloggers, as well as a tool to help us all overcome that creative block which can sometimes get the better of us. This Friday’s topic of choice involved Black Friday SHOPPING!

A little baby Public Service Announcement for anyone reading

I’ve got to get up on my little soapbox and make a PSA before I begin this post. First and foremost, as I write this post, my husband is at work, on Thanksgiving. Black Friday, and the monster it has become, is a bit of a moral dilemma for me. I work at eBay and Black Friday is one of our biggest days of the year, but companies putting earnings ahead of employees has never felt right to me, and shouldn’t feel right to anyone. I think certain days, no matter what their messy origins are, can and should be reserved for time with family and relaxing. Thanksgiving at one point was one of those days, but has now become “Pre-Black Friday.” I am definitely a proponent of companies who close their doors on Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday we choose to decide is a day we can not work and spend time with loved ones). Shop online all you want, but please let people spend the time with their families, and put people before profits.

The second part of my PSA involves consumerism and blogging… and YES, I am guilty. When bloggers talk about shopping, spending, and what they want want WANT, it can make them seem greedy, and it can make readers feel like they need more as well. Well, readers, I’m here to tell you that we all need to be smart with our money, and only spend what we can afford. We should budget for our families and our futures as well. If we’re fortunate enough to come into a small fortune, we need to be smart enough to put some away, or give some away; to family in need, to a friend who has fallen on hard times, or to your local Girl Scouts/Church/charity whatever. Just because we can have, doesn’t mean we need to. With a blog, we can safely fantasize/fan girl about these expensive items, but we don’t always need to buy them. I’d stress to those reading – frugality, responsibility, and charity, when possible. Alright – let’s get to it.

1. Goodies from Crystal Cactus

Rose Quartz Claw

I couldn’t possibly narrow down my choice for what I would want from Crystal Cactus for Black Friday. Too many beautiful crystals!

Aurora Dress in Blue Castle Print

2. Gobs of glorious dresses from Pin Up Girl Clothing

I was first introduced to Pin Up Girl Clothing by my darling friend Yissel via her Instagram. Not only is mid-century fashion freaking stunning and classic, but this store has adorned their beautifully made dresses with loads of lovely patterns, from fairy tales to the one I’ve chosen for my company holiday party… Tipsy Elephants. I love everything about this store!

Bobcat Skull

3. Animal Skull or Ethical Taxidermy from The Strange and Unusual

A rare gem in my hometown, The Strange and Unusual, is a local store run by a local tattoo artist and a rock star. The store sells unusual taxidermy, skulls, and shrunken heads.

My Sailor Moon Chest Tattoo

4. Tattoos! More specifically, my Sailor Moon chest tattoo!

I’ve commissioned a really talented artist to do tattoo work for me, and that artist is Danni Jo. She has designed this fantastic Sailor Moon inspired chest piece for me, and it’s going to cost me a pretty penny. So… tattoos. Yes, please.


5. Discord & Fluttershy Resin Statue My Little Pony

After becoming a Pegasister, or a Brony, or whatever the heck you want to call me, I’ve been obsessing over this tiny horse legend, known as My Little Pony. My favorite pony happens to be Fluttershy, the sweet tempered, animal loving pegasus. I stumbled upon this resin statue, which perfectly captures her sweet side!

Be sure to check out this post to see what the deal is with “5 fandom Friday” and post your very own edition! Comment to let me know what you’d give your left nut for this Black Friday!

8 thoughts on “Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For”

  1. I’ve always wanted to get the deals on Black Friday, but not enough to wade through crowds of insanity. While deals are great I would rather shop online or save up that extra hundred bucks and get it. I’ve come to the conclusion that Black Friday is our version of the Hunger Games. Many volunteer as tribute to get a chance to grab the glory.

    I was a little sad to read your second PSA, but I totally understand why you wrote it. There are many things I WANT, but would never buy for myself because I couldn’t justify the price tag. There are other things more worthwhile that I could spend my money on, but if it arrived in my mailbox I wouldn’t be unhappy.

    There are many things I would give my imaginary left-nut for … a never ending supply of iced coffee/lattes, a kick ass gaming laptop, a larger TV, and this Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess statue… that statue…. It’s so pretty…

    1. I’m sad too because I spend money on myself way more than I should. I’m not saying that’s what I do but I’m saying it’s what we should all at least consider. I’m definitely as guilty as anyone ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. It’s appalling that so many companies are putting profit before the needs of their employees — I’m so sorry your husband has been effected by the beast that is Black Friday (or affected? I always get confused. #englishmajorfail). And I totally agree with the other part of your PSA where you talk about saving money rather than spending it on random things for yourself. I’m SOOO horribly guilty of that. It’s a work in progress. O__O

    Anyhow, I love your list! That Tipsy Elephants dress from PUG is something I’ve been eyeballing for MONTHS (it reminds me of that creepy scene from Dumbo)! I’m sure you will look utterly fabulous when you wear it to your company holiday party ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. It’s a moral dilemma to me as well. The hard part is, when you get things at cost, versus paying full price too. I do hate that people are at work on the holiday, I don’t get the whole: Black FRIDAY…on Thursday. We went late in the day that way the crazy was lower and if they said they were out of something, we didn’t badger them. That was the s**t I hated working in retail.

    This is a great list though, and black friday deals on tattoos needs to be a thing if not already!

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