Nemo-itis: Deep in the big blue world…

I am back from a long and tiring, but exciting journey. I became Mrs. Mark Hunsinger on June 7, and we took an 8-day cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon right after, so I have been completely disconnected, disjointed, and discombobulated for the last month! The ride has been fabulous, Mark and I had a beautiful day together, and spent some awesome romantic time together on our honeymoon. And now that it’s over, I am happy to be back online and happy to be able to organize all these thoughts onto my blog, piece by piece.

I’ll be doing this out of order, because that’s how I roll. I’m going to start off by taking you guys deep deep into the bright blue sea. When we took our honeymoon to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Grand Turk, I didn’t quite realize how spiritual the experience would be for me. But seeing the color of the water, feeling the waves rocking us to sleep every night, standing out on that cruise ship deck and being hit with the intense windy gusts of salty sea air, and snorkeling with tropical fish and sea turtles, was like – the best. It has given me the absolutely worst case of Nemo-itis, or obsession with the sea. I did in fact make that disease up, but I do now have it. Here’s some pictures of the glorious ocean we experienced.

How clear is this water? \ Tidepools full of little fish, mollusks, and all number of little bits of life. \ The seashell graveyard \ Rocky shores of Puerto Rico \ The bluest blue I ever blued.

We went snorkeling for the first time in our lives, which was trippy. I did some serious turtle bonding with a turtle, more specifically, his butt. I highly recommend if you are reading this, that you go snorkeling! It’s a total religious experience.

Fishies. \ My new friend, the turtle. \ And his butt.

In honor of my Nemo-itis, I’ve whipped up a quick edition of Want It to help you all attain the same level of Nemo-itis that I have. It’s bad guys, real bad.


1. Mercorn Duchess Wallet: Mermaid Unicorns I can’t fucking even. • 2. Smiling Squid Necklace: Not sure I would call this a smile, but okay. • 3. D’lilac Lipstick by Lime Crime: This is a pretty agressive color, but a mermaid’s gotta do what a mermaid’s gotta do. • 4. Kitten Sunglasses by Wildfox: Expensive, but then again everything Wildfox Couture is. These have such a great shape and come in another great shade, pink! • 5. Sea Life Woven Dress: Such a cute, classic, nautical look. Mmm… fishy. • 6. Lollipop Lorelei Flat by Iron Fist Clothing: These shoes! They have awesome mermaids and goldfish on them, with gold seashells on the toes. They are the most perfect shoes for mermaids with legs everywhere! • 7. Heart Breaker Palette by Sugarpull: These colors! So bright yet oceanic. Not to mention Sugarpill Cosmetics are vegan, and founded by the color queen herself, Shrinkle! • 8. Mermaid Lasercut Necklace: Kawaii, check! Great color, check! Mermaid-tastic, check! • 9. Object Of My Reflection Jewelry Mirror: All this fabulouso sea-themed swag won’t do you any good unless you can keep it in a super cute, coral container! I can picture this on Ariel’s vanity! • 10. Absinthe Teardrop Ring: I had to pick this ring to add to this collection, because it’s so close to the great color blue I experienced when swimming in the Caribbean. Such blue, wow. • 11. Baby Turtles Tank by Wildfox: My turtle bonding experience has given me a case of “Want all turtles all the time on all the things,” so here you have it.

Have you ever been snorkeling? Or had a close and personal encounter of the fishy variety? Tell me all about it in a comment!

12 thoughts on “Nemo-itis: Deep in the big blue world…”

  1. I went diving for the first time in April and it was at first terrifying and then all I could do was try not to use all my air in one excited gulp because I kept going SQUEEEE into breather. (On the video they took, you could see me bob up whenever anything exciting happened like LOOK AT THE FISH or I TOUCHED A GIANT CLAM.) And I’m so with you…the quiet and surrealism under the water is almost indescribable.

      1. That was SO the weirdest part, breathing underwater and looking up and seeing not-sky above! Hehe. I want to go again SOON though. I wonder if there’s a Mermaid Sisterhood or something..

  2. I’ve always wanted to go snorkeling, but I am sort-of terrified of the ocean and its inhabitants. It looks like you had an amazing time and I love the wishlist items. Can’t wait for more posts about your trip!

  3. I am doing my first ever “tropical” vacation next year with the inlaws and I cannot wait to try snorkeling. I’m pretty sure I should have been born a mermaid.

  4. Love your honeymoon photos! I just got married too – the day after you!! And the new hubs and I even took a tropical honeymoon to Key West & the Dry Tortugas…guess we have similar taste! I’ve been diving my whole life, but it was really fun introducing the salt life to the mister. I’m always so excited to see someone develop a new passion for the life aquatic.

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