Geeky pixel and video game inspired resume!

Annoyance #47 about being engaged to a graphic designer: They always want to try to “fix up” your resume. My hubby-to-be is applying for programmer jobs, and I was concerned the design of his resume might have been a little lackluster. Of course, I may have also read this Mashable article about a girl who applied to an agency with a unique Lego resume. How original and creative! So then I put on the Frozen soundtrack, had a glass of wine, and I just “let it go” on his resume. Hehe.


Featured image from Basil Bangs

Have you ever seen any creative and unique resumes that you loved? Post a comment!

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  • gamerwife

    I love this and wish desperately I had the skills to make something like it.

  • This is amazing. I need to spruce up my resume and make it half as good as this one!

  • This is the best resume I’ve ever seen in my life….ever!
    I also wish I had the skills to make such an awesome pixelated resume. ^_^
    Amazing work!!


  • That’s a resume! She was super creative, love the idea 🙂 I have never seen an original resume before, just the usual boring stuff 😛 we need more of these!
    Lottie |

  • Wow, that’s super creative! Is he going to use it?

  • Wow, that is so darn cool! I am jealous! My resume was so boring last time I sent it out.

  • This has a lot of his personal details on this… It does look super cool though.

  • Gotta Say I really love that you took this idea to a whole different place. I have been working on assembling a lot of these hybrid and creative resumes for our HS students in one place and have posted them here (the more creative ones are posted at the bottom) –

    One you might really like is the video game resume:

    BTW – I love FROZEN too 😉