Valentine’s for myself

Valentine’s Day is one of those fickle holidays. It has a lot of commercialism associated with it, which I hate … but it’s a holiday where I would like to think for one day, we could all just send a little love to each other. Friends, family, boyfriends, wives – I think we can all spread the love on Valentine’s Day. And no, it does not have to be a gift giving holiday… but I do like gifts! Especially when I give them to myself. Forget the overpriced flowers that die the next day, or the chocolates that pack on the pounds… I’m going… “practical.” :3

1. Forest Faerie Wings Earrings. Someone get me a q-tip, I have whimsy squirting out of my ears. I am a water sign, but faeries are my supernatural totem animal, or whatever. I have dreams of flying all the time, and even of being a faerie! Maybe in a past life… • 2. Moonstone Geometric Necklace. The moonstone is my favorite gemstone. It’s charged full of glamourous goddess energy, and my birthstone to boot! • 3. Urban Mermaid Boatneck Sweatshirt. Cosplay and music superstar Traci Hines has her own line of Disney inspired couture, Adorkable Apparel. And somedays I would love to channel my inner mermaid and rock her adorable seashell bra tops! Traci not only does amazing cosplay work, but she makes hilarious and wonderful videos with several other epic Disney cosplayers! Check out this music video she did called “Disney Chicks.” Anyway, check out Adorkable Apparel for a couple super cute pieces! • 4. Upcycled Lime Green Hippo Planter. this is a great DIY project, but it’s also only $15 in Dana Castle’s Etsy – who by the by has FABULOUS gemstone jewelry too. Such color, much wow. Plus I have a thing for succulents.• 5. Bob’s Burgers Bow. I should not have to explain this bow to anyone! Bob’s Burgers is fantastic, and if you don’t watch it, shame on you.

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