Who’s That Geek? It’s Anna Lee Mueller!

Anna, aka Glitzy Geek Girl as Black Widow from the Avengers

Anna Lee Mueller, a geek girl blogger at Glitzy Geek Girl, is a true cosplay original. Cosplay is the kind of thing that takes practice and time to perfect, but from her very first cosplay, it is so painfully obvious that Anna is destined for Con greatness. Her character choices are original and perfectly crafted to work for her unique style. She crossplays and gender bends with the best of them. And she loves Disney as much the rest of the world should, so what’s not to love?

Anna as Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Fiona from Adventure Time

Anna has worn a dozen cosplays so far, but many of them aren’t your typical ‘cute girl’ cosplays. In addition to this terrifying Shredder, she has also crossplayed a fantastic Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Other cosplays on her list of unusual character choices include Fiona from Shrek, Jessie from Toy Story 2, and Jigsaw from the Saw movies. It’s such an odd mash up of cosplays you don’t hear about too often, and these original choices truly make her as a cosplayer stand apart from the rest.

2 of my favorite cosplays of hers have to be Sailor Venus and Annie from League of Legends. Have you seen my bear Tibbers? Annie is on my ultimate bucket list of cosplays!

Don’t let me get you too far off track, because Anna is a girl of many other talents besides just wearing cute costumes. She runs an Etsy store that sells Disney cosplay jewelry and unique Harry Potter wands. She offers DIY and tutorial posts on her blog as to how she crafts cosplay magic. She dyes her hair so much that you can never be sure which color it will be next. She goes to Renaissance Faires, which gives her a very special place in my heart, as I am a Renaissance Faire super geek! In short, she’s cosplay pro from Texas who demands you follow her on Twitter and check her out on Facebook. I will be staying tuned to find out which awesome cosplay choices she puts together next. Spoiler alert… I am looking forward to MORE DISNEY! I love her Jessie and Fiona cosplays so much, and word on the street is that she has a Frozen cosplay in the works. Disney is a way of life… and I think Anna gets that.

1. What was your first cosplay, and what was your favorite cosplay? 
Before I moved to Dallas I had never heard of comic or anime conventions. So when I saw an ad for the Dallas Comic Con in 2012 I decided to check it out. I really didn’t know much about costumes, but I kinda resembled my favorite comic girl Ramona Flowers. I found her purse on Amazon and since my real hair was already blue it was pretty easy coming up with the rest of her outfit. I was blown away by all the talented cosplayers at the convention and immediately decided I wanted to make more! It’s hard for me to pick my favorite cosplay, but I feel really proud when I look at photos of my Fiona from Shrek. That’s the first costume I made entirely by myself and the body paint took me nearly 2 hours to apply. Even Yaya Han complimented it and asked ME for a photo! I couldn’t believe it!

Anna’s first and favorite cosplays

2. What would you tell a girl who wants to start cosplaying, but is nervous or scared?
As a girl that goes to a lot of conventions by herself, I find that wearing a costume actually helps me come out of my shell. Almost everyone around you is either in a geeky tshirt or costume themselves. It’s a great conversation starter to be dressed up because people will come up to you and say you’re their favorite character! Unless you plan on entering a costume contest there’s hardly any judgement on the quality of your costume. So don’t be nervous about whether or not it’s handmade, store bought, the right colors, etc. It’s about having fun and loving your character.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
The cartoon that stands out in my mind as one of my favorites was Tiny Toon Adventures. I can still sing the entire theme song, and I carried around a Babs Bunny doll with me everywhere. I even had a Tiny Toons birthday party when I was in pre-school. My other favorite cartoon was Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. I still believe monsters secretly steal my nail clippings when I’m not looking.

4. Apocalypse!  You have to choose 1 guy (real or fictitious) to repopulate the earth with. Who do you choose?
Most of my male crushes are all fictitious characters. Since Divergent is the most recent book I read I would absolutely have to choose Four (also known as Tobias). I am sure he and I would get along really well, and I tend to fall for guys with tattoos. Plus, I’d like to think our kids would have nice mix of bravery and selflessness. That’s something the world could use more of.

5. What’s your favorite food?
Pizza! I used to be a cheese only girl, but lately I’ve discovered I like pineapples on it. It’s been my favorite food for as long as I can remember. I love it so much I have a slice tattooed on my arm!

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Geeky and kawaii hoodies and sweatshirts

It’s freaking cold outside. I’m not bitter. I should buy more hoodies. Not bitter.

1. Beer & Board Games Hoodie $35.80
2. Beemo from Adventure Time Hoodie $59.99
3. Fluffy Velour Unicorn Sweater $26.00
4. Rebel Ariel Sweatshirt $29.95
5. Tokidoki Donutella Donuts Allover Women’s Shirt $70.00
6. Kawaii Hoodie with Cat Print $33.00
7. Marvel Heroes Sweatshirt $19.80
8. Bunny Tri-Marl Sweat $45.00
9. Care Bears All Over Print Jumper £39.99

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The Beer & Board Games Drinking Game

Beer and Board Games is a fabulous YouTube show where 4 guys get together, drink a lot of beer, and play board games. It’s full of epic things, like Baby Cookie, a creepy baby with a weird voice… epic Christopher Walken impressions… and Cape Date. It’s also full of crazy moments of Sloan Rage, in which Matt Sloan gets very angry… Dylan being ridiculously drunk and adorable… and Aaron being generally hilarious. So, I decided to make a Drinking Game to go along with the show.

Beer and Board Games the Drinking Game

Check out the whole cast on their YouTube show and you can play along with the Beer and Board Games Drinking Game! Be sure to follow Beer & Board Games on Twitter!

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Game of Thrones Tea Review

The wonderfully talented tea mistress Lydia of CeleryMoonDesigns has sent me her glorious Game Of Thrones tea to review! Oh sweet delicious and geeky tea, get into my belly! Lydia has devised custom house blends for each of the notorious Game Of Thrones families. She was kind enough to send me 3 blends: Caramel Stag (of House Baratheon), Black Blood (of House Greyjoy) and Dragon Kiss (of House Targaryen).

I would consider myself a new tea-er, but an avid one. I have been dabbling in the art of drinking loose leaf tea for some time now – there’s something meditative and magical about tea… sniffing the blends, taking it slow, and steeping a delicious brew. Let’s get straight into my om nommy experience with Lydia’s teas!


House Baratheon: Caramel Stag

Brew for at least 6 minutes then serve hot with honey and milk to taste. A popular tea that is delicious, rich and creamy with a pleasant aroma. The rooibos flavour is strong like Stannis, charismatic like Renly and full bodied, indulgent and decadent like King Robert. REDBUSH TEA, ALMOND, CARAMEL

I drank this tea straight, with no honey or milk – and it’s a good thing, because it’s perfect and sweet the way it is! It’s no wonder this is a popular brew, because it’s incredibly delicious. Like eating a Werther’s original candy, it’s not too overpowering, but it did make my taste buds sing a happy tune. This one was my favorite! I would pair it with some buttery cookies, or make it an after dinner brew.

House Greyjoy: Black Blood

Brew for 5 minutes then serve hot with honey or milk and sweeteners to taste. A simple but powerful black tea with a fresh taste of orange that cuts through the strong flavour. This tea once brewed is red like iron and like the Ironborn, strengthens the longer you brew it for. CHINA TEA, CEYLON TEA, ORANGE PEEL, RED SAFFLOWERS

This brew packs a punch, but it doesn’t overpower with the orange. It goes down easy, and for me, it did not need any honey, milk or sweetener. This tea picked me right up off the Iron Throne and tossed me off the edge of the Eyrie. It’s a perfectly peppy tea and a fabulous wake up call for the morning. Gods knows I love my caffeine. :3

House Targaryen: Dragon Kiss

Brew for 2 minutes then serve hot with a slice of lemon or cold over ice. Dragonwell leaves are the main part of this tea giving it warmth. The pineapple and papaya cubes make this tea more exotic than most and this unique appearing tea has a subtle strength, much like Daenerys. CHINA GREEN SENCHA, DRAGONWELL GREEN TEA, PAI MU TAN WHITE TEA, PAPAYA CUBES, PINEAPPLE CUBES, ROSE PETALS, STRAWBERRY PIECES

I drank the Dragon’s Kiss tea hot with no lemon to start, but I also tried it with lemon. I think the lemon detracted from the already amazing fruit flavor, so my recommendation is to drink this one straight up. For the record, I am not a huge fan of fruity teas, and usually go for a basic black or green… But this tea packs a pleasant punch and was absolutely divine! I can see how it would be tasty cold, so I’d also drink this one cold in the summer. The smell of this tea was my favorite. Divine!


All 3 of these teas blew me away with their unique and original flavors, powerful potency, and super great scents. It’s obvious Lydia has a gift for crafting these blends, and it has given me such a new found respect for the art of tea craft. I don’t know how you did it Lydia, but bravo – I highly recommend you all check out her Etsy and buy some of this delicious tea!


What Game Of Thrones tea collection would be complete without matching drink accessories? I made my tea experience extra full of Westeros awesomness with my Game Of Thrones wax seal sigil coasters and House Stark and House Targaryen mugs.

You’d better, hurry… Winter is Coming. Buy Lydia’s Game Of Thrones Unique Tea Blends Here!

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Valentine’s for myself

Valentine’s Day is one of those fickle holidays. It has a lot of commercialism associated with it, which I hate … but it’s a holiday where I would like to think for one day, we could all just send a little love to each other. Friends, family, boyfriends, wives – I think we can all spread the love on Valentine’s Day. And no, it does not have to be a gift giving holiday… but I do like gifts! Especially when I give them to myself. Forget the overpriced flowers that die the next day, or the chocolates that pack on the pounds… I’m going… “practical.” :3

1. Forest Faerie Wings Earrings. Someone get me a q-tip, I have whimsy squirting out of my ears. I am a water sign, but faeries are my supernatural totem animal, or whatever. I have dreams of flying all the time, and even of being a faerie! Maybe in a past life… • 2. Moonstone Geometric Necklace. The moonstone is my favorite gemstone. It’s charged full of glamourous goddess energy, and my birthstone to boot! • 3. Urban Mermaid Boatneck Sweatshirt. Cosplay and music superstar Traci Hines has her own line of Disney inspired couture, Adorkable Apparel. And somedays I would love to channel my inner mermaid and rock her adorable seashell bra tops! Traci not only does amazing cosplay work, but she makes hilarious and wonderful videos with several other epic Disney cosplayers! Check out this music video she did called “Disney Chicks.” Anyway, check out Adorkable Apparel for a couple super cute pieces! • 4. Upcycled Lime Green Hippo Planter. this is a great DIY project, but it’s also only $15 in Dana Castle’s Etsy – who by the by has FABULOUS gemstone jewelry too. Such color, much wow. Plus I have a thing for succulents.• 5. Bob’s Burgers Bow. I should not have to explain this bow to anyone! Bob’s Burgers is fantastic, and if you don’t watch it, shame on you.

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