Wedding Planning 101: Picking the Location.

So you have settled on a day when you think most people can make it. And you’re trying to find the perfect location that also works with the magic day. Make sure to ask your friends and family who have recently been married in your area what location they chose and why for some of the inside scoop, and here are my best tips as well!

Find a place that meets the needs you have.
Mark and I are having a uniquely themed wedding and not offering a sit down meal with wait staff service, so right there not only do we save a lot of money, but our options for venue open up exponentially. If you must have a staff that will serve meals, you know you’ll have to check out more traditional venues like country clubs.

Sometimes you just have to have a Haunted Mansion wedding. From Midnight in the Garden of Evil on BlogSpot.

Consider how much it will cost your guests to get to that location, and potentially get a hotel room.
I know everyone says it’s your special day and you should have it whenever and wherever the fuck you want, but if none of my loved ones came to my big day,I would be sad I couldn’t share the occasion with them. That’s why I was happy to make a few concessions in the location department. Some people love the idea of a destination wedding to Hawaii, and while it sounds beautiful and breathtaking, I can’t ask my family to spend thousands of dollars on my big day. I’d rather take a honeymoon to a destination and have the big day somewhere that all my loved ones can easily and cheaply attend. Likewise that’s why I won’t have it at an expensive resort where out of town guests will have to check in to a $300 a night hotel room. I don’t want to pressure my loved ones to meet silly cultural obligations our Bridezilla culture has given us about the best of the best in locations. Have it somewhere that won’t bankrupt your guests.

Inside or outside?
The dilemma with an outside wedding not at a wedding venue is that you’ll have to accommodate people with a bathroom (maybe even a porta potty) and chairs. Who will be setting up all those chairs? Who will be waiting for the rent a john? If you don’t want your family members to have to do any work, better leave it up to a wedding venue to set all that stuff up.

A dreamy Magic Kingdom wedding. Photo by Randy Chapman

If you aren’t hiring a staff, see if you can rent a place for the entire weekend.
This is one of the best perks I can imagine about Mark and I’s location. Since we’re not having it at a traditional wedding venue or hiring a wedding staff, we’ll have to set it up all up. But our rental fee covers using the location Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! That means we can set up chairs, decorate, and move stuff in on Friday, have the event Saturday, and tear down Sunday. What a relief to not have to rush on Saturday, the day of the wedding!

Wedding Disaster by Gerard O’Connor

2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning 101: Picking the Location.”

  1. Great tips! This was one of the biggest nightmares for me when it came to planning my wedding. I checked I don’t know how many venues that sounded great on paper, but just didn’t work when we saw it in person. We wanted an outdoor wedding & indoor reception. Nothing over-the-top.

    When I was about to give up & have it in our backyard, I finally found the perfect place (with a real castle in the background). It was a bit more than I wanted to spend on just the location but they included a lot of goodies the other places didn’t, which meant it was really a better deal with that bigger price tag.

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