Wedding Planning 101: Knowing who to Hire.

Figuring out exactly who to hire for your big day is really tough. Some people try to have their friends do it all, to save money, but then their cousin Lenny ends up DJing and plays really offensive gangster rap all night, making your great grandmother uncomfortable, who in turn decides to throw her drink in his face, and it’s just a big ole’ mess. So who is worth hiring, and who can you manage without?

DJ or Musicians
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Music is pretty important at a wedding. From your first dance, to those cheesy group dance-along songs, you need good tunes! So, you can hire a DJ, bring in a live band, or pull out your iPod and hook it to some speakers. I could see why someone might want a live musician to play vs a DJ. If you and your hubby met at a concert or local show, for example, you might want their band to perform at the wedding. Makes sense! Or perhaps your grandfather is a bagpiper and he would love to regal your party with ‘Scotland the Brave’ as you walk down the aisle. But the other side of that coin is – do you want your grandfather to have to do ‘work’ on your big day, or do you want him and all your guests to relax and enjoy? If you must have live music and also want your guests to relax, than hiring is the way to go. Same with a DJ – you could have a friend do it, but then they can’t enjoy the wedding – they’re working for you. A DJ and a band can run anywhere from $100-$500 for the night, so make sure it’s in your budget if you choose to hire.

Mark and I chose to go without. Mark’s boss is letting us borrow his PA system for free (he is DJ) so that takes care of the sound system and microphone. But because there are so many other expensive things on our list that we must have, we chose to sacrifice hiring a DJ or musician. Instead, we’re going to compile all the music onto a flash drive or iPod and have one of our guests help out by pressing play, etc. We do not expect the chore to be that demanding, so we don’t think asking a guest to help us out with this is a big deal. We’re also sure our family and friends don’t mind announcing any silly little thing we’re about to do, like the cutting of the cake or the first dance. Give someone a microphone and they can make it happen!

What we chose: Do it ourselves.
Our cost: Free (compared to ~$300)

Chef/food staff to serve food
The Red Wedding... shudder
Wait, NO, not THIS feast…

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That’s more like it
Having a sit down meal is another one of those things people assume you must do because it’s a tradition, but make sure you consider all your options and don’t be afraid to break tradition. If you must have a sit down meal, I highly recommend hiring a staff/chef or having it at a place that offers this service. Coordinating a successful sit down meal is not something you should have your guests try to do. It requires excellent timing, plenty of hands on deck, and lots of shuffling, serving, and clearing quick. It’s a mess, so hire people to do it for you.

When Mark and I were discussing having a sit down meal, most places we looked at were anywhere from $50 a head to $100 a head for the meal. Holy cow! With 100 guests, that anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for 1 meal! We quickly decided to go another route. It wasn’t just the cost that made us decide this though. For starters, a sit down meal is long and sometimes tedious, when most people just want to walk around and mingle. Being forced to sit at a table for 2 hours with people you might not even know is not that much fun. We figured people would rather mingle with finger food. So we decided on renaissance style finger food and no sit down meal. We’re going to buy a few turkeys, loaves of bread, cheese, fresh fruit and veggies and make it look like a Game of Thrones style banquet table!

What we chose: Do it ourselves.
Our cost: Cost of food purchased on our own, ~$600 (compared to ~$5,000) – plus the potential cost of plastic cups, napkins and plates if we do not find them for free.

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Bartender is one of those unique jobs that a friend could do. Sure, it’s work – but it’s social and fun. A bartender can mingle all night long with everyone and still have a good time, plus tips! But with a larger wedding party and lots of drink options, sometimes it can get hairy and it’s best to hire a professional.

Mark and I took the middle ground – we did hire a friend to do it, but she is also a professional. She’s done weddings before, so she has bartending experience. And she gave us a good deal, being a friend!

The other cool thing about it is, since we’re not having it at a typical wedding venue, we’re going to buy and supply all of the booze, and when the weddings over, whatever is left over we get to keep!

What we chose: Hire a friend.
Our cost: $100, plus she gets to keep her tips, plus the cost of booze ~$600.

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Flowers are considered a wedding staple. Some people think you just can’t do a wedding without them, though I disagree. I’ve read online people budget anywhere from $500 – $5,000 for their flowers. It’s a big difference, but then again some people have $20,000 weddings or more!

For us, we’re skipping the flowers – they’re going to die in a week, and they cost way too much money. Perhaps we’ll get some fake ones from the Dollar Tree if we need to work them into our room design, and that will definitely be more affordable. We are considering live flower bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids, but I think my aunt and I can whip that up for $50-60 with some flowers from our local grocery store, Wegmans.

What we chose: For the most part, don’t do it at all.
Our cost: $50-60 to construct our own wedding bouquets from a grocery store.


Photographers are expensive, no doubt about it. But the good thing about today’s day in age, is, if you choose not to have a photographer, you can absolutely have a friend (or several friends) snap photos on their digital cameras and they will probably turn out great. Camera technology these days is really good, and everyone is an amateur photographer. So doing it yourself can turn out fantastic, with the right camera and enough pictures taken.

However, for me personally, photographer was the one area I would not compromise. After all the rum is gone, and the turkey legs are just chewed up bones, and the sound of the music is a distant echo in our ears, our wedding photos will last a lifetime. We chose to hire a great photographer to make sure we can remember this day forever.

We chose to go with our friends at Knot Just Any Day Photography. Steve Husted, the co-owner, snapped my pictures for a style feature in the Weekender a long time ago, and his company also took my nieces beautiful 1 year photos. They have an artsy style that I can totally get behind. In the end it’ll cost us around $1,500 buckaroos, but for me, this expense is well worth it. Check out Knot Just Any Day’s website to see how great their pictures are!

What we chose: Hire a professional.
Our cost: ~$1,500.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Planning 101: Knowing who to Hire.”

  1. We made a lot of stuff to save money. We made our wedding invites, the runner for the aisle, banners for the wedding, I even re-upolstered a giant mushroom stool (for the flower girl who was a sunflower fairy) I bought off ebay for $5. There a lot of money you could save just by doing it yourself. Good luck with everything!

  2. This is perfect. I’ll rather do a DIY wedding. That way you get to choose your music, not spend a fortune on food, etc. I’ll rather spend more money on a photographer and towards the honeymoon. lol I don’t understand how some go spending $$$ on flowers, always thought that was too much.

    I almost didn’t bring my camera along to my friend’s super small wedding. Glad I did because both families had some nice cameras but they didn’t know how to use it. Maybe 1-2 images didn’t come out blurry out of hundreds taken.. I was really shocked.

    It’s awesome that you already had experience with a photographer so you know what kind of images you will get 😀

  3. Flowers were about the only thing that I did pay full price for, and I still regret it to this day. If I could go back in time and do it all again, I would ditch the fancy flowers and go with a professional photographer. My friend who did it was lovely and all, but our pictures just lack that polish and artistic influence that comes from a professional shoot.

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