Underneath my Christmas tree…

It’s goofy that I’d want to make this post right after having a conversation with my fiance about cutting back on the commercialism of Christmas. And we totally love that idea of less shopping, more experiences. We talked about even going skiing for Christmas next year instead of gift swapping. And generally speaking, my gift choices are cheap, second hand, hand made, or useful and green. But sometimes, I see shiny things online and like to talk about them. Even if I don’t even own them or buy them, I like to look at them. So here’s to that notion!

1. 20,000 Sips Under The Sea mug: How cute is this? Useful and super adorable. Squids are one of my favorite animals, and this mug is just so realistic and awesome. 2. Aqualillies for tarte Amazonian clay waterproof eye and cheek palette: I am transitioning all of my make-up, hair care and general body products into exclusively vegan products. This means doing a little bit of homework, but ultimately knowing my products are guilt free and didn’t contribute to any bunny butt shavings or monkey deaths. I took the advice of a few close friends including Chelsea, Jaime, and Jess, and was recommended a few great brands, and I really love this set by Tarte! 3. Antler Me This wall decor: I have a fascination with mounted deer heads. And ultimately, I think a live one (no matter how humanely killed) would bother me, so this fake deer head might be just the ticket. 4. American Rag Dawnn Cowboy Boots: I’ve been desperate for my own pair of cowgirl boots. Yee-haw! While a second hand leather pair might do me fine (and last longer) this new pair is made of man-made materials and super cute to boot! TO BOOT! HA! 5. Teddy Bear Skull necklace: I’d surely be channeling the psychotic Elmyra from Tiny Toons and Annie from League of Legends with this slightly creepy teddy bear skull necklace. It’s too cute and spooky! 6. My Melody Tea Kettle: My obsession with tea is reaching new heights. I’ve bought too many bags of a variety of loose teas from my local Wegmans (including my new favorites, Lemongrass and Hibiscus) and I really need a tea kettle! This one would suit me quite well.

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