Who’s That Geek? It’s Ari Carr!

ari-carrMeet the next Joss Whedon, my friend Ari Carr! She’s the geek girl blogger who writes comic book reviews at Comic Books and Cookies. She’s a film student from jolly old England (you know, England, where my pal Emily is from) with a passion for cookies and comics. And this geektastic cookie monster is also a fan of lolita fashion, which makes me heart her even more. I see photos of her all over her blog and Facebook wearing super cute lolita garb, and no doubt attending some pretty swanky lolita meet ups. How fabulous! It would seem she’s a huge fan of the sweet lolita look – that’s my favorite! She’s also a writer for Inter-comics.com, a massive online comic store for the UK! What a talented lady <3 In short, make sure to follow her right quick on Twitter.

By the by, did you know she’s also an Iggle! And another fun fact, her full name is really quite interesting. Ari is short Arianwen, and it means silvery grey in Welsh. her other middle names are similarly geeky – Rihannon after a Fleetwood Mac song, and Cassandra after Psi judge Anderson in the Judge Dredd comics. This girl is too cute! And I LOVE Stevie Nicks. Ari – you go girl.


I heart Lolita fashion so! Ari and her friends rock it!!

1. What was the first comic book you ever owned?

I’ve been reading British kids comics pretty much as long as I can remember- whenever I made my weekly trip to my Grandparents, they always had the new issue of The Beano or The Dandy ready for me to read, and I fell in love with the characters and their crazy antics. As for American comics, the first comic that I owned was a battered copy of Fantastic Four #228 from 1981, gifted to me by my best friend/housemate/comic geek extraordinaire Robin. After watching Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I told him that I wanted to read comics, specifically Fantastic Four ones, and he dug out #228. When we went to the comic shop the next weekend, I was lucky enough to find the next issue!

2. If they could turn any comic book if your choosing into a movie that they have not yet, what would it be?

I would LOVE to see a film version Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. That series is just so off-the- wall and insane (in a good way!) and I’d love to see a faithful adaptation of it. It would take a lot of work, but it would be such a great pay-off.

3.) If you could be best friends with any comic book or cartoon character, who would it be?

I’d love to best friends with Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl! I love her bubbly character (especially under the watchful eye of Gail Simone’s fabulous writing) and as well as being my first DC character love, I just think she’s fabulous. There’s none of the brooding that comes with Batman, none of the wise-arsery you get with Damien (RIP!) and she’s just so sweet and lovely. Plus we could totally swap relationship advice!

4.) BOOM! Apocalypse. It’s you and 1 other fictitious person, and you have to repopulate the Earth. Who is it?

Eek! I would have to pick Oliver Queen, my favourite iron-jawed, ab-tastic bow-toting hero. Not only would he be able to hunt down food and keep me relatively safe, he’s also one hell of a looker. Boy, is he. Even with that silly facial hair in the comics.

5.) What was your favorite cartoon as a little kid?

I was a huge cartoon watcher as a kid, and this is something that has stayed with me. However, there was (and still is!) a special place in my heart for pretty much any and all Hannah Barbera cartoons. Wacky Races and Catch the Pigeon were two of my favourites, as well as Pinky and the Brain.

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