Be yourself.


Have you ever been ashamed of yourself? Shame comes from doing something you find morally wrong, derisive, or that is in direct conflict with who we are at the core. When we do something shameful, we do something against our true self. We also become ashamed of ourselves when try to deny our true selves, or feel like others are ashamed of us.


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We can learn about our true self by examining what shames us. We can’t forget that our identity is so valuable – it’s who we are! And sometimes when we try to change it, contradict it, or fit the wrong mold, it can feel like we are being crushed by a giant rock. We see examples of this all the time. People who are afraid to be their true selves in schools, the work place, among family and friends, in stores, in churches. We’re so afraid of our selves and what others will think about us.


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We become trapped by worrying how others will feel about us if we are our true selves. We can try to mold our identity to what we think people want us to be… what is most popular, widely accepted, or loved. But when we become reinforced by this false identity, by perceiving the social acceptance as love, we’re doing ourselves a great harm. Being loved by millions and having no self love is like having nothing at all.


The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to become our true identity, and never contradict it. Know who you are, become them, and love yourself.

The second most important thing we can do for ourselves and the world is to encourage others to become their true idetity and love them for it.


This has been your daily positivitiy. Now go out there and be you, you big beautiful you.

6 thoughts on “Be yourself.”

  1. Really enjoyed this post. A friend of mine is always down in the dumps – so for Christmas I wrote out 300 inspiration things, folded them small and put them in a box I painted.

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  3. See, it’s like….Leslie gets it, man.

    I know that being a big weirdo who speaks in funny voices is my destiny. I don’t run from it. I embrace it. And I’m a better man because of it.

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