Goodbye 2013. Helloooo 2014.

I had a fantastic time in 2013! And while I am plotting my 2014 resolutions, here’s a brief recap of the fabulous time I had in 2013.


January 2013

Mark and I went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida on our first official vacation and our first trip to Disney World together. We’ve both been there before, but never together. It was incredible! We spent the night in Philadelphia with our friends Jess and Janelle, and toured the town on South Street. Then we flew down to Orlando where my grandpa picked us up and we had lunch in Downtown Disney. Over the next 4 days we toured the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. Mark and I loved the food in the Biergarten in EPCOT, as well as Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. The food and the weather were so incredible!

March 2013

Farquharson and I began what would soon be an all out Internet phenomenon – the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club! Now with over 2,500 Facebook likes, 6,000 site members, and almost 10,000 geek girls paired, this is truly a remarkable accomplishment and touching community to be a part of. From being retweeted by Veronica Belmont and Amanda Palmer, to making it onto Geek Sugar and Sword and Laser (and tons and tons of other blogs!), we’ve had our share of the geeky spotlight! So many great pen pal memories have been made for me, Farquharson, Em, Sparkles, and now Toasty who has joined our ranks (to help me in my hiatus while I work on my wedding stuff.) Thank you again Toasty, for stepping in while I work on this wedding stuff!

June 2013

I turned 28! Oh, and I also officially began working for eBay Enterprise! I am still with the same company of course, and we will always be Pepperjam. But our company has been noticed by some pretty big people, and we were purchased by eBay in June! Working for eBay has been so incredible. Here’s to 6 more years with this company!


Aryn and I hosted a super successful IGGPPC (That’s International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club) Meet Up in NYC at The Way Station! It’s a Doctor Who themed bar. I ended up meeting one of my favorite friends, Tamara. She is just the best!  I met some increcible Iggles and Miggles, as well as gave out loads of geeky door prizes. You can read all about it here.


July 2013

My niece, Madelyn, celebrated her 1 year! Wow, she is growing up so fast <3


August 2013

Mark proposed to me in one of our favorite places: The PA Renaissance Faire! It was Time Traveler’s weekend, so as you can see in our picture, we put a Doctor Who spin on our Renaissance costumes. We toasted the occasion at the Swashbuckler’s Pirate Pub afterwards, drinking a hearty ale with our comrades. What an amazing place to say “YES!” The Faire grounds are covered in beautiful flowers, Renaissance tents and cottage-y buildings, and costumed actors portraying Elizabethan nobles and peasants. We spent the day snapping pictures, wine tasting with Bacchus, perusing the market for jewelry, and played some awesome carnival games. We brought home a lot of bottles of wine including my favorite Honey Mead, as well as the Pennsylvania Spiced Apple wine for the holidays. We’ve set the date for June 7, 2014 and are planning a Renaissance wedding! We sent out our Save the Dates a few weeks ago, and they were as dorky as you can imagine.


I met up with some of my geek girl blog buddies, including KristinJamila, Yissel, Melissa, and Cassie. We had a blast drinking too many mimosas and stumbling around the geekiest of stores in New York City. What a blast!



October 2013

Mark and I celebrated our 3 year dating anniversary – again, in Disney World – and Universal Studios! We just can’t get enough! We spent the day at EPCOT with my family, again chowing down on the delicious German buffet food in the Biergarten. We spent the day in Universal Studios, where I was amazed to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am a huge Potterhead, and this park was a dream come true. For a fangirl like me, it was an unparalled experience. The props and attention to detail were so immersive. If you go, you have to ride the Forbidden Journey and try to Butter Beer. It’s just as delicious as they say. Read more about my Wizarding World experience here: Hoofing it through Hogsmeade We also went to Hollywood Horror Nights, which was Mark’s favorite. We were practically in an episode of the Walking Dead, as they had movie quality zombies chasing people around the park. We screamed our way through the Resident Evil and Cabin in the Woods haunted houses, which were just like being in the films. 2 severed thumbs way way up!


It was also the second year for NEPA BlogCon, NEPA’s only blogging and social media conference. I am so blessed to work with the super talented techy women and squirrel girls, Karla, Mandy and Michelle.  This year’s conference was extremely successful, sold out again, and brought in $2,700 for our charity of choice, a no-kill animal shelter, Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge. not only did we help out a great cause, but we educated our home town on the awesome benefits of being digitally dialed in and social networking savvy. We’re pretty much e-prodigies, we know. I can’t wait until next year! Stay tuned in fall 2014 for NEPA BlogCon Round 3!


My co-workers at eBay Enterprise and fellow graphic designers, Alan, Jordan, and I donned an incredible Wreck It Ralph group costume for Halloween. I love going all out for my favorite holiday! Read more here about my Vanellope Von Scweetz cosplay.

November 2013

The Larpettes hit 1,000 members! What a milestone! Find badges and gear here. The Larpettes is an online community which allows girls to discuss and connect with other female Larpers!


December 2013

I was one of the top 100 contributors to the Buzzfeed Community this year! So award, wow much view. Check out my awards!

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