10 weird things you can do today to make someone smile

  1. Leave a voice mail message for someone you haven’t talked to in a while, but don’t leave it in English, leave it in Pterodactyl.
  2. Walk up the street popping quarters into all the parking meters. You’ll probably get some funny looks but maybe you’ll get a few thank yous or high fives. High fives are the best.
  3. Ask someone how their mom is doing. We all love our moms and it always brings a smile to someone’s face to think about them. Asking someone about their mom might encourage them to call their mom, which in turn will make their mom really happy.
  4. Make superhero whooshing sounds every time you leave a room, and do that superhero arm thing.
  5. Draw a caricature or cartoon of a random co-worker and tape it to their monitor when they are away from their desk. Or just draw a wang. Those are funny too.
  6. Run up to a stranger and ask them what year it is. When they answer, panic and run away.
  7. Buy a bag of candy and offer a piece to every person you see. Chocolate is probably best. You lose points if you buy that sugar free crap.
  8. Ask a random person if they want to hear your best celebrity or cartoon character impersonation. Once you bust out your super convincing Sean Connery, they will definitely be amused. Probably. Or they might call the cops, whatever.
  9. Write compliments on pieces of paper and leave them in random books at the bookstore. You know, “You look good today,” or “Damn, you have a really beautiful smile.” That kind of stuff. You will definitely be getting a future smile for that one.
  10. Communicate in a new language all day. When anyone asks you a question, answer in “boops” and “beeps” and tell them today you are speaking robot. They will get a kick out of it, I promise.

Photo by @ToastyTreat

Feature image by Nicole Misnik

What do you do to cheer someone up? Let me know in a comment!

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