The Renaissance Wedding: Favors!

Photo from Boho Weddings
Photo from Boho Weddings

Favors are a complicated part of any wedding. For starters, most people don’t particularly want to find a spot for that cheesy etched glass you’ve had custom made with your initials, and the big day. Nor do they have a real desire for a personalized set of coasters with photos of the lucky couple on display. To me, wedding favors are pretty much crap, unless they are useable. I don’t mean useful, I mean use-up-able. Something you can eat, use, or get rid of somehow.

Photo from lulsugar
Photo from Lulsugar

So what sort of favors are useable? Things like personalized candles you can burn up, little baggies of popcorn and candy with your names on them, jars of honey, custom bottles of beer or wine, bags of bird seed, or adorable little succulents. All of these things are useable wedding favors. So what have Mark and I settled on? Soap. It’s not only period, but useable.

Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588) “Susanna in the Bath”

Soap certainly played a role in medieval and renaissance times. Contrary to popular belief that people only bathed once a year, they actually attempted to be as hygienic as possible, bathing as often as once per week. Additionally, Leonardo da Vinci started an entire “culture of cleanliness” that permeated Italy during the renaissance, associating cleanliness and hygiene with social elation. So yeah, soap is approp.



We’ve chosen one of my personal favorite smelling (and cheap!) soaps, Bee & Flower soap from China. Not only does it come in some of my favorite scents including sandalwood and jasmine, but it has lovely ornate and colorful paper that just fits. Additionally, we’ll be designing custom labels for each one. In short, soap good. Smell nice. Leslie like.

The Renaissance Wedding Custom Favors


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