The Renaissance Wedding: Favors!

Photo from Boho Weddings
Photo from Boho Weddings

Favors are a complicated part of any wedding. For starters, most people don’t particularly want to find a spot for that cheesy etched glass you’ve had custom made with your initials, and the big day. Nor do they have a real desire for a personalized set of coasters with photos of the lucky couple on display. To me, wedding favors are pretty much crap, unless they are useable. I don’t mean useful, I mean use-up-able. Something you can eat, use, or get rid of somehow.

Photo from lulsugar
Photo from Lulsugar

So what sort of favors are useable? Things like personalized candles you can burn up, little baggies of popcorn and candy with your names on them, jars of honey, custom bottles of beer or wine, bags of bird seed, or adorable little succulents. All of these things are useable wedding favors. So what have Mark and I settled on? Soap. It’s not only period, but useable.

Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588) “Susanna in the Bath”

Soap certainly played a role in medieval and renaissance times. Contrary to popular belief that people only bathed once a year, they actually attempted to be as hygienic as possible, bathing as often as once per week. Additionally, Leonardo da Vinci started an entire “culture of cleanliness” that permeated Italy during the renaissance, associating cleanliness and hygiene with social elation. So yeah, soap is approp.



We’ve chosen one of my personal favorite smelling (and cheap!) soaps, Bee & Flower soap from China. Not only does it come in some of my favorite scents including sandalwood and jasmine, but it has lovely ornate and colorful paper that just fits. Additionally, we’ll be designing custom labels for each one. In short, soap good. Smell nice. Leslie like.

The Renaissance Wedding Custom Favors

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The Renaissance Wedding: Geeky Game of Thrones Save the Dates

Jon Snow Game of Thrones Save the Date Geek Wedding

Ned Stark Save the Date Geek Wedding

Tyrion Save the Date Game of Thrones

I reveal to you, my concepts for Mark and I’s “Save the Dates.” It all started when my friend Amanda posted this wedding planning timeline on Pinterest. While I’m not necessarily a traditionalist, I like to make sure people have notice, so I am now working our Save the Dates. Mark and I will be drafting up our guest list this week.

Game of Thrones totally goes along with not only one of our geek obsessions, but with our entire renaissance theme! If someone gets the Save the Date and doesn’t get it, they will just have to start watching Game of Thrones :3 Oh, and a special shout out to @tonydac for helping me come up with some awesome concepts for this. He is le smart.

Spoiler alert. Our ceremony will be nothing like the Red Wedding.

Have you seen any awesome and geeky invitations or save the dates in your time? Post them in a comment!

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I’m getting married in 7 months!

Dudes! I’m totes exchanging nuptials with Mark Hunsinger in 7 months. We’re getting married on June 7, 2014, in a fabulous Renaissance themed wedding ceremony. It’s creeping in so close I can taste it! I will be Mrs. Leslie Hunsinger and I couldn’t be more excited. As such, I’m making a few changes over the next 7 months.
My Etsy store, Word To Your Unicorn, will be in a state of either vacation mode, or I will only have for sale what I have in stock. I won’t be ordering any new products or designing new items.

My role in the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club will be creeper and peeker, but I won’t be Headmistress to House Granger until I come back from my marital hiatus. This means we’re seeking a new temporary staff member for the IGGPPC during this hiatus – to pair Iggles and Miggles, to man house competitions, and to poke about on the forums and in the symposium. If you think you can fill my shoes for 7 months, why not apply to be a temp IGGPPC HQ staffer?

I will be attempting to meet with the girls of NEPA BlogCon as often as possible, but ultimately that has to take a back burner to any wedding obligations. It’s crunch time!

In the mean time, here are a few fabulous articles I’ve read about marital bliss this week, as well as some posts about my wedding from my blog. <3

35 Things You Absolutely MUST Agree Upon Before Getting Married
Marriage Isn’t For You
The Renaissance Wedding: Activities for the Kids
My Top 5 Favorite Geek Wedding Themes
Wedding Location: Kirby House Japanese Gardens and Glen Summit Chapel & Casino


How he proposed!

August 10, 2013:
My geeky partner in crime, Mark Hunsinger, asked the BIG QUESTION on Saturday, while we were at the Renaissance Faire. “Will you be my companion?” I said yes.

What a perfect day. We tasted Mt. Hope’s wines with Baccus, threw axes in medieval carnival games, and watched friends doing archery. We also shopped for wands, sniffed loose teas, and role-played with costumed improv actors who dotted the Faire.

The Renaissance Faire is a theater and history geek’s dream, with a bit of sci-fi flair. Because we were there for “Time Traveler’s Weekend,” there were Marty McFlys, Bill and Teds, and Fry and Benders among the Elizabethan nobles and peasants. Hence why we were dressed up as the Doctor as the TARDIS.

Mark proposed as we sat resting on a bench near one of the theaters. He pulled out the ring, and I said, “YES!” After that, we went straight to the Swashbucker’s Tavern to enjoy a brew with our comrades. The bar was filled with cheers, hoots, and “HUZZAHS” as we drank and laughed and soaked in the moment. The beer was fizzy and delicious, and I couldn’t help but cry a few tears.

The setting was perfect. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place, or a more perfect man, that this could have all happened with. <3

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Who’s That Geek? It’s Kristin Hackett!

If you don’t know who Kristin Hackett is, your life must be a sad pile of soggy potato chips. She is as delightfully peppy as a cup of coffee, and as sugary sweet as a thousand pixie sticks! We first crossed paths when we discovered we were both geek girl bloggers! She writes for 2 amazing geek blogs, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, and Super Space Chick. And she also has another exciting new venture that you can read about here! She is vlogging on YouTube now, so you can see her beautiful face in real time! Be sure to subscribe!

Kristin achieved super geek fame when she graced this season’s Fangasm on SyFy channel, something I know each geek inside of us would desperately love! You just HAVE to watch her on the telly – you can watch the episodes here! If you were unsure of just how much of a nice girl next door she is, you will find out once you watch her on Fangasm! I remember being at the Geek Girl Brunch where she talked about this experience… and myself and the other geek girls were floored! What an awesome chance not only to be on one of my favorite channels, the SyFy channel… but to PITCH a comic book idea to Stan Lee! How incredible! The godfather of so many amazing comic book characters… wow… epic.

A few other reasons I heart her so much… and there are many… she loves comic conventions, geek fashion, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. Basically she’s awesome… and if I haven’t convinced you, just take a few moments to read her tweets. I am sure you will be convinced.

I’ll be joining Kristin and the other girls of the Geek Girl Brunch crew on Nov. 23rd. Here’s a snap from the last one we all attended in NYC. Geek girl bloggers unite! Aren’t we cute?


If you don’t follow Kristin on Twitter, get to it right meow. Also like her on Facebook!

1. If you could be besties with any cartoon character, who would it be and why?
If I could be besties with any cartoon character it would be Princess Bubblegum for sure.  We would plan tea parties for other princesses, conduct science experiments in matching lab coats, and gossip with Peppermint Butler about Finn’s crush on PB during our sleepovers. Candy Kingdom is even listed as one of my residences on Twitter because I spend a lot of time there in my imagination.

2. What was your very first cosplay? How about your favorite cosplay?
My first cosplay ever (that wasn’t a Halloween costume) was Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I’m completely in love with the series. It’s one of the most beautiful comics ever written and it inspired my first tattoo. Sadly, it was at NYCC like a million years ago, and my computer crashed right afterwards so I don’t have any photos… But I’m thinking it’s a good excuse to emulate my favorite member of the Endless another time!

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
As a kid, my favorite cartoon was Daria which probably explains a lot about me. When the complete series was re-released on DVD I rewatched the whole thing and I got so much more out of it than I had as a child. James brother Trent was the second animated character I had a major crush on (next to Link), but during my re-watch I realized that despite his good looks, he’s a total slacker so it would never work between us 🙂

4. Apocalypse! You and 1 other person, real or fictitious, have to re-populate the Earth. Who do you choose and why?
I feel like I should choose a fictitious character so I don’t embarrass myself with the real life person! I would want to repopulate with Severus Snape because we would have a high chance of having wizard babies who would be helpful in rebuilding all of the locations that were destroyed. Also, I would FINALLY get to visit Hogwarts (not that this is anytime to be selfish), and we could use their extensive library to research ways of expanding the population as rapidly as possible. And I might have a crush on Snape.

5. If you were a food, what would you be?
If I were a food I would be a vanilla birthday cupcake with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I’m sweet and colorful in my human life and I feel like I would accurately translate to a cupcake if I were to suddenly transform. Plus cupcakes make people happy and I try my best to do just that all the time!

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5 bad-ass rebellious Disney chicks

I’m not quite sure it was Walt Disney’s original idea to have such troubled, rebellious, and badass women, taking the lead in so many of his movies, but it’s one of my favorite aspects of the Disney “Princess” ‘verse. And after watching the glorious Lilo and Stitch last week, which, by the by, is hysterical, I was really picking up some very rebellious ‘tude from Lilo. She is such a little problem child! And despite Disney being the stereotypical “rainbow and sparkles” of the movie world, they write some great female characters, with a depth and realism that is so believable. Here are my top 5 favorite Disney rebel chicks.

1. Lilo Pelekai from Lilo and Stitch

Lilo fan art

Lilo’s an orphan with a tragic past, and some serious disciplinary issues.  Her parents died in a car accident, and she was left to be raised by her young adult sister, Nani. They fight as most sisters do, screaming insults at each other, and wrestling. Lilo is pretty hard to control for Nani, and as a result she even almost gets taken away from Nani by Child Services. Wow, Child Services Disney? That’s dark. Lilo is not only a problem child, but a very queer sort of Luna Lovegood oddball. She has a fish friend, who lives in the ocean, whom she feeds a sandwich every day. She claims he predicts the weather. She has an oddity about her, but a  rebellious and fun loving spirit. Lilo really showcases the result of a a not-so-perfect home life, and breaks the mold of stereotypical perfect Disney princess lifestyle. She’s the product of a troubled upbringing, and ultimately it shines through when the pressure’s on. She acts out in her hula classes, even getting into a fight and biting a girl. Om nom. She’s such a little wild child!

2. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Ariel art by danielauhlig
Source: danielauhlig

The Ariel we all know and love from Disney’s The Little Mermaid is quite different from the original Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. The original story depicts a young mermaid who falls in love with a Prince, and gives the Sea Witch her tongue in exchange for legs. She then goes to be with the Prince, who ultimately ends up marrying someone else. The Sea Witch tells the mermaid that if she kills the prince, and lets his blood drip onto her legs, she will turn back into a mermaid. The mermaid loves the Prince too much, and instead she sacrifices herself and turns into sea foam. Yep. She dies. Though she does get into heaven, so it isn’t all bad. In the Disney tale, she’s so not interested in the human world for the Prince initially. Instead, Ariel has collected a trove of human trinkets and treasures that make the people on hoarders look like bare minimalists. She is obsessed with everything about the human world, and to her sisters, father, and friends, that is just the weirdest thing. She’s sort of like that goth teenage daughter who drives their parents insane by painting their fingernails black and blasting Marilyn Manson. Well, her daddy-o, King Tritan, ain’t having it. He’s like, “Yo, Ariel, you’re a mermaid, be happy with that! Now I’m going to destroy all your stuff!” Great move dad… you’ve got an angsty teenage daughter and you blow up all her stuff. There will be no repercussions from that. But… let’s be honest, Ariel… I think you had it pretty sweet living Under the Sea… I mean you’re a freaking mermaid! None the less, she completely defies her father’s wishes, and goes to visit the notoriously evil Sea Witch, Ursula. Ursula lives in this sort of back alley cave, and it totally looks like Ariel is going to buy some weird drugs from her. And she kind of does. Yep. She sells her soul to the witch. When it comes to rebels, selling your soul to a Witch and leaving your family for another world is pretty dang rebellious.

3. Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

Tinkerbell art by Olayavalle
Source: olayavalle

Tinkerbell is rebellious in both the original novelization by J M Barrie as well as the Disney flick, though probably a bit worse in the book. In the novel, Tink is a jealous and spoiled little fairy who loves Peter, and hates Wendy. She even tricks the Lost Boys into shooting Wendy while she flies through the air, striking Wendy’s heart with an arrow (though as it turned out, Wendy was spared as she was wearing a necklace.) That’s pretty psychotic, Tink. That’s some Mean Girls stuff from there. In the Disney movie, she’s still pretty snotty. She pulls Wendy’s hair, sticks her tongue out spitefully, and even betrays Peter by revealing Peter’s hidden location to Captain Hook in a fit of jealous rage. She’s like an hormonal ticking time bomb. Someone get this chick some Midol, for real. But I do love her wild and free-spirited pixie nature. She’s a ball of emotions, but she knows what she wants, and won’t even let a human girl stand in her way. Gotta love it.

4. Meg from Hercules

Meg art by Ragamuffyn
Source: ragamuffyn

Meg is an anti-hero, for sure. She starts off as the bad guy, and you don’t get any more rebellious than that. She’s in league with Hades, paying off her debt to him by helping him with his evil deeds and wicked chores. Yeah. She kind of sold her soul to the devil. Really Disney!? Now of course, she originally did this because she was in love with a guy. So it’s not like she’s a total idiot. “People do crazy things… when they’re in love.” And Meg is true blue: she loved a man so much she gave up her soul for him. And from the get go, she is conniving and sneaky, tricky Hercules into falling for her, so she can have her soul back. Hades wants him dead, you see, and Meg is totes willing to oblige to get her soul back from Hades. Ultimately, she ends up falling for Hunkules and rebels against her… rebelliousness. She’s all over the place, really. But I love that about her.

5. Mulan.

Mulan art by alicexv
Source: alicexv

Mulan! That gender-bending balls-to-the-wall crazy chick from China. Her father is drafted into the war, despite him being older and injured, so she’s all like, “Nope.” She chops off her long hair, suits up in her father’s armor, and enlists on his behalf. So she’s going to war, dressed as a man, on behalf of her family. You are breaking all the rules, girl. It’s the first time a Disney Princess has kind of been a Disney Prince. She even has an entire song about how she doesn’t feel right wearing all that traditional geisha make-up, and prancing around in fancy dresses. She really loves that rough and tumble tomboy lifestyle. But in this particular time period in Ancient China, for a daughter to commit this heinous act, is probably punishable by death. Definitely punishable by death. She takes the cake on this list, for being the most crazy rebellious of all the Disney princesses. Go Fa Mulan!

Featured image from Telegrafixs

Do you love any particular Disney Princess? Let me know in a comment!

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