The Renaissance Wedding: Activities for the Kids

In case you guys didn’t know it, I’m engaged to a particularly fantastic guy named Mark! He proposed to me at the Renaissance Faire in August. So we’re in the midst of wedding planning. Because we’re geeks, we’re using an appropriate theme: Renaissance! And because wedding planning is particularly mentally consuming, I am starting a segment on the wedding to showcase everything, titled “The Renaissance Wedding.”

So what do you do for the kids who will be showing up at your wedding? Kids tend to get bored easily, and you want them to have a good time, right?


I’m compiling what I like to call “Kid’s Kits” for their seats. My first project: Themed coloring books! I’ll be printing out these babies, along with several other fun pages. The nice thing about coloring books is, they will just cost you next to nothing. Simply print out 10 pages, hole punch 3 holes in them, and tie them together with twine or ribbon.

I designed the front and back cover, as seen on top, and I found a lot of really awesome fantasy art online simply by Google image searching “Keyword + coloring.” And it’s so completely easy to match this to any wedding theme. If you’re having a comic book wedding, there are far too many superhero coloring pages. How about a wedding on a farm? Abundant farm animal pages. You can even try to find images of you and your future hubby’s personal favorite things: like animals, food, or hobbies. Make sure to include a note telling the kids what the images are all about!

Most of the coloring pages I found for my theme were from Tabitha Ladin and the Official Dungeons and Dragons coloring book. The book will contain scenes of dragons, fairies, unicorns, gnomes, trolls, jousting gentlemen, fair maidens, and castles.

I’ll be making sure these coloring books are at their tables along with some crayons, chocolate gold pirate coins, fairy dust, medieval bingo, and maybe some disposable cameras. Kids are pretty artistic you know! My additional plans include to set up a pop-up castle/tent, and have a designated kids area. If they have their own fun space, they’re sure to keep each other entertained.

The inspiration for this post came from this article from The Knot Blog: 11 ways to keep kids busy at the wedding.

What sorts of things do you think best entertain kids at weddings? Let me know in a comment!

4 thoughts on “The Renaissance Wedding: Activities for the Kids”

  1. I wish there were coloring books at all the weddings I went to as a kid, and I went to A LOT! Hell, I wish there were coloring books at the weddings I attended recently too ๐Ÿ™‚ The only other thing I can think of is maybe a little crafts table where they can make a dragon puppet or something, but the materials could get costly, plus I don’t think mothers would be too happy with their kids getting glitter and glue on their nice wedding clothes.

    I can’t wait to see more segments of your Renaissance wedding ๐Ÿ˜€

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