Quick, easy, and cheap last-minute geeky Halloween costumes!

As a person who is exceptionally passionate about costuming, LARPing, and fandoms, I have more than enough costumes on hand for any party theme. Most people dress up once a year. I dress up once a month. And I’ve hosted my fair share of theme and Halloween parties. Sometimes, people don’t show up in costume. What a buzz kill! But fortunately, I’ve developed some quick and painless costumes you could easily throw together in the last few moments before a party. Perfect for people who forgot to get a costume together, people who want to save some money this Halloween, or who just don’t want to go to a lot of trouble – but still be a big hit with their geeky friends! And remember – role-playing helps to bring a costume to the next level!

Hipster Disney Princesses cosplay
Photo by namine-yaoilover on DeviantArt

A Hipster Disney Princess

Do you have a yellow dress, and a book? Maybe a red and blue top, stuffed woodland creature, and a yellow skirt? Perhaps a purple t-shirt, green jeans, and a fork. Add a pair of hipster glasses, and you’ve got instant hipster Disney Princess.

No Face from Spirited Away, or Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service

To re-create No Face, all you need a black balloon, a piece of paper, and some markers. Cut out an oval, draw the No Face face, tape it to the black balloon, and carry it around with you. Or you can just wear the mask right over your own face! Simply wear all black. I did this costume for my dog a couple of years ago. Easy and quick! Kiki is quick and painless too. A purple dress, red bow and a broom. Easy as can be!

Photo by Clint Davis

Dexter Morgan

A green long sleeved shirt, black gloves, and a fake bloody knife. Voila! Instant morally conflicted serial killer. You can take the costume to the next level with a black apron and plastic face shield mask, available at your local home improvement store. Make sure to sneak up on people and poke a fake syringe into their neck.

Photo via tshirtonomy

Someone from Star Trek

A monochromatic t-shirt or dress in blue, red, or yellow, and a piece of paper designed to look like a communicator pin, and you’re in business! Make sure everyone knows the star date, and run around asking people to beam you up! Just don’t be the red shirt…

Hogwarts Student

A tie, graduation robe, cloak, sweater, or simply just a plaid skirt and a button-up white shirt will easily make this costume. I had an old church choir robe that I used in a pinch to throw together Moaning Myrtle. You can carry around a broom or a wand so people are sure to recognize you!

A Zombie from the Walking Dead

You can take any outfit you already have, and rip it to shreads. Cover your face in fake blood, and you’re set! Simply shamble off. Added fun: Add hipster glasses, and you can say you liked to eat brains before it was cool.

Luna cosplay
Photo from allure.com

Luna from Sailor Moon

A traditional black cat costume, with a geeky twist! Cut a yellow moon out of paper, and tape it your forehead. Ask everyone where Serena or Usagi has gone off to, and sound very frustrated in that adorable British accent of hers.

Louise from Bob’s Burgers

All you need is a green dress, a pink bunny eared hat, and you have instant snarky burger queen!

Casey Jones cosplay
Cosplayed by dochappenin as seen on DeviantArt

Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A hockey stick and a baseball bat are probably enough for people to get it, but a mask would make it perfect. Draw the mask onto a piece of computer paper, cut it out, and attach. Voila!

The 9th, 10th or 11th Doctors

Depending on what kind of a suit selection you have, it’s easy enough to pull off one of the Doctors. A sonic screwdriver is the perfect accessory to make sure people know who you are! Make sure to break out a few famous quotes, (“Allons-y!”) or ask people if they’ve seen Rose, Donna, or River. Don’t be afraid to take applications for a new companion!

Meme costume
Photo by RubberDogTurds on Reddit

Any number of Meme/Internet Costumes
From Gersberms girl, to the socially awkward penguin, to Antoine Dodson! Some cardboard and paint will easily make you a meme sign. Design yourself as a YouTube video by constructing the YouTube interface on poster board. Or a red bandana and afro – and voila, hide yo kids, hide yo wives. There’s a whole lot of great Internet themed ideas here.

A crew member of Serenity

Depending on what you’ve got available, you could probably pull off one of the cast members of Firefly quickly. Find a Hawaiian shirt, a plastic dinosaur, and a cheesy sense of humor to quickly pull of Wash. A brown trenchcoat and a fake gun are a quick Malcolm Reynolds. Some John Lennon sunglasses and a nice white dress shirt, black vest, and black pants make an easy Simon Ram. And combat boots, a dress, and acting really weird turns you into instant River Tam.

Spoiler alert
Photo via io9.com

Spoiler alert

Make a sign that says “Spoiler alert” and rattle them off for the masses. Anytime someone talks to you, shout a spoiler. “Dumbledore dies!” “Bruce Willis is a ghost!” “Ned Stark gets his head chopped off!” “Soylent green is people!” People may hate you by the end of the night.

Featured image from Infinity House Magazine

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11 thoughts on “Quick, easy, and cheap last-minute geeky Halloween costumes!”

  1. These are amazing ideas! And I felt awesome for knowing every single character. I’m thinking of going as Louise or painting my face with a Dia de Los Muertos design and wearing a black dress with striped tights. I love Halloween.

  2. I went cheap and bought a Hogwarts shirt from Walmart…it came with a cape and everything. But they had a bunch of different shirts: Robin, Batman, Superman, etc (All with capes!). Now I just need to add some leggings and boots and I’m good to go. I already have the nerdy Harry Potter glasses (otherwise I’d be blind lol).

  3. I work with a daycare and our boss HATES Disney. So, for our Fall Festival, a group of us are going as Hipster Disney characters to tease him. We have Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Merida, Fairy Godmother, and Captain Hook. I am SO excited.

    For Halloween itself I’m casual cosplaying as Hipster Sailor Jupiter. ๐Ÿ™‚

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