Player 1 Bar in Orlando, Florida: Geeky Nightlife does exist.

When we think of video game geeks, we don’t always think of social at first. But maybe we should! Video games and beer go hand in hand, and now there’s a bar that celebrates this notion. Geeks from all walks of life can come together at the Player 1 Bar in Orlando for drinks,  food, and of course, video games.

A massive selection of beers on tap

The bar and video game lounge are much like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside. It houses around 50 vintage arcade games and pinball machines. It boasts games from practically every console including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, and Xbox. Once you pay the $5 cover, all the games are free to play! Check out this page with some more information on games.

Me, enjoying a Southern Tier Pumking

Gorgeous cosplaying bartenders, plus a large selection of craft brews (and even mead), equals an amazing time. It’s obvious a lot of thought was put into making it a true geek pleaser. Mark and I are total suckers for mead. Mark ended up trying a glass of Viking’s Blood mead, and if that doesn’t sound epic, nothing will. I drank a few glasses of the Southern Tier Pumking – I was in a seasonal mood!

Mark, Steph and Glenn playing X-men!

Mark and I went to game it up and geek out with my friends, Glenn and Steph. We all ended up rocking out on Rock Band, playing an X-men arcade game, and getting competitive on Diddy Kong Racing for much too long. I ended up getting sucked into a Pacman arcade game by the end of the night. I was getting pretty angry at Inky, Blinky, and Pinky. And especially, Clyde.

Tara and I, chilling by Robotron

We were helped by an amazingly friendly bartender, Tara. She took a break from tending bar to kick a few patrons butts at Mortal Kombat… at least I think that’s what she was playing. It’s hard to remember after so many beers. I spent most of the night squealing like a fangirl and darting from game to game.

Geek Heaven

I even got a chance to meet the owner, Jeff. He told me the bar had only been open for 6 months, but as I noticed, the place was packed! Jeff used to be an animator but he says this bar had always been his dream. And why not? I tried to talk Mark into letting us go into the video game bar business before we even left!

Mark playing Twilight Zone pinball

They sell official Nintendo merchandise, so you can take home a collectible snuggly Toadstool or Diddy Kong. Some of the machines’ buttons were a little sticky – and I guess when you mix drinking and vintage arcade games, that’s bound to happen. But it really was not too big of a hindrance. Oh, and the games all have little stands custom made for setting a beer right next to the game while you play! How awesome!


The bar has a hilarious geek selection of food and drinks too. They carry pizza and Chinese food, every game geek’s delivery dream! Some of their more notable drink concoctions include a Solid Snakebite (a former spy who hides in the dark with a hint of class), made from Lager & Cider, a Q*bert (@!#?@!), made of Orange Blossom Pilsner & Guinness, and a Donkey Kong (‘Hey Kong quit throwing your barrels at me!’… wait what’s inside?… ‘Keep them coming!’), comprised of Wells Banana Bread & Left Hand Milk Stout. Check out their extensive drink menu for a long list of reasons you should stop by.


In their most recent weekends, they have streamed League of Legends championships, and aired the Walking Dead season premier. It’s pretty much the perfect place for me! In conclusion… this was the best. I think I seriously need to consider opening one up north. The experience was too short lived and I can’t wait to go back!

Make sure to check out their website and like them on Facebook!

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