Halloween Accessories that I adore

Keep Halloween near and dear to your heart by making sure your accessories are spirited and spooky! I hand picked some of my favorite kawaii and geeky Halloween jewelry, clothes, and decor for your pleasure. Try not to scream with excitement!


1. Silver pixel skull necklace from Shana Logic. Find it here. • 2. Vampire fangs necklace from Tizzalicious. Find it here. • 3. Bats in the night dress from Shop Plasticland. Find it here. • 4. Kawaii Jack-o-lantern slouchy beret from Twinkie Chan. Find it here. • 5. Mandible black skull candle from Fab. Find it here. • 6. Ghost tote bag from Em and Sprout. Find it here.

This month, I’ve been watching nothing but scary movies. Last week I watched Carrie, Children of the Corn, and Child’s Play, and I can’t look at my stuffed animals the same. I’m also having a Halloween party tonight, and partaking in a Zombie Pub Crawl tomorrow. I can’t wait to carve my pumpkin (and bake those pumpkin seeds) – so delicious! I’ve also been craving pumpkin coffee and pumpkin pie.

What are your favorite things to do during October? Let me know in a comment!

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  • Oh my GOD! I just watched Children of the Corn recently, and I was thoroughly impressed with how scary it was, considering how old of a movie it is. Super creepy!!!!

    My boyfriend and I have already hit up one Halloween party last weekend (we were coming from a wedding, so we went as Batman’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne, with giant red paper bullet holes on our dressy wedding clothes), and we’ll be doing another party tonight (he’ll be Blank Man, I’ll be Professor Chaos).

    I <3 Halloween!

  • I love Twinkie Chan! I already have a cupcake hat and ice cream scoop clip from her. Now I need the pumpkin hat as well.

  • I love decorating for Halloween and carving pumpkins. I also have to watch Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. This year I want to make my own caramel apples.

  • Awww! All of those items look gorgeous. I love the dress!

  • Thank you for this! Plasticland is a revelation! Especially with their willingness to ship overseas too. Awesome! 😀