Time for a vacation to the Wizarding World and Disney!

This is a post from the road (I scheduled it! Cool, huh!). Right now I might be sleeping, or up in a plane, flying towards Orlando, Florida. Or I might be eating Oktoberfest food and drinking a bier flight with my family at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival in Disney World. I could be scouting the food stands for the cheapest wines from around the world.
Epcot Food and Wine
Photo via thedailycity.com

Epcot Biergarten
Photo via WDWBlog.com

Or maybe I’m at the Wand Ceremony in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I might be guzzling down Butter Beer, or creeping around looking for Luna Lovegood cosplayers.

Butter Beer
Photo from bakingdom.com

Player 1 Bar

There’s a good chance I might be at the Player One bar in Orlando, a video game bar with bartenders who wear geeky costumes and bartend! Whatever I am doing, you know I am having fun . I will be back Sunday morning! <3

Special shout out to Mark. Today is our 3 year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. Love you babe <3

Featured image from OrlandoInformer.com

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