Geek Girl Pride is contagious! Stop bullies and trolls in their tracks by being proud.

Traditionally, geeks were the ones with their underwear pulled up out of their pants, their heads wet from swirlies in the toilet, and the “Kick me” sign taped to their back. Geeks are those weaker members of our culture who get bullied by non-geeks, for loving dorky things like video games, fantasy novels, math, science (and science fiction!), and anime.

Flash forward to today, and geeks are more widely accepted, even idolized and popularized on shows like the Big Bang Theory. The focus has now shifted to the ridicule of geek girls, or so-called fake geek girls. Geek girls are bullied, questioned, asked to prove themselves, or ridiculed for being involved in a subculture that’s been primarily dominated by men up until recently. This is a collection of some of my favorite geek girl, geek feminist, and nerd girl pride images, videos, and memes.

Source unknown

This comic was posted to the Geek Girl Pen Pals Facebook by Kitsune Ninetails. It’s originally from One stop humor.

What began as an attack on so-called “fake nerd girls” was quickly reclaimed by awesome geek girls. You can read a lot of the story here. Picture from The Mary Sue.

Via Cosplay is not Consent

Via Rad Rangy

Via Feministriots

Source: “Ren in a comic book store” by All the Fun

Source unknown

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Other Geek Girl websites that deserve a shoutout!
Geek Girl Con
Geek Girls Rule
Geek X Girls
Jezebel – not exclusively geek, but lots of empowering chick stuff here!
Nerd Girl News
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Also make sure to check out two of my favorite geek girl communities (that I am on staff for!), The Larpettes and the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club! These are fantastic, positive, and encouraging communities that lift us geek chicks up. The Larpettes is an exclusively female community, but guys are totally welcome to hang out with Iggles at the IGGPPC!

I hope these images a sites encourage all my geek girls and geek guys out there to live loud and proud.

Leave me a comment! Post a link to your favorite “Geek girl pride” examples, comics, videos, or pictures!

10 thoughts on “Geek Girl Pride is contagious! Stop bullies and trolls in their tracks by being proud.”

  1. Okay. This post (and all of the nifty links I’ve followed because of it) made my week. Yes. I just – yes. This problem is just so destructive and it makes me sad. How completely discouraging. That Wonder Woman Con cosplay comic damn near made me teary. Good grief.

    Thank you for shedding a little light on this. This is awesome. 🙂

  2. I am an old (by most of your standards) male geek and this both interests and saddens me. In a perfect world gender would be irrelevant or at least take a back seat to the value of mutual enjoyment of the community.Having grown up in a time where geekdom was not celebrated as it is today I would hope those men who have certainly been subject to criticism and even bullying for their interests would show more understanding than to engage in similar behavior towards the women who share their interests. I hope that such bullying does not deter women from pursuing their interests. I agree that standing up and challenging bad behavior is one step. That goes for geek guys as well. If you have ever been criticized for enjoying anything geek you cannot stand by and let it happen to anyone else.Develop some empathy.

    1. Agreed, I was bullied when I was young, I am a geek for comics, tokusatsu, anime, manga, games, classic/new Doctor Who ect, ect. And personally because I knew how it felt to be bullied I asserted myself to treat each geek no matter what gender, ethnicity or sexuality equally.

      Even ”geek girls” people keep harping about. To me there’s no geek girls just geeks. I alway assumed girl geeks where part of it from the start and I am not going to judge someone’s geek status. Because I would have to know said person personally for a long time to asses that judgement. Which Is why I mostly ignore most of these kinds of discussions. But now that I am here I do want to put out a small theory.

      Most geeks have had problems with the popular people in school right? Obnoxious arrogant bullies who only see you as target as best and trash at worst. You have the jocks, the strong physically centred cool guys who assert their aggression. And then you have the popular girls (who if I never seem them at school would call a made-up stereotype) who mostly gather together to gossip and only go to people of any gender they deem as ”unworthy” to make them feel bad.

      I admit I had trauma’s from these types of peoples, But I blame the person not the generalized group. And here’s my point. the Geekdom has been opening up to the general public and is now considered almost ”cool” Other geeks see this and for some idiotic reason think that just because some girl comes in late to the fandom, she is one of those popular people who we e hated at school, trying to take away their refuge. For attention ad popularity. All the while not really giving a shit about said culture. Geeks hate being invaded. and of course no sign of the jock and as such no hate. I think most of them became pr people like John Macintosh or simply grew up.

      Thus toxic bitching and meme’ing happens as is the internet and said geeks become what they hate. And I hate it and find it despicable. In fact I find any segregative talk in geek culture horrid. Like with the whole stupid gamergate business. I wish both sides would just shut the hell up and enjoy the hobby for what it is. Any how that’s my opinion, I hope I didn’t offend any one.

  3. I love this article and all of the attachments! I grew up with three older brothers and a dad who were all geeks and gamers, even my mom was all about sci-fi and fantasy books and Star Trek! Geek is in my blood lol! I shouldn’t need to prove anything to anybody just because I’m a woman. If I ever do get to go to a Con (fingers crossed, prayers said, Santa pretty please send me plane tickets!!!) I will want to punch someone in the face if they act towards me the way they do in the Wonder Woman or Black Cat comics above. I haven’t read every comic, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love them. I grew up watching the original Star Trek all the way through Voyager and Deep Space 9 and my first crush was on Luke Skywalker when I was 6. …see, I’m justifying and trying to prove my right to enjoy geekdom by habit! We geeks need to band together and stop bashing our fellow nerds! I am nerd, hear me roar!!!! Massive kudos to the geeky men who support their female counterparts in their nerdiness and to the women who won’t stand by and be bullied into giving up their interests!

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