Insert Coin Clothing and Fabrication Unlimited Pac-Man Gear

One of my favorite perks of being a blogger is being able to do reviews of products I love. And for all you retro arcade game lovers out there, this post is going to make you squee! Today I’m showcasing the newest offering from Insert Coin Clothing, Pac-Man leggings! As well as Fabrication Unlimited‘s Pac-Man acrylic earrings.

Wearing Pac-Man leggings from Insert Coin Clothing

Matt from Insert Coin Clothing, a UK based gaming apparel store, reached out the staff of the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club last year, and each staffer ended up each receiving some ICC clothing to model for our IGGPPC blog! You can read that post here. Swoon! We just loved our geeky girl t-shirts so much.

Then about a month ago, Matt dropped a fat bomb on us. Now Insert Coin Clothing was to carry geeky leggings! Double swoon! So Matt swiftly mailed us more joy and here you have it – I now have amazing Pac-Man leggings!

I ordered a Large to make sure they were comfortable, but apparently in the UK, large means loooong. They are quite long, but better too long and tuck the ends in your socks, right girls? It’s perfect for Farquharson who clocks in at a model-esque 5’10. They fit fantastic, and are very comfortable. And the imagery is vivid and fun! Absolutely love them, and think you should go buy yourself a pair right now! Here’s where you can buy them.

As far as my geek chic earrings go, last year I was prowling Etsy and came across Fabrication Unlimited. They’re based out of Indiana in the USA and design all kinds of laser cut jewelry. From planets, to Pi symbols, they’ve got your geek covered. I settled on light blue Pac-Man earrings and Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbols. Still going strong a year later, I figured I would don them to complete my most perfect Pac-man ensemble. You can buy them here!

Special thanks to Mark, my honey bunny, for snapping my pictures. Now please go like Insert Coin Clothing on Facebook as well as Fabrication Unlimitied on Facebook, before I eat all the ghosts. Nom.

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