5 tips to get over those new blog heebee jeebees, plus some first post ideas!

This post is inspired by this tweet from Kristy Lynn.

1. Pretend like your blog is already established, super popular, and loved by everyone.
Let’s LARP for a second. You know, live-action role playing. Get out your boffer sword and repeat after me: “My blog kicks so much ass. My blog is the shiz niz. People freaking love my blog… oh mah glob!” When we role play, we play pretend. We get inside our mind, and convince ourselves to become someone else, or believe something else. Kind of like this. I want you to get inside your mind right now, and tell yourself that your blog is a masterpiece that people adore. They love every word that comes off of your keyboard. They think you’re some kind of bloggy messiah. Your words are like a savory wine of wisdom to the cyberspace masses. Okay, now go.

2. Give yourself a super specific topic that you can’t mess up. Nope, not even you.
Tell a story. Make a list. Take a picture of yourself with your pets. Here are some super specific first posts even you can’t mess up.

  • 5 things I wish I could eat forever.
  • Meet my pets. Worship them.
  • If I was a superhero, this is what I’d be able to do.
  • What my 3 favorite movies say about me.
  • On my first day of high school, I did a very weird thing.
  • Let’s talk about what a dork I was in middle school.
  • 5 weird sex things I learned during my trip to Japan.

I’m full of them, literally. And if you can’t come up with one, you can always do a Blind Post from your favorite blog.

3. Don’t wanna talk about your blog? Talk about other people’s blogs.
Blogger is as blogger does. Blogs are like a box of chocolates… ya never know what yo gonna get Jennay. Okay I’m done. If you’re starting a blog, chances are, you read blogs. Or look at them randomly. Or have seen one once. Why not make a post about which blog inspired you to start a blog, and talk about your favorite posts of theirs. Put them on a little bloggy pedestal, and then when you’re done, you can re-read it and learn how to put yourself on that same pedestal. Blogging takes confidence, charisma, and a little bit of narcissism. So pretty soon you’re going to have to learn to worship yourself, much like your favorite bloggers. Remember to say, “I kick asstons of ass, and people want to hear what I have to say.” Read that last sentence out loud.

4. Talking about yourself is the easiest, because you are you all the time. So talk about your life!
First post idea: My life in 5 paragraphs. Keep it short, basic, and punchy.

  • First paragraph: Age 1-5. Your birthplace, your folks, childhood mishaps, messy baby stuff.
  • Second paragraph: Age 6-10. Favorite cartoons, your weirdest Halloween costumes.
  • Third paragraph: Age 11-15. Pre-teen woes. First crushes.
  • Fourth paragraph: Age 16-20. Raging hormones. Crap you did you probably regret.
  • Fifth paragraph: Age 21-present. Who you are now. What all that other stuff says about you.

5. Just frigging post it!!!!! Hit that publish button!
New bloggers are notorious draft hoarders. We write half a post, get scared, lose our motivation, forget our ideas, and close the browser. Baby, I am here to tell you: wrap it up, post it, and then ask your blog friends for feedback. The blogging community will tell you what they think! Trust me, sometimes we just won’t shut up. We will help you revise, fine tune, and make it better for next time. But… we can’t make it better if it doesn’t exist. New bloggers believe their first post will define their entire blog, but that’s just not true! It only seems that way, because it’s the only thing on your blog. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to add to it. But if you keep holding onto this fear of the publish button, guess what? Zero posts plus 14 half written drafts equals … zero posts! Publish baby, publish!

Leave a comment with your first post ideas, first post fears, or links to your very first post. I’d love to see them.

Featured image from Cali Sales on Tumblr

18 thoughts on “5 tips to get over those new blog heebee jeebees, plus some first post ideas!”

  1. Ya know, this is a super helpful post even for those of us who have been blogging for years. Sometimes you just hit the brick wall and have no idea what to write!

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  4. Hi Leslie. I have just joined blogger and am planning on writing my very first blog post. It’s kind of a very weird and personal topic. Short version – I have been very dissatisfied and unhappy with my life (and felt very lost) for many years, and something has just happened to me (very recently) that has caused me to all of a sudden ‘come alive’. I now have all these ideas about what to do with my life and how to go about it. The feeling is so powerful that it has inspired me to start a blog to write about it, even though I can’t quite explain it. I hope for the blog to be about how people can take control of their lives, and with effort and determination change it completely.

    I plan to make it a sort of diary of sorts, keeping people updated on my progress as I follow my plan to start a new life teaching English in another country, sharing all the successes, failures and frustrations that I’m likely to encounter along the way. I feel that it could be quite interesting, but I hope most of all to inspire. Even if I ultimately fail, I hope to promote the idea of being ACTIVE and just doing – rather that waiting for life to just happen. Maybe make it a place for people to meet each other online who are unsure about their life’s direction. It is something I am quite passionate about.

    Oops, guess I’m rambling :/. Anyway, I stumbled upon this post and found it really useful. Just wondering, could you possibly give me any tips on what my first post should be? Should I start by introducing myself first and the blog first? Or just start with a personal story or anecdote?

    Thank you, and great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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