Vanellope Von Scweetz Cosplay! A very sweet Halloween costume!

Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay

This year for Halloween I have donned many faces. My friend Nina and I were Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. I was an zombie little girl for the Zombie Pub Crawl. But perhaps the best thing I did this Halloween was with my co-workers, Alan and Jordan. We went as Wreck It Ralph characters!

Wreck It Ralph Cosplay

Wreck It Ralph

And if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. It’s a Disney film about, well, the life of arcade game characters! It stars Ralph, an arcade game bad guy who is notoriously disliked for destroying buildings, and his sweet, plucky counterpart, the good guy, Fix It Felix, who cleans up Ralph’s messes. Ralph really hates always being the bad guy, so he decides to leave his game in search of his new destiny as a hero. He ends up befriending a couple of other quirky arcade game characters, including my character Vanellope Von Schweets. Vanellope is a goofy and sugary sweet race car drive from the racing game, Sugar Rush. She’s got the personality mixture of a crazy little kid, and a bit of the sassy voice actress who plays her, Sarah Silverman.

This costume would not have been possible if it weren’t for the 2 amazing Etsy stores who helped me compile this costume. The candy hair clips, a signature style piece of Vanellope’s, came from Bunny’s Craft Hutch. She’s created an assortment of polymer clay sprinkles, candy dots, and peppermints! I just want to eat them all up! It was hard not to… The outfit is a marvel of the amazing Shindig Apparel. Hand sewn with care, the perfect color choices and the perfect fit! This Vanellope costume is a masterful piece, and comfortable to boot! What talent!!

In short, Vanellope Von Schweetz is one of my absolutel favorite cosplays. It’s adorable, comfortable, weather appropriate, and a total fantastic group costume! Thanks again to Terry of Bunny’s Craft Hutch and Tania of Shindig Apparel for some seriously clutch Vanellope costume pieces. Your talent shines like a thousand gumdrops in a sugary sea of syrup! Make sure to check out these talented ladies on Etsy!

Until next time readers, I hope your Halloween is full of fantastic costumes, lots of sugary sweets, and fun times with friends and fiends. <3


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The Superhero Shower: I’m styling my Wedding Shower straight out of a comic book!

Photo by Kristen Lynn Photographie

I’m starting a new blog segment specific for my Wedding Shower, which Mark and I have decided will be Superhero/Comic book themed. Of course, if we’re having a geek themed wedding, why wouldn’t we also have a nerdtastic shower as well?

Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t the Wedding Shower supposed to be a Bridal Shower… and isn’t a Bridal Shower normally a chick thing? That’s so last century, bro. Mark and I are having a Jack and Jill Wedding Shower, and if you’ve never heard of it, it’s the modern day equivalent to the Bridal Showers of yore, but includes both men and women.

Think about it: The Bridal Shower of yesteryear was specifically designed to shower the bride in household goods so she could cook a nice potpie for her man. No longer are men the bread winners and women the cooks and maids! Mark and I share those roles like many modern couples. Besides, I think if we’re going to be receiving gifts, and celebrating with our loved ones, I want to do all those things with my groom.

The invitations I’ve whipped up simply scream “Pop art” and “Comic book!” Being a graphic designer gives me the rare chance to have a very exciting role in the artistic direction of not only the event and decorations, but all the printable goodies. Be still my PhotoShop loving heart!

*I made some tweaks and this is the final that was sent out.*

Traditionally, the maid or matron of honor is the one responsible for planning this event. And that hasn't changed! My sister Natalie is planning the whole thing. I'm just taking an active role in helping out a teeny bit. We've been scouting Pinterest for some great ideas and visual inspiration. We're plotting red and white candy striped straws, hanging comic book banners, Comics Sans all over, and so much more. Think primary colors and simple polka dots everywhere. Here are a few of my favorite inspirational party pictures!

From Hostess with the Mostess

From Rock and Roll Bride


From Dawn A and Connor’s Birthday Party

From On my side of the Room

From Nothing on the High Street


From When Geeks Wed

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The Renaissance Wedding: Activities for the Kids

In case you guys didn’t know it, I’m engaged to a particularly fantastic guy named Mark! He proposed to me at the Renaissance Faire in August. So we’re in the midst of wedding planning. Because we’re geeks, we’re using an appropriate theme: Renaissance! And because wedding planning is particularly mentally consuming, I am starting a segment on the wedding to showcase everything, titled “The Renaissance Wedding.”

So what do you do for the kids who will be showing up at your wedding? Kids tend to get bored easily, and you want them to have a good time, right?


I’m compiling what I like to call “Kid’s Kits” for their seats. My first project: Themed coloring books! I’ll be printing out these babies, along with several other fun pages. The nice thing about coloring books is, they will just cost you next to nothing. Simply print out 10 pages, hole punch 3 holes in them, and tie them together with twine or ribbon.

I designed the front and back cover, as seen on top, and I found a lot of really awesome fantasy art online simply by Google image searching “Keyword + coloring.” And it’s so completely easy to match this to any wedding theme. If you’re having a comic book wedding, there are far too many superhero coloring pages. How about a wedding on a farm? Abundant farm animal pages. You can even try to find images of you and your future hubby’s personal favorite things: like animals, food, or hobbies. Make sure to include a note telling the kids what the images are all about!

Most of the coloring pages I found for my theme were from Tabitha Ladin and the Official Dungeons and Dragons coloring book. The book will contain scenes of dragons, fairies, unicorns, gnomes, trolls, jousting gentlemen, fair maidens, and castles.

I’ll be making sure these coloring books are at their tables along with some crayons, chocolate gold pirate coins, fairy dust, medieval bingo, and maybe some disposable cameras. Kids are pretty artistic you know! My additional plans include to set up a pop-up castle/tent, and have a designated kids area. If they have their own fun space, they’re sure to keep each other entertained.

The inspiration for this post came from this article from The Knot Blog: 11 ways to keep kids busy at the wedding.

What sorts of things do you think best entertain kids at weddings? Let me know in a comment!

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Who’s That Geek? It’s Patrick Cartelli!

Patrick Cartelli as Finn/Doctor WhoIf you guys remember my first Who’s That Geek: Tony da Costa, on this blog, then you’ll be excited to read about this next one. I met Pat and Tony in exactly the same way, on Twitter! We became fast friends because obviously we’re all amazing. We attended a few “tweet ups” in NYC – which is where Pat and Tony are from. This meant going to places like the Blind Tiger Ale House, or the Beer Garden in Astoria, and drinking amazing craft brews and cracking hilarious jokes. Because obviously, we’re hilarious. Last year, Pat and Tony accompanied Mark and I to New York Comic Con 2012, and it was amazing. As you can see, Pat was the Doctor and Finn all mushed into one!! It was wildly epic.

When Pat isn’t chasing down his art hero Banksy, traveling, or being hilarious on Twitter, he is a graphic designer professionally at W.W.Norton. The point of the story is, follow him! RIGHT NOW!

1) If you could be best friends with 1 cartoon character or group of characters, who would it be?
Probably Jake (Adventure Time) and Gene (Bobs Burgers). Aside from the fact that it’d be cool to have a shape-shifting talking dog buddy, he’s always got good advice and a healthy appetite for EVERYTHING BURRITOS. Gene is a funny kid and he’s always got his keyboard around! I like that he’s so into it that he can’t put it down. That’s the best way to get good at something!

2)  You’re from the beloved city of NYC, and a big Banksy fan. Exactly how much Banksy stalking have you done? If you had to take him out on the town, where would you take him?
I’m super excited that Banksy is here! I don’t remember when I first came across Banksy, but his style fascinates me. Simple and snarky. He’s been doing a month long street ‘residency’ in New York. It feels like a bit of a scavenger hunt. Out of the ones that he’s posted this month I’ve been to 14! It’s taken me to parts of the city I’ve never seen. I love street art and I love having a way to get it out there daily to get other people interested in it.   I don’t know where I’d take him though. A lot of people want him to help save 5pointz which at the moment is due to be torn down. I like not knowing where he’ll pop up. Mystery and surprise add to it all!

3) What was your favorite cartoon or comic from childhood?
Definitely Calvin and Hobbes with all of that adventure and some pretty sincere life lessons. Also for the longest time I thought Hobbes was pronounced “Hobbies.” Cartoons were mostly Looney Tunes and Hannah Barbera. Wasn’t allowed to watch Ren & Stimpy, but I WAS allowed to watch Rocko’s Modern Life which was equally as weird.

4) Apocalypse! You have to re-populate the Earth with 1 fictional girl. Who is it?
Ok seriously, repopulating the earth must have some crazy logistics! Can 2 people even do that? Barring any crazy logistics and after some thought, I’d have to say Kaylee from Firefly. She’s a bad ass engineer and someone I’d want on my side!

5) I have seen your amazing Finn/Doctor Who cosplay, as you wore it when we went to NYCC 2012 together. What is your dream cosplay?
I’m glad you were there with me! That was my first time doing a cosplay and it was a blast. I got such a kick out of talking to everyone about our costumes and the amount of other Doctors I met. (I kept trying to get a Spies like Us “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor” going but alas!) I really don’t know if I have a dream one, just that it’s something I’d love to do again. Maybe I’ll grow my hair out and Game of Thrones it!

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Halloween Accessories that I adore

Keep Halloween near and dear to your heart by making sure your accessories are spirited and spooky! I hand picked some of my favorite kawaii and geeky Halloween jewelry, clothes, and decor for your pleasure. Try not to scream with excitement!


1. Silver pixel skull necklace from Shana Logic. Find it here. • 2. Vampire fangs necklace from Tizzalicious. Find it here. • 3. Bats in the night dress from Shop Plasticland. Find it here. • 4. Kawaii Jack-o-lantern slouchy beret from Twinkie Chan. Find it here. • 5. Mandible black skull candle from Fab. Find it here. • 6. Ghost tote bag from Em and Sprout. Find it here.

This month, I’ve been watching nothing but scary movies. Last week I watched Carrie, Children of the Corn, and Child’s Play, and I can’t look at my stuffed animals the same. I’m also having a Halloween party tonight, and partaking in a Zombie Pub Crawl tomorrow. I can’t wait to carve my pumpkin (and bake those pumpkin seeds) – so delicious! I’ve also been craving pumpkin coffee and pumpkin pie.

What are your favorite things to do during October? Let me know in a comment!

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